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You know if Mark Millar is behind something, then chances are, it's going to be pretty freakin' rad. We're talking about the guy who brought us OLD MAN LOGAN, the insane KICK-ASS, and most recently, the downright devious NEMESIS series.

So, what happens when this crazy Scotsman decides to give us his unique take on SUPERMAN? Well, you get SUPERIOR. And, man, I am even more stoked about this one than I was about the first issue of NEMESIS. Why? 'Cause Millar has made it loud and clear that the one character he loves more than any other is SUPERMAN. But DC COMICS would never let Millar near the big red S, 'cause well, lets face it, Millar's known for inbred Hulk families and evil Batmen that booby-trap peoples wombs.

But, that's where the kick-ass creator owned ICON imprint comes in, as it allows Millar to do whatever the hell he feels like, and tell us a kick-ass take on the classic world's most powerful man comic.

So, what is SUPERIOR all about then, huh? Well, it's the story of Ollie Janson. A boy who had it all going for him: high school popularity, a promising future playing basketball, and more. But, that was when he could still move his legs. Now, he's living with multiple sclerosis, missing all the little things he used to take for granted, and escaping into comics and video games.

And, then, SUPERIOR came into his life, and nothing would ever be the same.

The book kind of comes off as a love letter to the era when Superman was considered to be the best. The coolest. The character, Ollie Janson, is kind of saddened by how SUPERIOR has become seen as old fashioned, and kind of uncool as the years have gone by, and when a new film is announced, Janson's love of the character is renewed... and then, his illusions of the character are shattered when.. well, we don't want to ruin the surprise.

All we can say is that this is definitely a unique twist on the age old Superman story, and brings Millar's unique way of mixing fiction and reality to the standard arch-type of the world's greatest superhero.

And, while we're not positive, we're assuming this is gonna be a pretty violent book, just judging from past ICON books like KICK-ASS and NEMESIS. Other than what we'e mentioned above, Millar has been pretty hush hush about the series, 'cause apparently the end of issue #1 has a great surprise twist. We've seen a few pages, and we can say that the art looks freakin' gorgeous, and LEINIL YU is knocking out some of his best work here.

This is probably the book I'm looking forward to most this week, and I can't wait to read it. Definitely give it a look if you're a Millar fan, or you just plain enjoy good comics with a little bit of an edge to 'em.

Click here for a preview of SUPERIOR #1

BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #5 - The Long Awaited Penultimate Fifth Chapter of RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE arrives, dropping the Dark Knight into the hardboiled streets of Gotham's past... Will he save his parents?

We have been hooked
in a big way on Grant Morrison's epic reinvention of Batman that's been going on over the course of the last few years, and which has culminated in the kick-ass RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE storyline. I mean, who would've thought, a few years back, that we'd not only be reading a storyline that paired Batman and time-travel together, but enjoying the hell out of it? Morrison has done a fantastic job of effortlessly blending the gritty realisim that makes the Dark Knight so compelling with a fresh, and innovative science fiction twist that Batman hasn't seen since the Silver Age.

And, now, after literally putting the Dark Knight through everything from the prehistoric age to having a bounty on his head hunted by Jonah Hex, we're seeing the issue that I think everyone has been waiting for the most. The '50s noir Batman issue.

Set against the hardboiled streets of Gotham City, this one is one of the most interesting of the series so far because of two reasons: the first one being that it shows us HOW he's coming back to the present, while also revealing what the major universe-shattering bad mojo is that will go down if he returns, and then the second being that this is also set in the same time period where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered, which set off the entire chain of events that brought us the Dark Knight.

So, the big question is: what's gonna happen this week in issue #5?

We cannot wait to find out!

For those of you who haven't yet hopped onto BATMAN RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, we really recommend checking this book out. We've currently got issues #1-4 in stock, and with issue #5 arriving this Wednesday, it's pretty easy to get caught up.

What's it about? Well, you might've heard about how a few years ago Batman was killed by Darkseid. Yup, after the events of a storyline called BATMAN RIP (available in trade paperback here at Third Eye), Batman confronted Darkseid during FINAL CRISIS, and was totally zapped by some Omega beam action. But, that's only what we SAW happen, the truth of the matter is something happened which sent the Caped Crusader literally hurtling back in time with a mild case of amnesia. And, now, while here in the present, Dick Grayson's been rocking the cowl, Bruce Wayne has been literally fighting his way through the timestream, and living out various incarnations of Batman through the ages. The series rocks hard, and if you haven't read BATMAN in a while, it's a great spot to come onboard with the character, and get ready for the upcoming return of Bruce Wayne.

Also hitting this week are the first few of a handful of kick-ass one-shots that're ushering in the Return of Bruce Wayne, and setting up the upcoming storylines in the various Bat-books. Each one of these one-shots serves as a killer one-shot story that helps pave the way for what's to come for Bruce Wayne, the mysterious and rumored BATMAN, INC., and characters like Tim Drake as Red Robin and of course, Dick Grayson as Batman.

This week, we'll be seeing BRUCE WAYNE THE ROAD HOME: BATMAN AND ROBIN, which brings us Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne straight from the pages of the kick-ass BATMAN AND ROBIN series, and their quest to squash a dangerous news article that could reveal the secret identities of the entire Bat-family to the world as a whole... and, on top of all that... Bruce Wayne has returned.

Next up, is BRUCE WAYNE THE ROAD HOME: BATGIRL, which clues us in to the future of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, and whether Bruce Wayne's return will bring an end to her tenure, or lead to bigger and better things.

After that, you've got one that we're personally very stoked to see and that's the BRUCE WAYNE THE ROAD HOME: RED ROBIN, which shows us Tim Drake taking center stage as the one person who cotinued to have faith that Bruce Wayne was alive. But, now that he's proven right, how will this affect his life as Red Robin and all the changes he's been through?

Finally, in BRUCE WAYNE THE ROAD HOME: OUTSIDERS, how will the Outsiders react to the return of their former leader? This one's being penned by long-time Outsiders (and SON OF THE DEMON) writer Mike Barr, so that's pretty cool, in and of itself.



Shadowland has been one of the raddest things we've read from Summer into Fall, and it's definitely been one of my personal favorites as far as new Marvel books go. I honestly did not expect as much out of it when I first heard about it a year or so ago, but writer Andy Diggle and artist Billy Tan, they've both done a fantastic job of making this mini-event feel like the blockbuster it is.

At it's core, for those of you not reading SHADOWLAND, the story is essentially DAREDEVIL gone evil. Basically, after years of just plain crap luck, the Man Without Fear comes into a position of control over the guild of ninja assassins known as The Hand. He's become their leader, and at first, believes he can wield them as a force of justice and change for Hell's Kitchen. Well, you know what they say about the Road to Hell, and good intentions, right? So, this soon turns into Matt Murdock turning half of Hell's Kitchen into a giant prison/temple called SHADOWLAND and using the HAND as the city's new police force. The Avengers, and other NY-based Marvel heroes kind of turn a blind eye at first, and just kinda assume OK, well, you know, it's Daredevil, little crazy, but he should have this under control.

And, then Daredevil breaks both of Bullseye's arms and guts him on a rooftop, and everything goes to hell.

That's all just SHADOWLAND #1, folks, and now here we are on #4, and I don't even want to begin to ruin any of the kick-ass surprises that have gone down in issues #2 and #3. All I can say is that this storyline has refreshed and reinvigorated a ton of characters, ranging from Ghost Rider and DAREDEVIL himself to The Kingpin and many others.

Anyways, here we are, heading into issue #4, and after the KICK-ASS happenings that went down in the third issue, and I really don't want to ruin the ending of it for those of you not already reading the series, but for those of you who are, you know what I'm talking about. Not to mention all the stuff that went down in issue #2, with Kingpin summoning Ghost Rider, Daredevil ordering the Hand to kill Iron Fist and co., and Moon Knight's infiltration of Daredevil's organization, all of which continued to boil into issue #3, and lead us to this week's fourth installment.

If you're not reading SHADOWLAND, we've got the first 3 issues in stock, as well as all the tie-ins. And, I know what you're thinking: crap, do I have to get ALL the tie-ins? No. While most of them have been REALLY good (the Bullseye and Ghost Rider one-shots especially, as well as this week's Spider-man one), they're not essential to the story. The ONLY tie-in book we strongly recommend is the core DAREDEVIL title.

Click here for a preview of SHADOWLAND #4 *THIRD EYE MUST BUY*

Click here for the official Third Eye SHADOWLAND Checklist

WALKING DEAD HARDCOVER Volume 6 - This Wednesday. A New Walking Dead Hardcover. Need we say more?

I cannot think of a better example of a series that people love so much they actually collect it in multiple formats than WALKING DEAD. And it's understandable too, 'cause the series is that GOOD. You gotta have the copies you read and enjoy and can lend to friends, and then you gotta have the more prestigious copies that're in your own private collection, right? :)

Trust me, I feel you. And, that is why we're stoked to announce that for those of you who're doing the WALKING DEAD in hardcover, there's a brand new hardcover hitting this Wednesday. It's always a cause for celebration when one of these comes out, 'cause the hardcovers take twice as long as the trade paperbacks, and we know you guys are just itching to find out what's happened next.

Anyways, I don't think much else need be said other than if you're not already reading WALKING DEAD, PLEASE try this series, no matter what format.. softcover, hardcover, crazy big omnibus.. you will not be disappointed.


We are HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fans of the HACK/SLASH series by Tim Seeley, and does that surprise you? I mean, it's not only a good comic, but it's full of straight up horror movie love and worship. And, ever since HACK/SLASH debuted under the Image banner, we've noticed the quality has been consistently top notch.

With the recent MY FIRST MANIAC Year One-style origin series now finishing up, Image and Seeley are gearing up for the upcoming HACK/SLASH ongoing series, and we cannot wait. This Wednesday, they're getting things started off right with a special one-shot annual, the HACK/SLASH MURDER MESSIAH annual.

This one-shot serves as a very cool prequel to the upcoming ongoing series, and is a great spot to jump aboard with Cassie Hack. In it, Cassie's biggest "fan" -- a serial killer -- is on a spree, cleaning up her loose ends. That means no fo or friend is safe. And, meanwhile 14 years in the future, in an America ruled by the Black Lamp Society, street-witch Liberty Lochs is on a quest to find Six Sixx's guitar.

Never read HACK/SLASH? It's great. If you love two things: good comics, and horror movies, then you'll dig it. Basically, HACK/SLASH is the story of Cassie Hack, the first Slasher hunter. What's a slasher? A slasher is basically an vengeful undead that's so full of rage and hate that it has to keep on killing. So, basically, Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, ect, ect. Seeley is very clever in taking old school horror movie and B-Movie elements and using them to really build an interesting and yes, very gory, world for HACK/SLASH. The book continues to get better, and we recommend giving it a shot this week, and finding out why we're always pumped to see new HACK/SLASH stuff coming out.


Dude, I am so totally stoked about this one-shot. I've been pumped about this one ever since I first saw it solicited, and I cannot wait to sit down and get a crack at it this Wednesday.

I think we all know that one of the coolest things about BLACKEST NIGHT was getting to see different DCU characters being recruited as various Lantern Corps members. I mean, Luthor as an Orange Lantern, Scarecrow as a Yellow Lantern, and Flash as a Blue Lantern? Those were iconic comic moments.

So, this one-shot gives us MORE of that awesomeness, with stories by folks like GEOFF JOHNS, ETHAN VAN SCIVER, and more that show us what the heck Scarecrow did during his brief stint as a member of the Sinestro Corps, or how Donna Troy dealt with her transformation into a Black Lantern, not to mention many others.

With the list of creators attached to this one, and just a plain cool concept, this is a must-buy DCU title to check out this week, folks. We think you'll really dig it.


Okay, I like Matt Fraction's stuff A LOT. I really do. So, I had pretty high hopes for last month's THOR #615. I mean, you're talking to a guy who went from never caring about Iron Man to having INVINCIBLE IRON MAN as one of his favorite monthly books because of Fraction's fantastic storytelling. But, I had NO idea how much I was going to dig THOR until I read #615.

The story centers around how Asgard has been recently left empty in the wake of Siege, and of course, where there's a power void, a power will arrive to fill that void. And, it arrives in the form of an invading horde of extra-dimensional aliens who literally rain blood from the skies, and cleave a slew of ice elves in half. From there, we're taken into a world of Asgard where you see the remaining Asgardians trying to rebuild their kingdom, and then being assaulted by hordes of alien invaders. who're literally hacking and slashing their way through the realms of Asgard.

Now, sounds simple enough, right? But it's that simplicity that makes it awesome. Fraction is simply put reintroducing all of us to the awesomeness of Asgard, and the Jack Kirby/Walt Simonson-infused science fiction meets Norse mythology slant that the book hasn't had in ages. While we dug JMS's and Gillen's run, both were very dark in tone and appearance, and this one is really a perfect blend of the grit that you'd want to see from dudes in winged hats wielding hammers and then the bigger than life awe and splender that comes in the form of Asgard and it's inhabitants.

The artwork in this one is fantastic, especially, and Pasqual Ferry does an amazing job of sucking you right into the story and making Asgard and it's surrounding realms seem spacy and magical and awesome.

Folks, I cannot say it enough: give #615 a try if you haven't already. It's one of the best damn first issues of a new Marvel story arc we've seen in a while, and with Fraction intending to be on Thor for the long haul, I think we've got some very cool and very exciting things to come. We still have first prints of #615 in stock to get you caught up.

Click here for a preview of THOR #616 *THIRD EYE MUST BUY*


Edgar Rice Burroughs' original pulp science explorer returns this Wednesday with Dynamite's new WARLORD OF MARS series. Dynamite has made a name for themselves taking classic greats like the Lone Ranger, The Phantom, Buck Rogers, and others and breathing new life into them and re-inventing them for the 21st Century. We can't wait to see what Dynamite's got in store for John Carter in this new series. We're going to get to see the American Civil War veteran who is mysterious transported to Mars while exploring Arizona and all the things that lead up to his transportation to Mars. Of course, once on Mars, Carter finds himself with amazing strength due to the lesser gravity of Mars. And then, he gets all mixed up in the politics of Mars, and things get crazy from there.

Whether you're an old fan of the John Carter tales, or you've never read 'em before, this $1.00 first issue of the series is a great way to give the comic a go.

Check it out this Wednesday here at Third Eye.

X-MEN #4 *CURSE OF THE MUTANTS PT 4* - The BEST X-Men book we've read in ages continues. Is Dracula the X-Men's only hope? And, WTF, Vampire Wolverine? Yes, and it's awesome!

X-Men hasn't been this good in a long time, folks. I mean, it all really started with SECOND COMING, which kicked off some pretty kick-ass stuff and got us hooked, and now it's continued with the new ongoing X-MEN series and the first story arc, CURSE OF THE MUTANTS.

When I first heard the hook... Mutants vs. Vampires.. I thought it was gonna be totally lame, but, Marvel has not only managed to do something NEW and DIFFERENT with the X-Men, but it's also GOOD. I think a huge part of why I'm enjoying the new X-Title so much is the creative team is very solid. Gischler writes an X-Team that's focused on the characters you actually care about, and he captures the essence of characters like Wolverine, Jubilee, Cyclops and Colossus perfectly. When you combine that with Paco Medina's artwork, you get yourself a really solid read.

When I describe the current X-Men book to people, I usually say it's everything you loved about the X-Men when you were a kid but grown up. Basically, they manage to capture that intangible energy and excitement that X-Books had when we were all reading them as youngsters, and somehow wrap that into a maturely paced and plotted storyline. But, at it's core: it's fun.

Dracula's son, Xarus, has led a world domination quest after killing his father, and uniting all of the Marvel vampires under one flag. He's trying to take out the mutants first, because he figures he can turn them to his side, and have an even more powerful army of vampires, but ya know, with crazy mutant powers. So, what it boils down to is the X-Men, Blade, and a recently resurrected Dracula against thousands of bloodsuckers spanning from Atlantis to Transylvania.

And, it really freakin' rocks.

Anyways, after we saw the whole Wolverine getting turned thing in last month's #3, it looks like things're gonna get really interesting with the recently resurrected Dracula as well in #4 this week.

For those of you not already on board, we've got all the tie-ins as well as all the issues of the main series in stock, so getting caught up's easy. And, not all the tie-ins are necessary, we'd recommend starting with the DEATH OF DRACULA one-shot, and then just hopping onto the main ongoing CURSE OF THE MUTANTS series. There have been some kick-ass tie-ins so far though, so if you do need to catch up, we've got the full checklist posted below.

Click here for a preview of X-MEN #4 *THIRD EYE MUST BUY*
Click here for the official Third Eye X-MEN: CURSE OF THE MUTANTS Checklist

KNIGHT & SQUIRE #1 - Straight from the pages of Grant Morrison's BATMAN & ROBIN, Knight and Squire get their own six issue mini-series by rising star Paul Cornell (ACTION COMICS, DR. WHO TV series)
Gotham has Batman and Robin, London has Knight & Squire

Straight from the pages of Grant Morrison's critically acclaimed BATMAN AND ROBIN, Knight and Squire get their chance at the spotlight in this new 6-issue mini-series that fleshes the characters out more, and introduces us to their world. I'm personally very excited about this one for many reasons, one of which being that I've liked these characters since they first popped up in the JLA CLASSIFIED Ultra-Marine storyline, and then resurfaced again in THE BLACK GLOVE. I'm also stoked because it's being penned by Paul Cornell, who's slowly getting the exposure he very much deserves as an extremely talented comics writer. His work on ACTION COMICS recently has been out of this world, and we really think he's a perfect choice for KNIGHT & SQUIRE.

Plus, just judging from the preview pages, and the overall feel of it. This is genuinely a UK Batman and Robin-style book, but with a very strange, and surreal twist. Right down to the secret bar where a cease-fire exists, and villains and heroes gather to have a pint and talk about their days, and then the barriers that prevent confrontation magically dissappear and the whole place erupts into a brawl.. I mean, damn, does this not sound like a kick-ass Dr. Who episode, or what?

The book even looks like something you'd see out of a 2000AD mag, and that helps immerse you into it even more. I'm pretty pumped about this one, as it's something different, and pretty fresh.

Click here for a preview of KNIGHT AND SQUIRE #1

VICTORIAN UNDEAD SPECIAL #1 - Sherlock Holmes vs.Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde! The Victorian Undead world returns, as our favorite detective returns from his zombie-fighting escapades to face Mr. Hyde

Victorian Undead was one of our favorite sleeper hits last year, as it took two of our favorite things: Sherlock Holmes stories and zombies and mashed them into one awesome mini-series. Now, the Victorian Undead series returns in this special one-shot which serves as a great entry point for those of you who missed the first mini-series (but don't worry, the trade paperback's coming soon).

What's this one about? Sherlock Holmes and Watson versus Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. How can you go wrong? Whether you dug the original, or you're like me, and the thought of alternate history madness with Sherlock Holmes fighting zombies, vampires and other monsters is too awesome to pass up, this one's a must read.

DAKEN DARK WOLVERINE #2 *WOLVERINE GOES TO HELL TIE-IN* - The first issue of the new Dark Wolverine series was a surprise hit, this book is great!

The first issue of the new ongoing DAKEN series was freakin' great. We were honestly not just impressed, but overwhelmed with how much we dug it. I mean, when they first introduced Daken, I really wasn't big on the character, but through careful development and character progression, they've really made him into a cool part of the Marvel universe in the last few years.

The thing about the Daken book that I like is that it kind of reminds me of what DC has been doing with ACTION COMICS and Lex Luthor. It's truly the 21st century take on the anti-hero character. Nowadays, we see characters like The Punisher, or whatever as heroes, whether they kill or not. But, characters like Daken and Lex Luthor, they're true anti-heroes, because they do downright despicable things and are morally shady in some areas, but at the same time, many of their actions are easy to sympathize and relate to.

And, I think it's pretty cool to see that evolution of character happening in superhero comics, as it continues to add layers of interesting stories to an already rich tapestry of past tales.

Anyways, Daken's new ongoing looks to be tying into the new Wolverine goes to Hell series, and in a big way with this week's issue #2. Apparenly, he's involved with the sending of his old man's soul to Hell, and now that dear old dad is out of the way, Daken is free to do whatever he pleases, but what exactly might that be?

If you missed issue #1, we've still got copies in stock to get you caught up.

Click here for a preview of DAKEN DARK WOLVERINE #2

DC COMICS PRESENTS - Two more low priced trade paperbacks from DC collecting out of print gems for only $8 each! BATMAN/CATWOMAN featuring art by ETHAN VAN SCIVER, and BRIGHTEST DAY, featuring Deadman, Hawkman and others by Neil Gaiman, Ed Brubaker & More

This whole DC Comics Presents thing they've got going on is a great thing. Basically, they're taking out of print classic stories that totally deserve a trade paperback collection and reprinting them in these low-priced $8 trade paperbacks. It's a great way to get a great 4 issue arc for a low price, and we're stoked to see DC doing it.

This week, we're getting another double dose of DC Comics Presents with DC COMICS PRESENTS BRIGHTEST DAY and DC COMICS PRESENTS BATMAN/CATWOMAN.

First in DC COMICS PRESENTS BRIGHTEST DAY, we're seeing a spotlight put on Deadman and Hawkman, two characters who've been main fixtures in BRIGHTEST DAY. This volume collects some fantastic stories written by the likes of Neil Gaiman, Ed Brubaker, and illustrators like Scott Kollins, Sean Phillips, and more.

Next up, we've got the kick-ass DC COMICS PRESENTS BATMAN/CATWOMAN which collects the 96 page elseworlds BATMAN AND CATWOMAN: TRAIL OF THE GUN story that features the artwork of ETHAN VAN SCIVER,.

Both of these look great, and at only $7.99 a pop, you cannot go wrong.

NEW AVENGERS #5 - New Avengers has proven itself as the consistent sleeper hit of the new Avengers line-up. This book is fantastic, and I never thought I'd be so into stories about Dr. Strange and the Eye of Agamatto

New Avengers has really proven itself as a stand-out title for Marvel, and hoenstly, when they debuted the line-up of new Avengers books, this one didn't really stand out as the must-read, ya know? I mean, it's hard to compete with the big guns like AVENGERS and SECRET AVENGERS, but you know what?

New Avengers has turned into probably one of my favorite books all over again. You can tell that these are the characters that Bendis really feels comfortable with, as the characterization and dialogue on this series is some of the best. And, the whole plot of the first arc, which is essentially Marvel Universe Magic Rebrith, has been pretty freakin' cool. And, this is coming from a guy who really doesn't usually get down with the whole mystical end of the Marvel Universe.

If you're looking for a solid Marvel team book that delivers good art, good story, and looks to be laying some foundations for bigger stories to come, then give NEW AVENGERS a shot. We've got issues #1-4 in stock to get you caught up.

Click here for a preview of NEW AVENGERS #5

PILOT SEASON FOREVER #1 - Top Cow's Pilot Season continues with a very cool Philip K. Dick/William Gibson-esque sci-fi one-shot this Wednesday

The Top Cow Pilot Season one-shots have been REALLY freakin' good this year. I've enjoyed almost all of them so far, and this week's newest: FOREVER, sounds pretty awesome.

What's the scoop on PILOT SEASON FOREVER? In the not-so-distant future, a pharmaceutical company called Longevity has developed a drug which extends human life and counters the debilitating effects of aging almost indefinitely. When a young doctor, who owes his life to Longevity, gets his dream job at the company, he learns there's some dark secrets about the price that immortality comes at.

This one looks awesome, and gives off a very cool cyberpunky Phillip K. Dick and William Gibson vibe.

GREEN LANTERN #58 - Geoff Johns's work on Green Lantern continues to make this one of our biggest must-read series. Last month's was fantastic, and this month's looks even better

If you fell off Green Lantern after BLACKEST NIGHT, do yourself a favor and pick up issue #53 going forward. This series has been only getting better, and better since Brightest Day began. The storylines running through GREEN LANTERN have been giving a lot of spotlight to the various Guardians of the Lantern Corps, and their new incarnations. That means we've been getting to see a lot of fan favorites like ATROCITUS, SINESTRO, of course HAL JORDAN, LARFLEEZE, ST. Walker, and even some glimpses as what's to come with the mysterious Indigo Tribe.

In last month's issue, we saw the whole thing with the entities, specifically the Predator entity, fleshed out, as the entity was unleashed and found a host in the form of the first male Star Sapphire.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but Green Lantern continues to be one of the best monthly superhero books I read, and Geoff Johns is just making the whole lore of the Lanterns, and what's to come more and more interesting.


It's no secret that our favorite time of year here at Third Eye is Halloween, and one thing that's always remained constant is that comic publishers love to put out some cool horror or Halloween themed comics around this time of year. And, I'm a huge sucker for those. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're not, but ya know, I just dig it.

This week, the Marvel TOMB OF TERROR one-shot, looks like it's gonna be one of the good ones, as it gives us a kick-ass selection of critically acclaimed horror authors like JOE R LANSDALE doing mature audiences takes on classic Marvel horror characters like the Son of Satan, the Man-Thing, Werewolf By Night, and others. It looks bloody as hell, with that old school morality play kinda feel that TALES FROM THE CRYPT and CREEPY used to have.

Click here for a preview of TOMB OF TERROR #1

Before the Sith and the Rule of Two, there was Knight Errant

You know, Dark Horse does a great job with the Star Wars stuff. It's surprising how well they do in giving us good stories in the expanded universe of George Lucas's iconic films. And, with STAR WARS LEGACY now ended, it's got us wondering what they're going to do next. I mean, Legacy was probably the flagship, and in my opinion, the best Star Wars comic in recent memory.

Well, starting this Wednesday, they're debuting what looks to be the next in a long-line of great ongoing Star Wars series with STAR WARS: KIGHT ERRANT.

This series is set 32 years before the Rule of Two was instituted, so basically it's when all the Sith are warring, and the Jedi Knights are few and far between. It's 32 years before the whole Master and Apprentice thing like Vader and The Emperor, ect, is instituted.

The series focuses on Kerra Holt, a Jedi who belongs to a group of Jedi who are essentially weekend warriors, and have now decided "we're going to try to do some raids out in the territory and change some things, even though we know we might not make that big of an impact." Of course, isolated like they are from most of the rest of the galaxy, they don't realize that they're flying into a whole mess of Sith, and Kerra ends up being the only one surviving, and she's stranded, all on her own, surrounded by thousands of sith.

All I can say is this one looks kick-ass, and judging from the art and preview pages we've seen, it looks like it could be the next big Star Wars series.

Click here for a preview of STAR WARS KNIGHT ERRANT #1

STRANGE TALES 2 #1 Debuts from Marvel giving high profile Indie creators a chance to do some twisted stuff with Marvel's characters. Featuring work by Dash Shaw, Jhonen Vasquez, Jeff Lemire, Rafael Grampa, Jeffrey Brown & More

Man, I freakin' loved the STRANGE TALES thing Marvel did last year, where they brought in some of the best of the best indie and small press comics creators and let em loose on doing some ridiculous and awesome stuff with assorted Marvel characters.

So, when they said they were going to be bringing the whole concept back again, I flipped out.

If you missed it last year, the whole deal with Strange Tales, is basically a three issue anthology series where various indie comics creators can come in and pretty much do whatever they want with assorted Marvel characters. This usually means you get some whacked out, super funny, and really cool stylized stories featuring various Marvel characters.

Some of the names attached just to this first issue alone are freakin' awesome, like Mesmo Delivery artist Rafael Grampa, SWEET TOOTH creator Jeff Lemire, Dash Shaw, JOHNNY THE HOMICIDAL MANIAC/INVADER ZIM creator Jhonen Vasquez, and Jeffrey Brown. Not to mention many others.

Click here for a preview of STRANGE TALES 2 #1


Steve - UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 - What a stellar read. Opena's art is incredible, and Remender manages to find a fresh angle on this team, and really make the book good. Throw in a non-annoying Deadpool, and you got yourself a solid read.

Trish - THE BOYS #47- The last few issues of the Boys have been getting crazy good, and this week's was the best one I've read in a while. I'm going to be sad when this series ends.

TORMA - CHAOS WAR #1 - AWESOME. Every Marvel character you can think of from big guys like Spider-man and Thor to obscure favorites like Nightmare and Ikaris. Reminds me of what the SECRET WARS would be like if it came out today. Big cosmic awesomeness on every page.

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