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One of the best damn comics to come through our shop in the last couple of years, STUFF OF LEGEND from TH3RD WORLD STUDIOS has really been one of the biggest indie hits of the 2000s. Every decade has those breakout independent titles that just blow people away, and reach a high level of critical acclaim, and for this past decade, STUFF OF LEGEND fits in as one of those books.

The series itself is a fantastic urban fantasy in the vein of books like FABLES. Imagine this, it's the time of World War II, and while Allied forces are storming the beaches of Normandy, one child at home in the U.S, has been kidnapped by the Boogeyman and an army of lost, neglected and forgotten toys. His only hope? His most cherished toys who've come to life to save their master, and from that point forward you're taken into a whimsical yet nightmarish voyage where a kid's toys are given more life than most real flesh and blood characters you see in comics. There's some heart-wrenching stuff as toys die, betray one another, and soldier on to save their kidnapped owner.

The writing on this one, the characterization, and the sheer amount of care that's put into crafting a believable fantasy world with characters that practically jump off the page to you is incredible. And, we can't forget the art. C.P Wilson III is one of the most talented artists we've seen break out onto the scene in a long time, and his unique art style that really pulls you deep into this world that writers Mike Raicht and Brian Smith have crafted. And, we cannot forget the coloring on the series, which my in opinion is the finishing touch that really makes the whole thing pop, DeVito and Conkling provide the perfect tones and colors to compliment Wilson's art and help bring the world of STUFF OF LEGEND to life.

I know, I know, I'm gushing here, but everything about this book makes it a freakin' masterpiece. Even the production value, and format of the series (the trim size is a little different than a traditional comic book, and almost feels like a children's storybook) is top notch.

But, at at the heart of it all, it's the story that makes STUFF OF LEGEND such an awesome book, and we feel that THE JUNGLE is the perfect follow-up piece to the first issue.

Wanna get into this kick-ass series? We recommend starting with the first graphic novel, which is a steal at only $13.00, and collects the first installment of STUFF OF LEGEND as well as extra materials. From there, you can hop into the series with STUFF OF LEGEND: THE JUNGLE #1 and STUFF OF LEGEND THE JUNGLE #2, all of which are well-stocked here at Third Eye!

We were lucky enough to also take a moment and do a quick interview with STUFF OF LEGEND writer, Mike Raicht, about THE JUNGLE, and upcoming plans for the series, so read on!
THIRD EYE: If you had to sum up the concept of STUFF OF LEGEND in two or three sentences, how would you describe it to new readers?

MIKE RAICHT: Set during World War II, the Stuff of Legend is a about a young boy who is kidnapped away from his bedroom by the Boogeyman into the mysterious closet realm known as The Dark. A group of the boy's toys band together to rescue him and discover that when they enter The Dark they become real versions of themselves. The boy's loyal toys battle the Boogeyman's army which is made up of lost and discarded toys in their quest to rescue their lost master.

THIRD EYE: The book has been a huge hit, and has really become a crossover, making it onto the NY Times Bestseller list. How does it feel to make that kind of splash, and have your work grab so many people?

MIKE RAICHT: I think we're all just really excited that readers are interested in checking out adventures about Max, Percy, Jester, The Boogeyman and the rest. We have such a good time working on the book it's good to know other people are into reading it as well. Brian Smith, Charles Paul Wilson III, Mike DeVito, Jon Conkling and I have a blast working on this together so it's just a cool feeling to have other people just as into it as we are.
Hitting the NY Times list was great because it gave us some notoriety and spread the word to readers who may not have initially given the book a chance. It really is just icing on the cake, hopefully giving us a chance to take our time and tell the entire story the way we want to tell it.

THIRD EYE: After THE JUNGLE, what do you guys have in store for STUFF OF LEGEND?

MIKE RAICHT: Our main goal with Stuff is always to keep driving towards our finale, which is still more than a few volumes off. I don't want to give away too much because that might spoil the end of this arc.

I will say, following the events at the end of The Jungle, our gang will be in a bit of disarray leading to some interesting choices and decisions. It will also focus more on a solo character's adventure. Horribly vague, right? I'm hoping people are invested enough in seeing what's next to enjoy the ride with us. The toys and the reader are in the same boat in that they are discovering The Dark together. We promise to make it suitably exciting and dangerous for our gang.

THIRD EYE: There's been some pretty emotionally charged parts so far in the series, and we're only three books in with the fourth coming out this Wednesday. The characters in the book really pull you in, and it's weird, because it's almost like the fact that they're toys makes it even easier to relate to them as real, and feel their characters better. When writing the series, did you have any specific inspirations for any of the toys?

MIKE RAICHT: When Brian and I started writing this series and coming up with the toys who would inhabit this world we always tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the boy. What personality would he have instilled in each of these toys? What roles would they serve for him in his room?
I think all of us, and this might be especially the case for comic readers, had toys that were our favorites and that we made real. It's something everyone can relate and bring a certain amount of nostalgia to.
The only inspiration I had initially was for Max, the bear. He was based off of a teddy bear my son had in his room. However, after the toys were designed by Charles, a lot of them took on personality quirks that neither Brian nor I imagined. His character designs really shaped a lot of what came afterword.

THIRD EYE: You did one of the Joker's Asylum one-shots over the summer, the Killer Croc, and that was really rad. Any other projects coming up you can tell us about?

MIKE RAICHT: I had a lot of fun writing Killer Croc and trying to come up a story that might shock people a little bit. Hopefully, I'll be able to do more stuff for DC in the future.
I have a few new projects which will be announced soon. One from Dynamite! that I'm co-writing and another from IDW. One is a horror title and the other is property work. I'm having a blast with both of them and I can't wait to officially talk about them.

THIRD EYE: And piggybacking on that question, back in July you mentioned there were some creator-owned things coming out, but that they were still under wraps. Anything you can mention to us about those?

MIKE RAICHT: Sure! I have another book coming out through Th3rd World Studios next year. It's a werewolf book called The Pack. It's kind of like Friday Night Lights mixed with werewolves. Lots of drama, hormones, and kids acting like wild animals... and that's before the werewolves get involved. It's being drawn by an artist named Daniel Faccilongo. It's a three issue series and we have two issues completed done so we're hoping to solicit it soon. It's something Th3rd World and I have been working on for awhile. It's actually the first thing I pitched them so it's exciting to finally have it coming out.

THIRD EYE: So, we've got a slew of Third Eye Faithful reading this right now, anything else you'd like to say to the fans of the book? And, anything you'd like to say to anyone who hasn't yet picked the series up?

MIKE RAICHT: Basically, I think we'd all just like to thank the readers for giving a book like this a chance. It's not your typical comic but we're hoping that's what draws people in.
For those who haven't tried it yet, I'd say just flip through an issue once. The art by Charles Paul Wilson III is beautiful and he is creating a whole world unlike anything else is in comics, with characters who jump off the page at you. I may be biased, but I think it's almost impossible not to be drawn in.
Most importantly I'd like to say thank you to Steve, Trish and the rest of the gang at Th3rd Eye Comics for pushing this book so hard. Your store is one of the big reasons the book has been as successful as it is. We really appreciate it.


Dude. Are you reading CURSE OF THE MUTANTS? This has been one of the best X-Men storylines we've read in a while, and has delivered some of the coolest, smash 'em up X-Men moments we've seen in forever. Spinning out of the pages of the smash-hit new X-MEN series that serves as the center-piece of CURSE OF THE MUTANTS, we've got two great tie-ins this week. And the tie-ins for this series have been all been pretty damn good so far.


The first one is the NAMOR: THE FIRST MUTANT #2, which is the second issue in the new ongoing NAMOR series, and has turned out to be one of the new books I've been most pleased with this summer. I know, it's weird, 'cause honestly, I did not think I'd be super into an ongoing Sub-mariner series, but, the folks at Marvel have really figured out a neat way to tackle the character, by taking a very Robert E. Howard / HP Lovecraft weird pulp fantasy approach to the character. It reminds me a lot of the Marvel Universe meets Conan the Barbarian, with a little bit of Lovecraft's Elder Gods thrown in for good measure.

As for how it ties into the whole CURSE OF THE MUTANTS storyline, well, as wtinessed in the DEATH OF DRACULA one-shot that kinda set the whole storyline into motion, there's an entire race of Atlantean vampires dwelling beneath the surface. And, in the ruins of his forgotten realm, Namor is not too cool with these underwater bloodsuckers. Of course, it kicks off with him in search of any of Dracula's remains that've ended up underwater.

What've we seen so far that makes this awesome? Two words: VAMPIRE SQUID! Seriously though, the art of Ariel Olivetti combined with Stuart Moore's tight story, delivers a very creepy, forgotten kingdom kinda story that fits very nicely in with the whole CURSE OF THE MUTANTS storyline.

If you missed issue #1, we've still got copies in stock to get you caught up.

Click here for a preview of NAMOR THE FIRST MUTANT #2

And, then in addition to Namor this week, we get the kick-ass looking first part of the two-part X-MEN VS VAMPIRES tie-in book. This one looks to deliver some serious talent, with one of our favorites, Peter David on-board, as well as the killer art of Tom Raney. This one delivers four interweaving stories that connect the ins and outs of the CURSE OF THE MUTANTS storyline, and shows us the X-Men as they fight off hordes of bloodsuckers in B-Movie style glory. There's also a reprinting of the classic NIGHT SCREAMS story from UNCANNY X-MEN #159 which tells the classic tale that got the X-Men all mixed up in this in the first place where Storm struggled with Dracula himself.

Click here for a preview of CURSE OF THE MUTANTS: X-MEN vs. VAMPIRES #1

THIRD EYE CERTIFIED COOL: ACTION COMICS #893 - The BEST DC Comic you're not reading! Lex Luthor's quest for the Orange Lantern ring has made ACTION COMICS a must-read for the first time in ages, and there's not even a hint of SUPERMAN in it! Prepare yourself for next month's #894 featuring NEIL GAIMAN co-writing and the SANDMAN character DEATH!
Missed the first chapters? We've got issues #890, 891, and #892 in stock!
Plus, SMALLVILLE'S Chloe Sullivan debuts in the Jimmy Olsen back-up story by MORNING GLORIES writer NICK SPENCER!

There's no doubt that ACTION COMICS has quickly become one of my favorite monthly DC COMICS. The addition of Paul Cornell as writer on the series has, as well as the re-inventing of it as a book that stars Lex Luthor, and focuses on his quest for power, and to regain what he had with the Orange Lantern ring during BLACKEST NIGHT, has made it into one of the best damn funnybooks we're reading.

Paul Cornell makes Lex Luthor into a fascinating and compelling character, and really provides readers with an interesting peek into one of comic's greatest villains. For those of you who tend to find yourself saying "Man, nothing happened in this issue?" about certain comics, or wanting a little more meat, then this is the book you need to read. Each issue is PACKED with intricate yet smooth storytelling that mixes infamous DC Comics icons, good and bad, into the story to further complicate Luthor's quest for power.

Anyways, we're stoked with Paul Cornell and his quick rise to the top. This guy is a CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED sci-fi author who has written for some of the best episodes of the DR. WHO TV show, and up until recently, has never gotten the comic book respect he deserves. His runs on series like CAPTAIN BRITAIN and the MI-13 were sleeper hits, and now with Luthor, he's really showing us what he can do. There's an incredible sense of imagination and excitement that Paul Cornell brings that reminds us a lot of Jonathan Hickman.

The star of the show of course has been the characterisation of Luthor, who's slowly becoming the penultimate Anti-Hero. Cornell pulls off the difficult trick of making him sympathetic, charismatic, and downright likeable without ever sacrificing the ruthless shark-like nature that makes him who he is. Seeing Luthor up against characters like Deathstroke, and now in this month's issue, Gorilla Grodd, just makes him even more interesting.

Anyways, I've raved enough. Here's the bombshell: DEATH, from Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN series will be appearing in next month's ACTION COMICS #894, and from what the scoop is, that issue is being co-written by Neil Gaiman, yeah, THAT Neil Gaiman. So, do yourself a favor, and jump onto this run. Start with Cornell's first issue, ACTION COMICS #890, and get caught up from there. We've got all the issues in stock to get you up to date with this week's newest. Trust us, folks, this is a run on a book that we feel is one of THE best we've read in recent memory.

Plus, for those of you who're fans of the show, SMALLVILLE, Chloe Sullivan, will be showing up in the Jimmy Olsen back-up story being penned by the writer of the hit new IMAGE series MORNING GLORIES, Nick Spencer.

How can you not wanna read this one, folks?

THIRD EYE MUST BUY: CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES #4 - SCREAM BLOODY GORE with this Wednesday's CROSSED FAMILY VALUES #4! The most horrifying comic book you'll ever read... Survival Horror at It's Finest!

Want to be disturbed? Want to be shocked? Want to read a fantastic, well-crafted and suspenseful cliffhanger of a comic? If you answered yes to any of these, then you need to run, not walk, but run to Third Eye and check out Avatar Press's incredible survival horror series CROSSED.

The current installment of CROSSED, FAMILY VALUES, has most definitely delivered the same kind of blood, guts, and chilling depravity that you've come to know from the series. One of our favorite writers here, David Lapham (the man behind the crime classic STRAY BULLETS and the Vertigo cult favorite YOUNG LIARS) is living up in a big way to the big shoes that Garth Ennis left behind on this series, and folks, I think this current CROSSED may be more over-the-line than the first one!

Okay, okay, so what is CROSSED? The first CROSSED series, available now here at Third Eye in trade paperback, was a 10 issue series that introduced us to the one thing worse than a zombie outbreak: an outbreak of a disease that made people into what can only be called The Crossed. The disease, transmitted through bites, scratches, ect, causes the infected to develop a rash on their face like a cross, and while it doesn't turn them into the undead, it does reduce them to their most base, evil instincts and drives them to just commit random acts of pure evil. The thing that makes them so dangerous is how they still possess the ability to think, plan, and plot. This means that the CROSSED know if they set your house on fire, you'll come running out, ect.

As you might've guessed, this makes for a pretty terrifying doomsday scenario.

Now, you can jump onto CROSSED either with the main series that introduces the story, and focuses on a tight knit group of survivors, or if you'd rather skip ahead, you can jump on with CROSSED FAMILY VALUES #1, as it's focusing on a completely separate group of survivors in another part of the country when the outbreak occurs.

Either way, we highly recommend the series, and suggest checking it out.

We've got both the trade paperback of the first CROSSED series, as well as all the current issues of CROSSED FAMILY VALUES in stock now.

THIRD EYE MUST BUY: AVENGERS PRIME #3- The mini-series that sets up the entire current state of the Avengers and Marvel Universe in the Post-Siege World!
A truly awesome 21st Century spin on the George Perez Avengers era.

Brian Michael Bendis & Alan Davis have REALLY got something cool going here with this AVENGERS PRIME series. The holy trinity of the Marvel Universe: Thor, Iron Man and Captain America have been sucked into and dispersed across the Nine Realms of Asgard, and it's been REALLY freakin' cool.

This mini-series has really been a great read, as it's given us a cool classic Avengers story but with a modern twist. It's set immediately after SIEGE, and kind of fills in the gap of how we got from these three characters kinda hating each other to how they're working together. Why's Steve Rogers end up as Super-Soldier, and not Captain America? It's being slowly explained here. Why's Iron Man suddenly welcome again by Thor and Cap? Again, all in here. And what's up with Asgard, as we saw in Fraction's kick-ass first issue of his Thor run, again, that's all being laid out here in AVENGERS PRIME.

Anyways, the perfect blend of Bendis and Alan Davis's art makes this one a great read, and totally does a great job of mixing Asgardian mysticism, hack and slash awesomeness, and compelling character-driven storytelling (the repairing of the friendship between these three) into one heck of a great book. There was a moment in issue #2 that we especially liked where Steve Rogers admits to the empath that maybe he isn't making the best choices now that he's been given another chance at life. There's a very cool way how Thor and Cap's feelings mirror one another's, while Tony Stark is the classic Tony Stark. Brash, doesn't give a damn, and a true wild card.. as long as things get done right.

This book rocks. Missed the first two? Pick 'em up this week and get caught up. You won't be disappointed.

Click here for a preview of AVENGERS PRIME #3

THIRD EYE MUST BUY: AMERICAN VAMPIRE Vol. 1 Hardcover - Scott Snyder & Stephen King (and yes, HE'S ACTUALLY WRITING THIS!) Deliver An Amazing New Vertigo Series! READ THIS BOOK!
This book is to vampires what WALKING DEAD is to zombies!

Hitting the shop this Wednesday, we've got the first hardcover of the next best damn Vertigo series we've seen: AMERICAN VAMPIRE. Seriously, this series is going to be talked about in the same reverent tones as SCALPED, PREACHER, Y THE LAST MAN, 100 BULLETS, FABLES, and more. Just you wait and see. It's so freakin' good!

Anyways, this first hardcover collects the first five issues of the series. The most unique, and interesting take we've seen used on vampires, this story follows two main characters: Pearl, a young womna living in 1920s Los Angeles, and Skinner Sweet, the first American Vampire, who originated in the Old West.

See, in the world of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, we learn that the vampire disease has different effects depending on where the vampire is from. Skinner Sweet, who is shaping up to be one of the most interesting characters we've seen, is the first American to be turned into a vampire, making him the original American Vampire, and a stronger, faster creature than any vampire seen before. Skinner is interesting because, without giving away anything cool, he starts off as what could be seen as the typical cool, sort of crude anti-hero character, and by the end of the first arc.. well, you'll find out. It's a very cool twist, and you really learn that this guy is no good. As for Pearl, she's a young actress who's brutally turned into a vampire, and with information provided by Skinner, sets out on a path of righteous revenge against the European vampires who tortured and abused her.

Scott Snyder, and Stephen King co-write this one together. And, yes, folks, King is REALLY writing it. It's not just his name on the book. And, they both do a fantastic job. I'm particularly impressed with Snyder's end of things, as he's a relative newcomer who's proving that he could be one of the most interesting voices to come out to comics in a while. And, we can't forget Rafael Albuquerque's fantastic artwork which helps bring the world of American Vampire to life in a big way.

All in all, if you're a fan of just plain good comics, and even if you HATE vampires, you should read this series. It's that unique mix of fantastic character-driven storytelling, razor-sharp dialogue, and unpredictable plotting that has hooked us in the past on series like Y and WALKING DEAD, and AMERICAN VAMPIRE fits in perfectly there.

Pick up the graphic novel this Wednesday, and find out what all the fuss is about!

PILOT SEASON THE ASSET #1 - Top Cow's PILOT SEASON continues with THE ASSET! The Femme Fatale is redefined for the 21st Century in this very MATCH.COM version of LA FEMME NIKITA

We've been pretty impressed with TOP COW this year, as they've really been upping the quality on many of their new titles. The addition of Robert Kirkman to the mix has really helped grab our attention, and with their newest installment of PILOT SEASON books, we're seeing they've got a lot of other rad reads to offer as well.

This Wednesday, Top Cow, delivers THE ASSET, which shows us that finding that someone special in the modern age isn't easy. See, Doug has had some problems with love, but now he's found the perfect girlfriend in Madeline through some online dating sites, but you know... there's a catch, and that catch is she's trying to get Doug killed.

Cutting edge art, and a tight-sounding story. This one redefines the concept of Femme Fatales for the Facebook generation.


One of the reasons why we're so crazy about SECRET AVENGERS here at Third Eye is because it's one of the raddest, and most eclectic super-teams we've seen in a long time, and Valkyrie stands out as one of the most interesting of the unlikely choices to be on the team.

Through the course of the first five issues of SECRET AVENGERS, Brubaker has done a fantastic job of fleshing out her character and shaping her as the loose cannon, wild card from Asgard.

Now, this week, we get to see what the origins of her mysterious return truly are in this gorgeously illustrated one-shot. During AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, Ragnarok claimed the lives of all the Asgardians, until they were reborn along with Thor in the middle of Oklahoma, but when and how did the legendary shield maiden Brunhilde return? And, how does this tie into a murder mystery of cosmic proportions? One of Marvel's most misunderstood, and most fascinating characters to resurface, this one-shot answers all of those questions and more.

Click here for a preview of VALKYRIE #1


All right, folks, it's no secret that we're big fans of cult movies, and Robert Rodriguez delivered a fantastic send-up to B-movies this summer with MACHETE. I loved the flick, and it managed to capture the energy and fun of several different genres of exploitation cinema.

So, you know, you know that I completely flipped out when I read that Rodriguez would be co-writing a comic book mini-series based upon the character of MACHETE, and serving as a prequel to the film. This is where we get to see why Machete first picked up those fateful blades, and what sent him into the bloody lifestyle he's led.

And it's going to totally kick ass. If you loved the movie, we know you're gonna love the comic.


We're big fans of writer J.Michael Straczynski here at Third Eye, and have loved his relaunches recently of both Superman and Wonder Woman, but I think it's his work on WONDER WOMAN that really shows the most promise.

First, let me start off by saying this: If you're not a Wonder Woman fan, or have no interest in this character, then you are the perfect person to pick the book up, 'cause it is THE Wonder Woman story to show you just how kick-ass and cool the character can be.

JMS has given Diana Prince a brand new attitude, and it doesn't just extend to her apparel, but to her entire outlook on things. The essence of the character is still the same, and her love for people still shines, even while she's on a revenge-driven mission to find out what happened to her home.

We're given a Wonder Woman who is still learning who she is, and we're given a ravaged population of Amazons who have to make sure that this incarnation of Wonder Woman evolves into the heroine she's supposed to be.

And, I don't know what it is, but the series has a VERY KILL BILL kind of feel to it, as we watch Diana Prince find out who she is, what she's about, and how she has it out for the people who've brought destruction down around her.

The book is awesome, and if you wanna jump on, we've got issues #600, #601 and #602 all in stock to get you caught up.


Not really sure about how this one's gonna turn out, but it looks ridiculous, fun, and awesome, so we figured, as self-respecting video game enthusiasts, it deserved a shout-out.

This new IMAGE series tells the comedic tale of two female-embodied video game consoles, FoxBox630 and ESexy3 and their battle for supremacy.

The art looks sharp, and the book looks pretty damn funny. Those of you who dig on video games and gamer humor should definitely give it a look!

THIRD EYE CERTIFIED COOL: CASANOVA #3- Matt Fraction's Mind-Bendingly Awesome Creator-Owned Series with the killer artwork of DAYTRIPPER dream-team GABRIEL BA & FABIO MOON

You know, it's hard to put into words WHAT Casanova is, because there's just so many cool things going on with this book. All I can say is that if Jack Kirby had created James Bond instead of the Fantastic Four, then it would be Casanova.

Matt Fraction, who, as you know, is a big Third Eye favorite here for his work on books like FIVE FISTS OF SCIENCE, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, and most recently his debut on THOR, delivers his most stunning work alongside the art team of Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon (DAYTRIPPER, UMBRELLA ACADEMY).

The story of CASANOVA is that of a dimension-tripping superspy by the name of Casanova Quinn, and it'll blow your mind so hard that you'll never be able to quit picking up the pieces. In a nutshell, it's a science fiction espionage book that channels everything from Phillip K. Dick to Steve Ditko, and gives you a crazy series with characters, who switch forms, upload their minds into robots, and confront their own dopplegangers on a semi-regular basis.

And, folks, this is not a book you read through quickly. It's a content-packed read. You read it slowly, and you savor it, because it gives you SO many crazy plot points and plot-threads to work with. Crazy alien corporate overlords, dental nurses hooked on silly gas, and super-spys galore.... it's awesome.

Like I said, words can't do the series or the plots justice, just pick up issue #1 this week, and find out why this could be your favorite new comic. :)

Click here for a preview of CASANOVA #3


You know, the thing about a fantastic series like CHEW is that it's hard to really sum up what each individual issue is about, 'cause it's so full of surprises, and we REALLY don't wanna ruin anything.. 'cause we know you'd have our heads.

So, all we can say is that it looks like we're going to see some cibopath vs. cibopath action, and well, we don't even know how that's going to play out, but it should be awesome. I mean, c'mon, Mason Savoy... who doesn't love that character?

The unpredictability of CHEW is really what makes it shine, and in the current arc, it looks like we're finally getting the highly anticipated return of Mason Savoy, the deadly yet well-spoken former partner of Tony Chu. We're also getting to the meat of what Savoy was up to before Chu busted him, as shown in last month's #13.

But, I've said too much, so lets go ahead and tell those of you who're amongst the uninitiated about CHEW.

Tony Chu is a cop with a secret, a weird secret, he's Cibopathic. And this means that he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats, but hey, it also means he's a hell of a detective, and as long as he doesn't mind nibbling on the corpse of a murder victim to figure out whodunit and why, then all is well. It's a dirty job, and Tony's gotta eat some terrible things in the name of justice. And, if that wasn't bad enough, the government knows Tony's secret, and they have plans for him, whether he likes it or not.

Set against the backdrop of a near-future world where poultry is illegal due to avian bird flu, and exists in a Prohibition-era like environment, Tony Chu works for the FDA (which has molded itself into an organization more like the ATF) as a special agent who gets dragged into some of the oddest predicaments you could think of. This series has it all... cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals and clairvoyants, accompanied by some of the freshest, funkiest artwork in comics, you cannot go wrong with CHEW as a top notch read.

Click here for a preview of CHEW #14

Not reading CHEW? Pick up the CHEW vol.1 trade paperback here at Third Eye for only $9.99, and get the first 5 issue story arc in one shot!

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