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Now's your chance to find out just how awesome Morrison's run on the Dark Knight has been!
The Dark Knight is back in action after the mind-bending epic that was RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, and he's a bigger bad-ass than ever. After literally having his entire being deconstructed throughout BATMAN: RIP, and then being ripped apart and sent through time by Darkseid in FINAL CRISIS, only to be returning to the present carrying some sort of Apokoliptian parasite infection, Bruce Wayne has conquered all odds and is now back.

And, folks, the Batman books have gone from being neck and neck with a couple other series as the top DC book to read to now being the quite literal leader of the pack. Everything that Morrison has set up for Batman and his world goes into effect now, and we are so freakin' excited to see where this is heading.

All of the concepts that Morrison's been building and introducing throughout stories like BATMAN AND SON, THE BLACK GLOVE, BATMAN RIP, BATMAN AND ROBIN and most recently, RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, are coming to full bloom in the new line-up of Bat-titles that start this week.

Before we go any further, click here for a full blog we posted about how we feel about the various new Batman titles, as well as some key stories that contain background info.

As for all this new stuff though, each one serves as a fresh jumping on point, and the main thing we'd recommend reading to kind of get yourselves prepared is this week's BATMAN: THE RETURN one-shot by Morrison and David Finch.

So, lets talk about this one first, BATMAN: THE RETURN. This is probably the most important book to grab in regards to the new status quo of the Bat-books. This one-shot featuring story by GRANT MORRISON and art by DAVID FINCH (so good!), sets the landscape for everything that's coming. All the secrets Grayson and Damian uncovered in BATMAN AND ROBIN, all the madness that went down in Bruce Wayne the Road Home, it's all come to a head in this issue. What's Dick Grayson going to do now that Bruce is back? How will Bruce deal with a radically different Gotham City, as well as the evolution that his own son has gone through in his absence?

This is the one-shot that bridges the two eras of the Dark Knight, and sets everything up for years to come. And, with Grant Morrison and David Finch on board as the creative team, you know this one's going to be a must-read.

Now, as for the new ongoing Bat-books that are kicking off, this and THE DARK KNIGHT are two of the ones I'm most excited for. Batman, INC is the book that Morrison is launching as he leaves his epic run on BATMAN AND ROBIN. And, folks, it's going to be pure, comic perfection, up and down, left to right, this thing is going to be totally rad. I mean, if there was one book that Morrison was completely and utterly meant to do: it's a book like this.

As we saw at the end of BATMAN AND ROBIN #16, Bruce Wayne is back, and so is Batman, and he has gone public with the fact that he's been "financing" the Dark Knight for years. Now, he said that he plans to expand the brand, and start popping Bat-dudes all over the world.

Basically, following up on the League of Batmen concept that Morrison revived in his BLACK GLOVE story arc. And, we think that this is totally awesome. Morrison teams up with the talented artist Yanick Paquette to continue his evolution of the Dark Knight with Batman, Inc. This series will be starring Bruce Wayne as Batman, but also will be featuring a number of guest-stars, and we could see them going in so many cool directions, it's not even funny. Like, for example, we could see pre-existing DCU characters recruited as Batmen (Wayne did it before with the rehabilitated Harvey Dent a few years ago). There's so much potential of awesomeness with this one, we cannot wait to see what's to come.

Definitely snatch a copy of BATMAN, INC this week here at Third Eye, 'cause this one looks to be continuing in the footsteps of BATMAN AND ROBIN as must-read of the month material.

And, also, beginning this week, is the new direction of the core monthly BATMAN title, with BATMAN #704. Super-star artist Tony Daniel returns to the book, and with him, so does Bruce Wayne. What's interesting about this though, is that it hasn't been quite determined if this will be a "Bruce Wayne as Batman" book or a "Dick Grayson as Batman" book.

What we do know is that this first issue shows us Bruce Wayne returning to find Gotham City a mess, and deciding he needs to clean things up, in a major way. This one should prove interesting, as it'll show us just how Wayne reacts to the changes Gotham's been through, and how Gotham reacts to the changes HE'S been through.

THIS WEDNESDAY IS "WELCOME TO THE AVENGERS, RED HULK" DAY WITH THE RELEASE OF AVENGERS #7 - Get FREE limited prints with purchase of AVENGERS #7, kick-ass variant covers of AVENGERS #7, and save big on AVENGERS & HULK trade paperbacks
It's pretty obvious that we're all big fans of what Bendis and Romita JR have been doing on THE AVENGERS, and each month, the book continues to be one of our favorite reads. Bendis is knocking it out of the park, telling bigger-than-life superhero epics with Romita providing some of the most high-energy artwork coming out of Marvel nowadays.

And, with the first story arc having reached an epic conclusion, while at the same time opening up for what's going down in AVENGERS #7. And, what is going down in AVENGERS #7, you might ask?

The Red freakin' Hulk is joining the team, that's what!

Seriously though, AVENGERS has been a fantastic read since issue #1, and has done a fine job as being the flagship book for the Marvel Universe. The niche that Marvel has carved out for Avengers as the title where all the big stuff tends to happen that will kick off other storylines down the road is very cool, and we've been really digging the widescreen, high-energy approach that Bendis and Romita bring with the book. This new arc, featuring the Red Hulk joining the team, is a great spot to jump in, but heck, the series has been so good, we recommend picking up those first six issues too, 'cause it's worth owning the whole run on this one.

As for the whole Red Hulk thing, we think it's pretty damn cool, and is a very nice tip of the hat to the old days of the Avengers when the original Hulk joined the team. Just like the Red Hulk, Bruce Banner's incarnation of the gamma-irradiated one was once seen as a villain and overall bad guy by the general public, and even some readers, and by the time he joined the Avengers, he was straddling the line of villain and anti-hero in a big way. Sound familiar? That's exactly where the Red Hulk is these days, a character that's definitely been seen as a villain, but his cool factor and unique approach has kind of lumped him into the new school of anti-heroes like Daken and the recently re-invigorated Lex Luthor in Paul Cornell's ACTION COMICS. Bad guys you can empathize with, ya know?

You want bigger-than-life Marvel madness? AVENGERS is the book you need to be reading. You wanna see a total jerk of a Red giant joining said bigger-than-life Marvel madness? AVENGERS #7 is what you need. :) Marvel sent us an advance copy of this, and I read it, and I gotta say: it's the best issue of Bendis and Romita's AVENGERS run so far. It's also cool, because in my opinion, the AVENGERS NEEDS a Hulk character... and we're not just getting a Hulk, but a smart, mouthy and just plain ruthless Hulk.

Also, in celebration of this turning point in the AVENGERS series, we're going to be holding a very cool one-day only WELCOME TO THE AVENGERS party here at Third Eye this Wednesday (11/17). Here's what you can expect to snag if you show up on Wednesday:

  • Free limited edition AVENGERS/RED HULK print with purchase of AVENGERS #7 (supplies are limited!)

  • AVENGERS DAY AVENGERS #7 blank variant covers available at cover price (supplies are limited!)

  • AVENGERS #7 Djurdjevic variants

  • AVENGERS #7 Tron variants

  • A special sale offering 20% off ALL Avengers and Hulk-related graphic novels. This includes "event" books like CIVIL WAR, HOUSE OF M, ect and books featuring AVENGERS like CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, ect

  • And for those of you who may have missed it before, a FREE copy of AVENGERS #1!

Click here for a preview of AVENGERS #7 *RED HULK JOINS THE AVENGERS PART 1*

You guys know how much we dig the writing of Mark Millar here at Third Eye, and his newest series, SUPERIOR, might be our biggest favorite yet from Millar. It's definitely a fresh approach for Millar, as this one maintains the cutting edge, modern approach Millar brings to superhero stories but at the same time carries a WHOLE lotta heart with it.

SUPERIOR is the story of a young boy with multiple sclerosis who idolizes a character by the name of Superior. Superior is essentially Superman, and while most of the world sees him as out-of-date, or uncool in comparison to newer comic book and cinematic heroes that have no problem killing, one young boy still thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread.

What happens in the first issue is that this boy ends up getting his biggest wish from.. a space monkey. Yes, a space monkey. But, the way that it's done, is fantastic, and in the first issue, we're given probably the most sincere, and down-to-earth take on the idea of what a Superhero is that I've seen in years. What is the wish? He's turned into Superior, and here's where it gets interesting: he doesn't know what the heck to do now that he's been turned into Superior.

All of the Millar standards are here: sharp dialogue, strong characterization (especially the one last remaining friend of the main character), and a touch of humor. Imagine KICK-ASS, the movie BIG, and the story of Superman or Shazam rolled into one interesting and well-told package.

Leinil Yu delivers some fantastic artwork on this one, and his art meshes perfectly with Millar's story, bring the world of Superior to life.

One of the best books I've read this fall, if you missed out on SUPERIOR #1, snag it and #2 this Wednesday and find out why we're all buzzing about Superior here at Third Eye.

Click here for an unlettered preview of SUPERIOR #2 *THIRD EYE MUST BUY*

GREEN LANTERN #59 - Geoff Johns's GREEN LANTERN monthly continues to kick mucho ass as the New Guardians seek the truth about the enigmatic INDIGO TRIBE
I gotta tell you guys, I am loving each and every issue of GREEN LANTERN. In my opinion, the book has only gotten stronger since BLACKEST NIGHT concluded, and now that the focus of the book has been on the New Guardians (i.e Atrocitus, Sinestro, Hal, ect), and the various spectrum entities, it's really going into interesting territories.

As we've seen in the last couple of issues, the various entities, from the Blue Lantern Corps and the Star Sapphire corps, have been a central focus of where things have been going. After seeing the new herald of the Hope corps with last month's issue focusing on Adara, and the previous issue focusing on the Predator entity and the Star Sapphire, we're excited to see Johns delving into the most engimatic of all the corps: the Indigo Tribe.

Remember at the end of BLACKEST NIGHT when Black Hand was taken into custody by the Indigo Tribe? Well, now, we're going to find out just what the heck is going on with them, and the herald of Nekron.

X-MEN #5 *CURSE OF THE MUTANTS* - The Vampire Nation's army unleashes on Utopia, and Wolverine is leading the charge.. is Dracula the X-Men's only hope?
The current X-Men ongoing series has been fantastic from the start, and while I was skeptical of the vampire storyline when they first announced this as part of their post-SECOND COMING plans, I gotta say: I'm loving it. I haven't seen the X-Men with this much back-to-basics energy in a while, and it's cool to see something NEW going down instead of the same old territory that's been rehashed to death with the X-Men.

The story in a nutshell? The son of Dracula kills his father (in the Death of Dracula one-shot), usurps the throne, and unifies the various clans of vampires that're scattered throughout the Marvel Universe. His first order of business? Target the Marvel Universe's smallest yet most feared group: the X-Men, and try to bring them over to his way of thinking.. plus, a legion of vampire mutants would make things even more intense.

And, how's it been? Freakin' awesome. From the very start, where we see a vampire using the sunlight to detonate himself like a suicide bomb, and infecting Jubilee in the melee, to the most recent issues where Wolverine has us all wondering if he's REALLY been brought over to the vampire's side or if he's just playing along.

Factor in cool interplay we've seen with Dracula after the X-Men resurrected him, and the history that the X-Men already have with the Lord of Darkness, and you're in for a real treat. Also, I can't deny that Paco Medina's incredible artwork doesn't hurt make this one a satisfying read and a half.

Anyways, this Wednesday, it looks like the final showdown is nearing, and the Vampire Nation is unleashing it's full fury on the X-Men and the Utopia camp. And, Wolverine is leading the charge... is this where we'll see what's REALLY going down with him?

For those of you who may have missed out on the earlier parts of CURSE OF THE MUTANTS, we've got issues #1-4, and all of the tie-in specials in stock to get you caught up.

Click here for a preview of X-MEN #5 *CURSE OF THE MUTANTS*

Click here for the official Third Eye CURSE OF THE MUTANTS Checklist

MORNING GLORIES #4 - Nick Spencer's killer new IMAGE series continues to impress. Imagine a darker version of Brian K. Vaughn's RUNAWAYS mixed with LOST.
Catch up with Issues #1-#3 this week!
We're completely goo goo ga ga over Nick Spencer's new IMAGE series MORNING GLORIES, and just like those early issues of CHEW, this one has been flying off the shelves here at Third Eye.

Currently, for those of you who may have missed 'em, we're well-stocked on issues #1-3, so get caught up this week and find out what we're all raving about.

For those of you who're already on board, then you know that this one is turning out to be one hell of an interesting series. The feel of the book is very much a mix of Brian K. Vaughn's RUNAWAYS with a darker twist and the television series LOST.

The story centers around a group of teenagers who've all been admitted into the prestigious and super-elite Morning Glory Academy. Of course, when they arrive there, they find out some seriously weird stuff like... they all have the same birthday, their parents don't remember who they are, and there's some seriously creepy stuff going on beneath the surface of the school. In issue #3, the mystery behind the school and the kids that've been chosen as it's newest recruits deepens as a cryptic message is revealed. Some interesting flashbacks flesh out some background on the school, but the mystery remains in tact.

Three issues in, and I'm still loving this series to death. Great art, great story, and Spencer does a fantastic job of delivering sharp characterization, and rock solid plotting. Morning Glories has made a fine addition to the quality books Image has been doing in the vein of series like CHEW, WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE and more.

DEADPOOLMAX #2 - Everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth gets the MAX treatment, and so far: it's awesome!
It's been a minute since a Deadpool book has gotten us this stoked, but we gotta say: David Lapham (writer of CROSSED: FAMILY VALUES) and Kyle Baker (cartooning legend) are knocking it out of the park on this one. It's a fresh approach, and it works, and like Deadpool should be: it's funny as hell.

Just like the Punisher MAX books took Frank Castle and put him into a gritty reality where the stories could be told in a very NC-17 kind of way, Deadpool MAX takes Wade Wilson and grounds him a little more in reality, but completely takes advantage of the freedom the MAX label gives. Meaning we're getting tons of gratuitous violence, and just plain hilarious toilet humor.

As we've seen before, Deadpool's got a weak spot for the ladies, and that's where clinical Psychologist Dr. Inez comes into play, and gives him the scoop that it's time for him to be locked up in the nuthouse.

If you missed issue #1, give it a go, 'cause while there's A LOT of Deadpool out there, this one is most definitely worth picking up.

The Flash has quickly become one of my favorite monthly reads. No pun intended. Geoff Johns is working the same magic he worked when he relaunched Green Lantern with Hal Jordan wielding the ring again, and he's made Barry Allen into the coolest of the cool when it comes to speedsters.

And, it's a big deal for me to say this, 'cause I grew up reading THE FLASH when Wally was in the costume. During the heyday of writers like Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and hey, Geoff Johns... the Flash remained constant as one of the best DC books out through the late '90s into the early 2000s, and it wasn't until they restarted the book to focus on Bart Allen (Impulse) as the Flash, that I fell off.

But, Johns's Flash Rebirth brought me right back on board, and I gotta admit: he's made Barry every bit as cool as Wally.

This week's issue #6 concludes the Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues storyline which has Barry caught between the present day Rogues and the Renegades (future Rogues who act as some sort of police force)... and we finally get to see just what the recently resurrected Captain Boomerang's role in all of this is.

DC also made a very subtle mention that the events of this issue lead the way straight to the upcoming FLASHPOINT storyline, which looks to be the next big DCU event on the horizon.

Wanna get caught up? We've got issues #1-5 in stock. And, if you wanna go further back, we'd recommend picking up the FLASH REBIRTH graphic novel which explains how Barry Allen has returned and returned to his mantle as the Flash.

HELLBOY DOUBLE FEATURE OF EVIL ONE-SHOT *THIRD EYE CERTIFIED COOL* - HELLBOY goes head to head with a carnivorous home (no relation to Death Bed), and a pagan temple.. and they both want some serious human sacrifices
We're a sucker for pretty much anything that involves Hellboy, and when you pair Mignola and comics legend Richard Corben, we're even more about it.

This week, the HELLBOY DOUBLE FEATURE OF EVIL one-shot looks to be giving us a grindhouse-esque double feature of Hellboy stories. One featuring a house that eats people. Seriously. And, then another about a pagan temple that's hungry for human sacrifices. Hmm.. I'm noticing a theme here.

DAKEN DARK WOLVERINE #3 *WOLVERINE GOES TO HELL TIE-IN* - The new Daken series is kicking serious act, we never thought we'd be digging the character this much!
I gotta tell you guys, I'm really digging the DAKEN series these days. I wasn't a big fan of the character when he was first introduced a few years back, but Daniel Way has developed him into one of the most interesting Marvel characters happening right now. It's kind of cool to, because characters like Daken and the most recent incarnation of Lex Luthor in Cornell's ACTION COMICS really are carving a new niche of anti-heroes for the 21st century. These are genuinely villainous characters but who're cast as the star of their titles.

And, of course, tying the first arc of the new ongoing Daken series into the red hot WOLVERINE GOES TO HELL storyline doesn't hurt either.

Missed #1 and #2? We've got copies of both to get you caught up.

Click here for a preview of DAKEN DARK WOLVERINE #3

CLINT #2 - Mark Millar's comic mag gets it's second issue this week, featuring a killer mix of articles and essays about comics from Millar & co, as well as tons of cutting edge comics

And, you guys know, as witnessed by the glowing praise we showered upon this week's SUPERIOR #2, that we're major Mark Millar fans. So, you can guess that we're pretty keen on his new comic magazine, CLiNT. CLiNT kind of reminds you of an edgier take on Wizard Magazine mixed with the British comics mag, 2000AD. You get a mix of killer articles on comics, interviews with various actors and comic book creators, and then some big widescreen comic goodness in the form of things like KICK-ASS 2, REX ROYD, TURF, NEMESIS, and more.

One of the things I really dig about CLiNT is even though I'd already read the first issue of NEMESIS that was reprinted within, and ditto with TURF, it was cool to see both of these get the BIG widescreen treatment on those magazine-sized pages. Turf especially seemed to read really well with this format.

We've still got a few copies of #1 in stock, and we'd recommend hopping on board, 'cause lets face it, there's not a lot of good comic magazines left, so lets support this one!


We've been big fans of HACK/SLASH for a while here at Third Eye, and ever since the series made the switch over to Image Comics, it's been better than ever.

For those of you unfamiliar with HACK/SLASH, the series is a fun, bloody romp through '80s horror movie cliches and icons. The thing that makes it good though is that Tim Seeley always does a fantastic job of delivering a well put together comic with the right balance of tongue-in-cheek humor, and strong storytelling. Plus, Hack/Slash always features some of the best damn artists working in the biz. The story focuses on Cassie Hack, a young woman who's mother was a "slasher", the Lunch Lady, and her crusade to rid the world of other "slashers" like dear old mom. A slasher is essentially an undead killer that's so full of rage that it just keeps on killing and killing. So, you know, picture Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, you get the jist, right?

As a big-time horror fan, I love the series, and it's always cool to see more Hack/Slash stuff, and this week we're getting a kick-ass stand-alone one-shot that will not be collected in trade paperback. This one is a collection of various stories featuring Cassie, Vlad and the gang, and it serves as a great chance to give HACK/SLASH a shot before the upcoming ongoing series begins.

For more HACK/SLASH, we've got both HACK/SLASH Omnibus 1 and 2 in stock to give you the full back story on Cassie and her crazy world.

OSBORN #1: EVIL INCARCERATED - Kelly Sue DeConnick and Warren Ellis deliver this killer limited series that gets into the mind of Norman Osborn - Read an advance preview of this, and it's awesome!

Here's one that is something much cooler than your average Marvel limited series. Tying into the current BIG TIME story arc going on in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, OSBORN #1 was a freakin' great read.

Newcomer Kelly Sue DeConnick, and the infamous WARREN ELLIS (Transmetropolitan, Astonishing X-Men, Captain Swing) are handling the writing chores on this one, and folks, it's good stuff.

Focusing on Norman Osborn, who's now locked up in the world's top supermax-security prison... an institution that's so secret the vice president doesn't even know it exists. Now, the once king of the world, isn't even allowed a toothbrush, and is surrounded by the deadliest criminals in the world. Of course, lucky for him, they're all fans of his.

This one is great, and kind of reminds us of the HBO series OZ meets the Marvel Universe as it takes the story of Norman Osborn into very dark territory. A solid creative doesn't hurt when making this one into serious must-read material.

Click here for a preview of OSBORN EVIL INCARCERATED #1


Like I mentioned earlier in the newsletter, HAUNT continues to be one of my favorites each month. This series is just so visceral, and straight to the point, that I always have a blast with it. Robert Kirkman manages to write in a high-energy style that captures both his knack for character development but also lends itself to the type of story that HAUNT is, and to McFarlane/Capullo's artwork.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, HAUNT's the story of two brothers, a priest and a special-ops agent. The special ops agent gets killed, comes back as a ghost, and "haunts" his brother, forming an ectoplasmic "suit" around him, and turning the two of them into the creature known as HAUNT. Shady government conspiracies, ultra-violent action sequences, and the kind of over-the-top comic fun you remember loving as a kid all make HAUNT a killer read. If you ever wondered what it'd be like if Kirkman's series INVINCIBLE and Todd McFarlane's SPAWN got mashed together into some sort of mutant hybrid, then HAUNT is it.

I'd recommend snagging the first trade (1-5 for only $10), and then if you dig it, jumping onto the single issues. The series continues to deliver the kind of visceral thrill I got out of reading comics back when I was a kid, and sometimes all I needed to see was a serious HOLY CRAP moment or two. But, underneath all of that, there's still a strong story being told as well.

SPIDER-GIRL #1 *BIG TIME TIE-IN* - Straight from the pages of GRIM HUNT, Anya Corazon, the Splendiferous Spider-Girl debuts in her own ongoing series

Tying into the new BIG TIME story arc running through AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Anya Corazon, the brand new Spider-girl gets her own ongoing series. I don't know what it is, but for some reason, I kinda dig this new Spider-girl, and after reading the advance previews of the book, it's pretty freakin' good.

I also have to admit that Paul Tobin does good work, and is one of the more underrated guys working at Marvel right now, so it's cool to see him getting a little bit of a chance to shine here. But yeah, the first issue of this was fun, and really brought a fresh spin to the concept of Spider-girl that we haven't seen done before.

Click here for a preview of SPIDER-GIRL #1 *BIG TIME TIE-IN*


You know, I'll say it: I'm impressed. When Stan Lee announced he'd be returning to comics, I was skeptical. I mean, I imagine totally being unimpressed by his whole JUST IMAGINE THE DCU with STAN LEE a few years back, and I just wasn't sure he had it in him.

Now, this might sound like blasphemy, because lets face it Stan "the Man" Lee is the pioneer. He's a founding father of this art form, and we owe him much for everything he's brought to the table. Trust me, I respect that.

But, moving on: SOLDIER ZERO kicks ass. The BOOM! approach of pairing Stan up with modern writers is the perfect recipe for a good book. We get Lee's crazy imagination and bigger than life plot ideas, but there's someone more current on board as well to keep things tight, and relevant. Paul Cornell, the writer of the currently fantastic ACTION COMICS run, and our own little sleeper favorite, KNIGHT AND SQUIRE, does a great job of working with Lee to make SOLDIER ZERO a great read.

The story centers around Stewart Trautmann, an Iraq war vet who was paralyzed in the war. He's trapped in a wheelchair, an everyone, including his brother, treats him like a person who cannot take care of themselves. He teaches astrology, stays in good shape, yet still is treated like he can't handle himself by many. On the night of a meteor shower, Stewart and his date are talking and then they run smack dab into the middle of a strange humanoid object that's crashed into their building. Before it dies, it transfer it's energy into Stewart, and he's immediately covered in a suit of armor that can fly. He saves the day, and things go from there: the problem? the armor takes control of his actions, and he doesn't know how to stop it.

The book kind of reads like Stan Lee doing Green Lantern, but the character is all Stan Lee, folks. Very strong on the inside, with real problems, and in touch with his humanity with a supporting cast of every day people that're easy to relate to.

The book reads well, and the first issue was a great start, we're excited to see what the second issue has in store that should set it apart from other stories that're similar in tone.

Click here for a preview of STAN LEE'S SOLDIER ZERO #2


Steve - T.H.U.N.D.E.R AGENTS #1 - Nick Spencer delivered a killer new team book that reminded me A LOT of something like THE AUTHORITY or PLANETARY in tone and spirit. A great first issue, can't wait for more.

Trish - AMERICAN VAMPIRE #8 - The best issue of the series yet, in my opinion. Pure vampire awesome all the way through.

TORMA - NEW AVENGERS #6 - This run has been great and is seriously underrated in comparison to the other two AVENGERS books... BUT, they killed one of my favorite characters. And that sucks.

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