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Yup, folks, it's time. The one thing we hear inquiries about all the time. The newest Walking Dead trade paperback. We know you've been on the edge of your seats waiting for this one, and with many of you just having caught up to volume 12 as well, we know you're going to be eager to get your WALKING DEAD on this week.

We've preached the praises of WALKING DEAD so many times in this newsletter, that there's really not much left we can say other than: if you're not reading this series, then do yourselves a favor and beat your feet down to Third Eye and grab book 1. Heck, if you don't like it, I will give you your money back. That's how much faith I have in the series. It's one of the best written books on the stands, and 78 issues in, it's still one of my top 5 favorite monthly reads. The level of character development, surprise twists, and just plain quality storytelling makes this book monumental.

Now, for those of you who're already amongst the Walking Dead, then you already stopped reading this at.. WALKING DEAD VOL 13 COMES OUT TUESDAY part. Cause you know you're eager to grab your copy already.

Now, this kinda breaks precedent, because it's rare that we see the release date of a book bumped up a day early. Well, IMAGE COMICS has felt that the newest volume of WALKING DEAD is so eagerly anticipated, and so important, that it deserves to come out as early as humanly possible, and that means TUESDAY NOVEMBER 23RD, we'll have a big stack of Walking Dead goodness out and ready to go when our doors open at 11AM.

Need a copy held aside? Shoot me an e-mail, and I'll get you hooked up!

As for those of you who've not yet read WALKING DEAD, please, PICK UP VOLUME 1 this week and give it a go. You'll love it.



As if it wasn't enough that we were getting the newest trade paperback of WALKING DEAD, we'll also be getting two of the comic-based t-shirts and the newest issue of the series as well.

Now, it's rare for Image Comics to print up merch, and if any of you guys remember, those first WALKING DEAD shirts from Image back a few years ago, went out of stock mad fast. Well, while we ordered a good supply of these, I'd get your WD shirts quick, because I have a feeling Image is going to be out of stock on these just as quick as the original designs. And, plus, these shirts are just too rad. We'll have all sizes available this Wednesday.

Also, hitting is WALKING DEAD #79, which is the first issue of the series that follows what's in the new trade hitting this week. So, if you've been wanting to catch onto the monthly book, then now is your chance. Also, as a heads up, Image normally sells out of whatever the first issue is of a series that follows after a trade, because so many people use it as a chance to jump onto the series, so make sure you get on board with this one this week!



It's a triple threat of Batmania this week with three big Bat-books tying into the awesomeness that is Bruce Wayne's recent return. I'm personally excited about all three of these, especially the debut of Snyder and Jock on DETECTIVE and Williams's BATWOMAN series.So, lets talk a little bit about each of the three that're hitting this week.

First off, we've got BATWOMAN #0, which kicks off what is, by far, one of the most anticipated new Bat-related books to launch. Why? 'Cause JH WILLIAMS and GREG RUCKA did such a bang-up knock-out job with their initial run of DETECTIVE COMICS featuring the character, and now, she's getting her own ongoing series, and yes, it's going to have all of that lush, and fantastic JH WILLIAMS artwork.

The character of Batwoman is one that has really grown on us since her first debut in 52 a few years back. When they first introduced her, she was cool, but there really wasn't enough to go on to get us attached to the character. However, it was Rucka and Williams's run that began in DETECTIVE COMICS #854, that really got us hooked on Kate Kane.Their gritty, crime noir-meets-superhero surrealism take on the character brought her to life in a compelling, and fascinating way. The character of Kate Kane is an enigmatic one, who we only know the origin of through exposition and flashbacks told during Rucka/Williams's run in Detective Comics. What we do know is that Kate and Beth Kane were identical twins and were very close to each other. On their twelfth birthday, Kate and Beth were taken by their mother to an expensive restaurant for their favorite dish: waffles and chocolate. On their way, a group of armed gunmen attacked the family and took them hostage. Kate's mother and sister are killed in a botched rescue attempt by her father, and this plants the seed of her eventual transformation into masked vigilante.

The backstory of Kate Kane is interesting, as we see how she excels as a soldier at the United States Military Academy. However, when it's discovered that she's a lesbian and is told to deny allegations of it, she refuses to do so, and leaves the school. She moves back to Gotham, runs afoul of a mugger, gets saved by Batman, and has a realization: she wants to do what he does.

The way that the Batwoman character is portrayed is done very well, and the writing was the strongest we've seen in a supporting Bat-title in a long time. JH WILLIAMS III's incredible artwork definitely played a major role in making the book what it was, especially the way that he would shift his art style from big, dynamic and almost painted when Kate is in her Batwoman guise to a more softer, subdued and traditional style when she's in her secret identity of Kate Kane.

In the new BATWOMAN series, beginning with this Wednesday's BATWOMAN #0, this first issue acts as a new introduction into the life of Batwoman. A great jumping on point for those of you who may not have read the previous arc of the character, but also picking up on plotlines from the BATWOMAN: ELEGY hardcover (collecting Rucka and Williams's DETECTIVE COMICS arc). A perfect primer for the new ongoing series, where we see Bruce Wayne deciding to get to the bottom of Batwoman's secret identity, what her motivations are, and if she can be trusted.

I'm personally stoked to read this one, and I can pretty much guarantee this one's gonna be looking to grab an Eisner next year. The preview pages look that good.

Click here to see some preview pages of BATWOMAN #0


Next up, we've got Scott Snyder (writer of AMERICAN VAMPIRE, one of the best new Vertigo series we're reading), and JOCK (the fantastic artist who worked on stuff like THE LOSERS and GREEN ARROW YEAR ONE) kicking off their run on DETECTIVE COMICS with DETECTIVE COMICS #871 this Wednesday.

You know, to be completely honest, I don't know a lot about what direction Snyder and Jock have planned for Detective. But, what I do know is that Scott Snyder is one of the best up and coming writers working today, and his American Vampire series has been one of my favorite monthly reads since it's first issue. Pairing him up with a heavyweight art talent like Jock is a recipe for success, and I just know we're going to get some seriously quality Batman storytelling on this one.

What we also know about Snyder's Detective is that it will be focusing on Dick Grayson as Batman, and will be (fittingly enough) the more noir-mystery-influenced book of the Bat-family. Snyder said in an interview with Newsarama that he plans to focus on "hardcore mysteries" teaming Dick with the Gotham City Police Department, while introducing new villains to the mix. The book also features a back-up story by Snyder and pulp artist maestro Francesco Francavilla that focuses on Jim Gordon. The way that the book sounds is that it will have a very BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN feel meets our late yet great favorite, GOTHAM CENTRAL. The basis of the book is that Dick Grayson has been given Bruce's blessing to be the Batman of Gotham, and everything kind of extends from that point. While Batman was missing, Dick kinda felt like he was simply playing a role, but now that Bruce is back and he's given Dick his blessing, this is his real trial by fire as Batman. The first arc beginning this Wednesday is title the Black Mirror, and we begin to see the duality. If The Joker and Two-Face are just distorted reflections of the Bruce Wayne Batman, then who will rise up to mirror the Grayson Batman?


I'm so stoked to read this one, and folks, just judging by what little we've seen from preview pages, and from the top tier creative team on board, I highly... HIGHLY.. recommend checking this one out. It's going to be a great read, and totally worthy addition to the Bat-family titles.

Finally, rounding out the three, we've got BATMAN AND ROBIN #17 which kicks off a brand new story arc, and welcomes aboard Paul Cornell (Hugo-award winning Sci-Fi author, the man behind the killer Lex Luthor ACTION COMICS arc, and writer of several Dr. Who TV episodes) and fan-favorite Scott McDaniel (the man who made Nightwing Nightwing in that kick-ass ongoing series).While we feel that Morrison has left some big shoes to be filled, we're pretty stoked to see Cornell coming aboard. He's another writer who's been gaining tons of attention recently (especially with his killer ACTION COMICS run, that featured Neil Gaiman's Death recently), and we feel that he's going to be bringing something very extra special to BATMAN AND ROBIN this Wednesday.

BATMAN AND ROBIN, continues to focus on Dick and Damian as the dynamic duo of Gotham City, and issue #17 picks up shortly after the announcement of Batman, INC, and shows us Dick and Damian policing Gotham while Bruce is abroad building his army of Batmen. Cornell has said he intends to keep the same unique tone that Morrison brought to the book, which I could only describe as the out-there grooviness of the Adam West BATMAN mixed with the dark, gritty reality of the Chris Nolan Batman world. A new villain is introduced in the first arc, and it looks like we'll be seeing a very firm cementing of who the new BATMAN AND ROBIN truly are in a world post-Bruce Wayne's return.

Again, another one I cannot wait for. DC is knocking it out of the park with all this awesome BATMAN stuff.

Click here to check out our blog post on what to read to get caught up on Batman, and where to jump on with the new series.

UNCANNY X-FORCE #2 - The most kick-ass new X-Title we've seen in a long time gets it's second, highly anticipated issue this Wednesday with UNCANNY X-FORCE #2 - MISSION: KILL APOCALYPSE!


Dude, the first issue of UNCANNY X-FORCE was so freakin' good. Rick Remender and Jerome Opena, the creative team behind Third Eye favorite, FEAR AGENT, as well as their work on the Dark Reign PUNISHER stuff, brought their A game in a big way to the newly re-invented X-Force team.

Remender delivers big with his streamlined storytelling, and knack for telling good action-packed tales with just enough grittiness to make 'em interesting, and Jerome Opena, one of my favorite new artists working, made the book stand out amongst the rest with his fresh, and quirky art style.

What's the concept? Well, basically, Apocalypse has been reincarnated in the body of a child, and Arc-Angel, is not really feeling this at all. See, Arc-Angel, still has some emotional ties to En Sabah Nur after that whole Angel of Death thing, and with him back in existence, he can feel his influence over him beginning already. Throw in a crazy gang of cultists straight out of Rosemary's Baby, and you've got yourself one bad situation on the brew.

And, that's where the new Uncanny X-Force comes in. Arc-Angel's taken the X-Team that does the unthinkable, and recruited individuals that he KNOWS have what it takes to literally do the unthinkable: kill a child. See, even though everyone knows that kid's gonna grow up to be the crazy death-cult leading mutant harbinger of doom known as Apocalypse, it's still gonna be tough for some of them to justify killing him as a kid. But not this team. Arc-Angel. Psylocke. Wolverine. Fantomex. And Deadpool (of course, he's getting paid for this..) are assembled to take out Apocalypse.

However, there's a new line-up of Four Horsemen (we've already met War, who was a GIANT freakin' Minotaur thing) who're waiting to stand in their way.

Folks, if you're even remotely into the X-Men, or just plain like good Marvel Comics... read UNCANNY X-FORCE. You won't be disappointed by this book. It's one of the best X-Books I've read in quite a while, and I'm so stoked to see issue #2 hitting on Wednesday. In terms of art, story, heck, even the colorist on this is great, this book knocks it out of the park while delivering a kick-ass, self-contained and straight-forward X-Men story that anyone can enjoy.

If you missed out on issue #1, we've still got copies in stock to get you caught up to this week's #2.

Click here for a preview of UNCANNY X-FORCE #2



Now, before we get to talking about the newest volume of CHEW hitting this Wednesday with Volume 3 "JUST DESSERTS", lets talk a little bit about WHAT CHEW is first.

First off, if you're not reading CHEW, you really need to check it out. It's one of our favorite Image titles coming out right now, and stands up there with WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, and many others as a top shelf Image book. The story focuses on Detective Tony Chu, a Cibopath (someone who gets psychic impressions from whatever they eat, he eats a burger, he sees the cow getting killed, ect ect), and his adventures in a world where poultry is illegal due to Avian Bird Flu, and a Prohibition-era like environment has developed around chicken, turkey and so forth. Of course, we see a whole lot of Tony Chu having to eat the remains of murder victims, and other disgusting things to help solve crimes. But, there's a bigger story going on beyond the killer high concept, where we follow the developing life and mission of Tony Chu in this crazy screwed up world as he works for the FDA (who is the equivalent of the ATF here), and tries to balance his work life with his romantic life.

The art, the writing, the whole shebang, Chew is a great read, and continues to impress us each month. So, if you're not reading it, pick up that first trade for just $10, and find out why it's your new favorite comic.

For those of you who ARE reading CHEW, then, just like WALKING DEAD, no write-up is necessary: you know it kicks ass, and you're just as stoked to see the third trade hit this Wednesday as we are!

Need us to hold a copy of Vol.3 for you? Feel free to shoot me an email, and we'll get it hooked up.



You know, it's been a LONG time since I've spotlighted the Titans on here, and it's probably been just as long since I've been excited about the book, but I gotta admit, this week's upcoming TEEN TITANS #89 looks great. Damian Wayne has grown to be one of my favorite new characters throughout the course of Morrison's BATMAN AND ROBIN, and the idea of him having to join the Titans, is pretty damn cool.

Don't get me wrong, when Geoff Johns relaunched the Titans, I was one of it's biggest fans, it's just been a while since then that I've really been excited about the book. But, this, this looks good.

The scoop on this is basically every Titans line-up NEEDS a Robin, and with the cold-blooded and cunning Damian being put on the team... it really sets up for some very interesting storyline potentials. Here's hoping that the creative team takes the ball that this opportunity presents and runs with it, but from the preview pages, it looks like they're on the right track for sure.

SECRET AVENGERS #7 -Brubaker's kick-ass covert ops Avengers team is knocking out some old school kung fu awesomeness, as the current arc continues this week in SECRET AVENGERS #7! My favorite AVENGERS book on the stands!


Secret Avengers has really shined as, what I consider to be, the best of all the Heroic Age AVENGERS books. Brubaker takes an unlikely mix of Marvel characters, and makes them into a compelling, and fascinating team to follow. The whole hook of the book is the Suicide Squad plug-and-play nature that it has, where Steve Rogers can switch out operatives as he sees fit. With Nova having departed from the team (and recently, from the land of the living..), Rogers has recruited the Master of Kung Fu, Shang Chi, as the team is taken deep into the martial arts underworld of the Marvel Universe.

Secret Avengers by CRIMINAL and INCOGNITO noir mastermind ED BRUBAKER and the very talented Mike Deodato Jr continues to be my favorite Avengers book. I love the grindhouse movie meets Marvel Universe feel that Brubaker brings to it, as he plumbs the depths of '60s and '70s Marvel obscurities and manages to bring a modern edge to them, and make 'em cool. The team line-up is great, and the character interaction is spot on. There's a really raw energy to the book, and you can definitely tell that Brubaker is channeling Jim Steranko's espionage-fuelled '60s psychadelia from STRANGE TALES in this series.

The first issue of the current arc (EYES OF THE DRAGON) was last month's SECRET AVENGERS #6, and it definitely has a different tone from the first arc. That's not a bad thing though, because the book still retains the just plain cool feel it's had since issue #1. See, the first arc had that really rad sci-fi kind of HR Giger Ghosts of Mars feel to it, and now, this second arc kind of reads like a mix of '70s Kung Fu flicks, Big Trouble in Little China, and just plain gritty crime noir. It's a much more street-level story than the first arc, and we're digging it.

We're digging Brubaker's addition of Shang Chi, and as big fans of his work on Iron Fist, it's cool to see him dabbling back in the realms of Marvel's Kung Fu lore. Deodato's art looks sharp as hell on this arc in particular, and the action sequences are top notch.

Ever seen a movie called THE YAKUZA? The feel from the first two issues of this arc remind me A LOT of that old flick.

Overall, SECRET AVENGERS is one of the best Marvel books I'm reading, and if you're sleeping on this series, you really need to hop on, 'cause it kicks ass.

Wanna get caught up? We've got issues #1-6 in stock now to get you caught up to current.

Click here for a preview of SECRET AVENGERS #7 THIRD EYE MUST BUY



We've been digging Stan Lee's first BOOM! book with SOLDIER ZERO, but the one we're really excited about is this Wednesday's THE TRAVELER. And, why is that you might ask? 'Cause MARK WAID, the writer of one of our big-time current faves, IRREDEEMABLE, is going to be writing the book alongside Stan Lee.

See, Boom's approach with these new Stan Lee projects is kinda like the whole American Recordings thing that Rick Rubin did with Johnny Cash. Modern writers who're ontop of their game, like Paul Cornell and Mark Waid paired up with the legendary Stan Lee. Stan Lee plots the story, comes up with the high concept ideas, like he does best, and Waid rounds the story out and helps make it contemporary and accessible for the 21st Century.

The Traveler is the story of a man who is caught up in an accident that gives him the ability to warp time and space. Is the nature of heroism a relativistic act, or are there some hard-and-fast rules that not even this timetripper can break? That's the question this series asks.

From what Waid's described, The Traveler, he's the kind of character that both Stan Lee and Mark Waid enjoy writing most - a smart, clever man whose dry sense of humor hides some pretty dark emotions and tragic secrets. Most of the iconic Marvel creations of Stan Lee have a pure essence and quality that they've retained throughout the years, and if we had to tag one of those for the Traveler it would be a man of science who is redeeming himself for overstepping his bounds to tragic end.

This one reads, and looks great, and lets not forget that newcomer Chad Hardin's artwork looks phenomenal. We really think that the Traveler is going to be the standout title of the BOOM! Stan Lee books.

Click here for a preview of Stan Lees The Traveler #1

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN RENUMBERS AT #150 THIS WEDNESDAY TO CELEBRATE THIS LANDMARK ISSUE! 150 issues of Ultimate Spidey, a return to the old numbering, and a great spot to jump aboard one of the most consistent takes on Spidey we read.


This Wednesday, celebrating the landmark 150th issue of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, the series renumbers from where it was (issue #15) to #150, and gives us a killer 104 page slab of awesomeness from Brian Michael Bendis and crew.

Marvel's been tight-lipped on what we've got to expect from this issue, the renumbering, and the direction of the book, but the fact that this series has been written and kept consistently quality by Brian Michael Bendis for the last 10 years is pretty freakin' cool.

What we do know is that this issue is a perfect spot to jump aboard for anyone who's been curious about trying Ultimate Spider-man.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Marvel ULTIMATE imprint, here's a quick rundown: Ultimate Marvel is basically a separate universe from the mainline Marvel U, and because of this, the writers can take more liberty with the characters. In other words, characters die, and stay dead, the life paths and directions of characters change, and the book is set in modern times. Peter Parker's still a teenager, the Avengers are a military-funded special ops team, and so on.

Click here for a preview of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #150

VAMPIRELLA #1 - The original Queen of the Night returns this Wednesday in a brand new ongoing series from DYNAMITE!


I've got a soft spot for Vampirella, folks. I grew up reading comics in the '90s, and I remember being a comic-and-horror movie obsessed kid who was smack dab in the middle of the big Vampirella revival back then. I remember seeing the character pop up in Famous Monsters of Filmland ads, and various horror mags I read, and when I stumbled upon some of her comics at the comic shop, I was hooked. I even own the really terrible live-action movie they did back then.

So, needless to say, I'm excited about Vampirella's return with this Wednesday's VAMPIRELLA #1 from Dynamite. I don't even need to know what this one's about, 'cause lets face it: it's pulpy, horror-fuelled madness featuring the Vampire from Draculon. The preview pages I've seen definitely are keeping the spirit of the classic WARREN Comics series, and I'm pumped to get to sit down and actually read the full first issue on this one.

Click here for a preview of VAMPIRELLA #1

SKULLKICKERS #3 - Image delivers us another dose of WORLD OF WARCRAFT / ARMY OF DARKNESS meets THE HANGOVER and LETHAL WEAPON awesomeness with this Wednesday's SKULLKICKERS #3


For those of you that game, have you ever played with a couple of folks who just screw up every campaign you run? Love em or hate em, they always make things entertaining, and Skullkickers captures that feel perfectly.

The series is one of the hottest new Image books, and with it's setting in a fantasy world that's very WORLD OF WARCRAFT-esque (i.e there's magic, there's knights, but there's also rifles, pistols, airships, ect), it delivers something fresh and unique on the stands where there's just not that many good fantasy-themed comics. And, folks, this one isn't just good, it's GREAT. There's a strong sense of slapstick humor that runs through the series, and reminds us a lot of ARMY OF DARKNESS. And, the story itself, is basically a buddy comedy featuring a mouthy dwarf and his silent bruiser buddy working as mercenaries.

The first two issues have delivered big in the art departments, and the dialogue and humor has been top notch.

If you're looking for a humorous take on fantasy worlds like DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS or WORLD OF WARCRAFT, we recommend picking up SKULLKICKERS #1 & #2 and getting caught up to this week's #3. It's one of the better new Image books we've seen, and we're pumped to see where the series is heading next.



Dark Horse has done a fine job of handling the various comics associated with Whedon and Whedon's associated works, and Felicia Day's humor series about a group of MMO players was a fantastic little mini-series that came out last year, and people went goo goo ga ga over.

Now, this Wednesday, the trade paperback collection of the series is arriving, and folks, if you've got a Felicia Day or Joss Whedon fan in your life, then this one's a must for them. It does a fantastic job of capturing the humor, and characters of the series, and with Felicia Day handling the writing duties, it's a spot on story. Give us a shout if you need us to set one aside for you.

FANTASTIC FOUR #585 THREE PART 3 - Hickman's epic FF run continues this Wednesday, as the countdown to one of the FF dying continues.


We have been completely hooked on Jonathan Hickman's FF run. I mean, he's really taken the FF to being one of my favorite Marvel titles, and this current story arc is the culmination of everything he's been building since Fantastic Four #570, when his run began.

See, Reed Richards has been secretly meeting with an association of Reed Richards from several different dimensions, and with a high counsel of Reeds who all wield Infinity Gauntlets telling him what needs to be done to.. fix EVERYTHING... well lets just say his judgment hasn't been the best. And, then that's where Valeria comes in, making a deal with her dear ol' Uncle Victor Von Doom, who just happens to be suffering minor brain damage. Of course, brain damage for Doom means he's thinking at slightly above average human intelligence, as opposed to his normal genius IQ. Toss in the fact that these other Dimension Reeds have been going around from reality to reality and subjugating the Dr. Dooms of each dimension into a work-force to supply brain-power, and then couple that with the other subplots about the Lost Cities, the Molemen's people taking Ben Grimm on as their leader, and more... and well, damn, you've got yourself one heck of a crazy story arc. But, Hickman manages to make ALL of this not only make sense, but keep you interested and entertained.If you're looking for a great spot to jump on, start with the first part of the 3 story arc in FANTASTIC FOUR #583 (in stock now), and then continue with FF #584 and this week's FF #585. And, let Mr. Hickman show you just how cool the Fantastic Four can be.

Click here for a preview of FANTASTIC FOUR #585 3 PART 3

EX MACHINA VOL. 10 - The conclusion to Y THE LAST MAN writer BRIAN K. VAUGHN'S epic politically charged superhero drama EX MACHINA is here.

This series was really something special, folks, and we had to call attention to it's conclusion with this week's EX MACHINA vol.10 hitting the shop on Wednesday.

If you've never read EX MACHINA, you gotta check this series out. Written by one of the most talented comic scribes of the 21st century, BRIAN K. VAUGHN (RUNAWAYS, Y THE LAST MAN), this series felt like a perfect blend of The Rocketeer, The West Wing, and even a little bit of WATCHMEN (For it's real world portrayal of masked heroes and villains).

Vaughn tells the story of Mitchell Hundred, the world's first superhero, the Great Machine, and how when he cannot save one of the towers from going down on 9/11, he decides to run for Mayor of NY, and make change in society through means other than flying around as a superhero... and of course, he wins. From there, we've been treated to a long-running saga that's balanced clever superhero storytelling with intelligently crafted political drama. All done through the expert characterization and plotting of Brian K. Vaughn.

This week, volume 10 concludes the series, and folks, I gotta tell you: READ THIS SERIES. It's too damn good to not have read, and if you're a fan of Y THE LAST MAN, then it's required reading, as it definitely captures the same kind of solid storytelling and sharp characterization that Y did.

ASTONISHING THOR #1 - THOR vervsus EGO, THE LIVING PLANET... aannnnd it's illustrated by MIKE CHOI? This one looks kick-ass
Marvel's ASTONISHING tag brands self-contained mini-series by top caliber creators, and stand alone outside of the regular Marvel U. So far, they've given us a couple of really good reads with ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN AND WOLVERINE and ASTONISHING X-MEN: XENOGENESIS

At first, we were a little iffy on this one, because lets be real: Thor's got a lotta titles out right now. However, after looking at the preview pages, and just hearing the overall concept, I'm sold. This looks kick-ass.

It's Thor versus EGO, The Living Planet... and it's drawn by Mike Choi. There's not much else to say beyond that. I think it looks kick-ass.

Click here for a preview of ASTONISHING THOR #1and see for yourself.


Steve - BATMAN, INC #1 - This first issue demonstrated everything I love about Grant Morrison's take on Batman. He drops the Dark Knight smack dab in the middle of Japan alongside Catwoman, re-introduces an old villain from the freakin' Bat-Manga, LORD DEATH MAN, and makes every single page of it work. Highly recommended.

Trish - SUPERIOR #2 - Mark Millar manages to turn everything he touches to gold and his new series SUPERIOR is no exception. The second issue of this was even better than the first AND it came out on time! :)

TORMA - AVENGERS #7 - RED HULK!? INFINITY GEMS?! I'm sold. This issue kicked ass. That is all.

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