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You know, there's really not a whole lot I can say about this other than it's going to be the most kick-ass Holiday-themed comic... ever. And, if you're asking why, well, I'm gonna tell you.
First off, it's Geoff Johns, the mastermind behind BLACKEST NIGHT, and the writer of some of our current favorites like GREEN LANTERN and THE FLASH. Geoff Johns, in other words, is THE MAN, when it comes to the DCU, and anytime he puts his name on anything, we get stoked.

Secondly, it's featuring our favorite of the "New Guardians", Larfleeze, the one, the only Orange Lantern. And, for those of you not already in the know, the whole deal with the Orange Lantern is that it represents greed and avarice.

And, Larfleeze, the selfish no-goodnik that he is, is the perfect wielder of it. He's literally so selfish that he refuses to share any of the Orange Lantern's power with others, and has instead built his own corps out of Lantern constructs.

Now, this Wednesday, just in time for you to read by the fireplace (or the warm glow of your TV set), we've got the GREEN LANTERN: LARFLEEZE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL one-shot. Geoff Johns has been tight-lipped about the about what we're going to see in this one, but man, I can only imagine it's gonna be a blast.

From what we've seen on the solicits: Larfleeze wants EVERYTHING for Christmas, including Santa Clause himself, and by god, he's gonna get it. And, none of the Heroes of the DCU are gonna stand in his way.

What we do know is that in past GL issues, Larfleeze has been seen writing a ridiculously long list for Santa. Of course, Hal tries to explain the concept of Ol' Saint Nick, and well, that just doesn't fly with Larfleeze. So, he's gonna find the jolly ol' fellow, and make him pay up.

But, lets be real: this is gonna rule 'cause it's a full issue of Larfleeze awesomeness... AND it might even have Santa Clause? Hell yeah.

After reading the second issue of Alan Moore's NEONOMICON, I can confidently say that this is the most disturbing, most intense horror comic on the stands. And, yes, that includes CROSSED. And, folks, after seeing some preview pages of issue #3... if you thought you were left disgusted by the second issue of NEONOMICON, you are in sure for a real treat with #3.

Now, for those of you who think I'm just plain crazy, and aren't quite yet familiar with Alan Moore's NEONOMICON, lets backtrack a bit and give you the scoop on this series.

As a follow-up to a graphic novella that he originally did with CROSSED artist JACEN BURROWS titled THE COURTYARD, Neonomicon picks up after the events of the Courtyard, and shows us it's protagonist now reduced to a Cthulhuian tongues-speaking madman with some serious homicidal tendencies.

The story of THE COURTYARD and NEONOMICON are basically Moore exploring HP LOVECRAFT'S Cthulhu mythos in a very interesting way. And, coming from a legendary writer like Moore, who's done works like WATCHMEN and V FOR VENDETTA, you know it's going to be good. Nowadays, with all the different takes on the Cthulhu mythos, and writers channeling Lovecraft, it's refreshing to see something that really stands out and conjures the true horror of Lovecraft's original stories. The story picks up years after THE COURTYARD, and shows us two FBI agents who're tackling the mysterious ritual murders that have strange connections to the fictional(?) writings of HP LOVECRAFT.

The world of Neonomicon takes us into the same metatextual territory Moore is known for where a worldwide network of followers truly believe that Lovecraft was writing real scripture when he was creating his Cthulhu mythos, and are dedicated to summoning these elder gods. Moore does a compelling job of weaving in reality and fiction, and leaves the impression with the readers that there truly are other dimensions. In fact, the original agent who investigated the cult had his own mind blown to madness by these elder gods, as seen in the Courtyard.

All of the references that run in and out of the story are references to periods and moments in Lovecraft's stories, which are perfect in the way that they don't detract or distract from the story, but provide neat little easter eggs for fans. It also helps this weird world Moore has created come to life even more.

Now, in terms of sheer horror, this is the book to read. It's from the same publishers as CROSSED, as well as the artist who worked on the original CROSSED series, but, folks, it's even more extreme than CROSSED. We can't go into details, but if you want to be horrified, and have those sensibilities shocked to pieces... read NEONOMICON.

We'll have plenty of copies of THE COURTYARD, NEONOMICON #1 and NEONOMICON #2 in stock this Wednesday for those of you who're not reading the series to get caught up.

Highly recommended, one of the best books you could buy this Wednesday, don't sleep on NEONOMICON.


Ahhh! I am so hooked on all the BATMAN stuff right now. The slow and steady build-up that Morrison's been building for years now has culminated in some of the raddest Bat-books we've seen in ages. From the get-go with his original RIP trilogy (BATMAN AND SON, BATMAN THE BLACK GLOVE and BATMAN RIP) all the way up to his epic RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE mini-series, Morrison has been knocking it out of the park in a big way with the Caped Crusader.

And, now, with Bruce Wayne back where he belongs, Morrison's provided not only the perfect fresh and accessible jumping on spot for the Dark Knight, for those of you who missed the earlier stuff, but also, a very worthy follow-up to everything he's built thus far. And, folks, BATMAN INCORPORATED is the flagship, the centerpiece, of all of this, and we freakin' love it!

See, when Bruce Wayne returned, he made a public announcement revealing that he'd been financing the activities of Batman and his associates for many years, and now, he intends to take the Batman ideal globally, and put a Batman in every country, and every major metropolitan city.

It's this kind of cutting edge, post-modern approach to the Dark Knight that has really made Morrison's work on Batman some of the best stuff we've seen done with the character, and we're so pumped to see the directions he takes things next.

In the first issue of BATMAN INCORPORATED, we saw the Dark Knight pairing up with Catwoman and heading to Japan in search of a vigilante known only as... Mr. Unknown. Of course, when they get there, they find him melted to the bone from acid, and get drawn into a mystery with a bizarre masked Japanese serial killer known only as LORD DEATH MAN! And, now, in the second issue, we'll be seeing the monumental steps that lead to a new Batman of Japan being chosen, and how we get there, as well as what weight the first of the new Batman, INC line-up must bear.

Morrison's writing shines in a major way on this one, and is doing the perfect job of capturing that unique balance of the strange and unusual and blending it with the dark, grounded-in-reality world of Batman. His portrayal of both Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle was dead on, and heck, he even managed to make us care about the brand new characters he introduced in the first few pages of BATMAN INC #1. On a side-note, one of the things we love about Morrison's writing is how he's able to sneak in obscure little easter eggs to stories, without having them hinder the story or make those of us who don't catch them feel excluded. For example, I wasn't familiar with the Batman Manga from the '60s and '70s that was so huge due to the popularity of the Adam West television show in Japan back then, but apparently, according to Torma, the Lord Death Man character was originally a villain in the old Batman manga. I thought that was the coolest thing. I mean, I thought Lord Death Man was cool on his own, but then finding out that there's a lineage that runs deeper, it makes it better. It's some clever writing, because it really makes you feel as if you're venturing to a mysterious new world where only Bruce Wayne knows the full ins and outs of what's going on.

Okay, now I'm just straight up fanboy gushing here, but seriously, folks, Batman Inc kicks ass. Action-packed, sleek, post-modern superhero storytelling by one of the true masters of the craft. If you're even remotely a Batman fan, we highly recommend getting into this series, as it's one of the main flagship titles of the current Batman family of books.

For those of you who missed BATMAN INC #1, we've got copies in stock now to get you caught up.

Click here to get the full scoop on which new Batman books are good to read, and what books are good to read to get caught up.


Following up hot on the heels of hte conclusion to SHADOWLAND, this one-shot lays out the landscape of the dark and gritty streets of the Marvel Universe for the next year to come. It also goes into further detail about what the Man Without Fear's fate is, as well as what's going on with Murdock's supporting cast, and it introduces the Black Panther into the mix of Hell's Kitchen as it's new protector.

From what we can tell in the preview pages, things are far from back to normal for Hell's Kitchen, as the Hand are firmly entrenched there still, and are now in hiding, and this one-shot explores that further.

This is a great epilogue to the SHADOWLAND series, and sets up for many exciting stories to come down the pike this year.

Click here for a preview of SHADOWLAND AFTER THE FALL #1

Imagine TOY STORY meets SAVING PRIVATE RYAN if it was directed by Guilermo Del Toro, and that describes the series well!stuffoflegendjungle3

Stuff of Legend is the kind of comic that if you're not already reading it, then you need to stop what you're doing right now, and come to the shop and get caught up, 'cause it's THAT damn good.

If you're a fan of series like FABLES, or MOUSE GUARD, then you absolutely have to read STUFF OF LEGEND. Heck, if you just like plain good comics, this one is required reading.

And, just in time for X-Mas, we've got the third issue of the series hitting, and we couldn't be more stoked. But, before I continue to keep aimlessly rambling about how much I've been enjoying this book, let me give those of you who're behind the times on this one the scoop.

STUFF OF LEGEND is a series set against the backdrop of World War II, and while allied forces are storming the beaches of Normandy, a young boy in Brooklyn New York is fighting a war of his own. See, the Boogeyman has kidnapped the boy, and his toys have come to life to enter the Boogeyman's realm and rescue their master. What makes the series so interesting is how the toys take on lives of their own when crossing into the Boogeyman's realm (the teddy bear becomes a giant ferocious Grizzly Bear, the toy soldier becomes a real, bayonet-wielding troop, ect), and the characterization that's gifted upon the toys that really makes them shine.

The first series is available now here in trade paperback, and the current series, THE JUNGLE, is the second part of the STUFF OF LEGEND saga, and we've got plenty of issues #1 and #2 in stock to get you caught up to this week's #3.

Folks, I gotta tell you, this is damn fine comic book fun. Fantastic writing from the team of Mike Raicht and Brian Smith, some of the most jaw-dropping art in the biz by C.P Wilson, and heck, even the colors and aesthetic design of the book by Mike DiVito & Jon Conkling is incredible.

Stuff of Legend is one amazing package, and one of the best damn comics you could spend your bread on.

And, we know Christmas is almost here, and your shopping's probably already done, but those STUFF OF LEGEND trade paperbacks are the perfect gift for the fantasy fan in your life who hasn't yet gotten hooked into the wonderful world of comics. :)


One of our biggest favorites right now is Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's incredible cutting edge approach to the SUPERMAN mythos with SUPERIOR. This series has been incredible, and a definite change of pace for Millar, as it doesn't have the same mean-spirit running through it as NEMESIS, but instead brings a really well-told story that's actually, well, heart-warming.

The best way I can describe SUPERIOR is kind of like a mix between Millar's own KICK-ASS, the story of Superman, and the Tom Hanks movie BIG. I know, it sounds wild, right? But, seriously, it works, and it really makes for one heck of a compelling read.

See, here's the scoop.. basically, the story centers around a young boy who's come down with Multiple Sclerosis, and is disabled from it. Many of his friends have abandoned him, and only one has stuck around to be a true friend to him. The boy idolizes a film and comic character known as Superior, who most of his peers see as outdated and a boy scout (sound familiar?). And, then one night, a space monkey shows up, and tells him he's been chosen out of 7 billion people for the magic wish. Before he can blink, his crutches are on the floor, and he's in the body of his idol, Superior.

From there, we're treated to a humorous and heartfelt story of a kid trapped in the body of the most powerful man on Earth, and how he's learning to use those powers. In the second issue, we especially dug how he and his friend are trying to figure his powers out, and accidentally cause a forest fire with his heat vision.

Leinil Yu's art looks fantastic on this one, and brings the epic scale to life that a story like this deserves. Millar's batting a thousand here as well, and you can definitely tell his love for the Superman mythos with how much heart he's putting into this story.

If you missed out on issues 1 and 2, we've still got copies available to get you caught up. This one's highly recommended, folks, so don't sleep on it. Check it out this week!

SECRET AVENGERS #8 *THIRD EYE MUST BUY* - My personal favorite of the Avengers books continues to deliver in a big way this Wednesday, as more kung fu madness envelopes Steve Roger's secret ops Avengers team.secretavengers8

I'm telling you, folks, this one still remains as my personal favorite of the current line-up of AVENGERS books on the stands. The pairing of Brubaker and Deodato is a perfect match, and really delivers the goods in a big way. The art, and the story on this one is outstanding, and has been so since issue #1, and the current arc which has Brubaker returning to his very Iron Fist-ian roots by delving into the martial arts underworld of the Marvel Universe, is freakin' off the chain.

By now, you've probably already heard me rant and rave about how much I enjoy SECRET AVENGERS, but in a nutshell, this series which focuses on a very plug-and-play team roster that's rotated in and out to fit each mission they're sent on, is probably one of the best takes on super-teams I've seen in a minute. There's a very strong Jim Steranko-esque super-spy kind of psychadelia that's being channeled into a sleek, and somewhat gritty package by Brubaker and Deodato, and I love it. The first arc took the team to freakin' Mars of all places, and treated us to a very creepy, H.R Giger like visit to the Red Planet, where age old pyramids and signs of ancient societies marked it's landscape (could these be in possible relation to the much-rumored FEAR event Marvel is working towards?) And, for that mission, we saw Nova brought onto the team, 'cause lets face it, you're going to space? You need Nova.

Now, the current arc is taking the SECRET AVENGERS into the kung fu underworld of the Marvel Universe, and who better to be brought onto the team for this than Shang Chi, the Master of Kung Fu. And, of course, we've already got a solid line-up of characters such as Moon Knight, War Machine, the Irredeemable Ant-Man, Valkyrie, Steve Rogers Super Soldier, The Beast, and Black Widow, so throwing Shang Chi into the mix is pretty damn awesome.

Anyways, I could go on and on about how much I'm digging the series, but what I'd recommend doing is picking up with issue #1, and catching up from there, 'cause this is one of the best Marvel books on the stands.

We've currently got issues 1-7 all in stock now for those of you looking to get caught up on the monthlies.

Click here for a preview of SECRET AVENGERS #8 *THIRD EYE MUST BUY*


The title of this one alone is amazing. Say it, c'mon, say it out loud: AXE COP. How can this not be awesome? Now, beyond the rad title, this one is actually a really kick-ass read. It's totally ridiculous, totally over the top, and we think you guys're gonna love it.

See, we live in a strange world, and our strange problems call for strange heroes. That's why Axe Cop - along with his partner Flute Cop and their pet T-Rex, Wexter, is holding try-outs for to build the greatest assembly of ultra-violent vigilantes you've ever seen.

Whether he's chopping drunken and disorderly frat boys to bits, or fighting gun-toting dinosaurs alongside the Ninja Moon Warriors, or heck, answering readers' questions via his insightful advice column, "Ask Axe Cop", the adventures of Axe Cop and his incomparable team of crime fighters will crack you the hell up.

Must-read stuff for anyone who enjoyed last summer's Officer Downe, or books like The Tick, Seabear and Grizzly Shark, Atomic Robo, and more.

MORNING GLORIES #5 - The hit Image series that reads like a very dark version of Brian K. Vaughn's RUNAWAYS mixed with LOST continues! Highly recommended!

The breakout hit of 2010 has been Nick Spencer's MORNING GLORIES, by a long-shot. Following the same trend of CHEW, where the series literally came out of nowhere, and blew all of us away, and turned into this huge hit, MORNING GLORIES is five issues deep now, and has continued to get better and better with each and every issue.

The story of MORNING GLORIES is a compelling, mystery-driven one that surrounds a prestigious prep school where only the best of the best gain entry. Of course, what we learn in a shocking twist (that we won't explore in too much detail) at the end of #1 is that there's some real weird mojo going on at the school, and a big part of it has to do with the school severing all family connections that the children have.

I don't want to get too into the plot here, because it's the twists and reveals that really make the book pop, but what I will tell you is that the characterization, the plotting, and the dialogue on this series are some of the best in the biz right now. Nick Spencer (who's also been wowing us on books like THUNDER AGENTS) brings his characters to life with fully-rounded personalities, and believable dialogue that helps draw you further into the story. Pair that up with some gorgeous artwork by Joe Eisma, and Morning Glories definitely follows the trend that Image began a few years ago by putting out fresh, unique and innovative series that deliver something new and interesting to the stands of comic shops.

If you're still not reading MORNING GLORIES, we highly recommend hopping onto the series, and getting caught up here at the shop. We've got issues #1-4 in stock to catch you up to this week's #5, and as always, make sure you snatch up your #5s quick, as Image has announced there are no plans to second print #5 or #6 (which we think is a dumb decision, but hey, the publishers work in mysterious ways).


We have been loving the new ongoing X-Men series, and we feel that it ranks right up there with UNCANNY X-FORCE as one of our favorite X-Books right now. The tone of the series, and the overall approach by the creative team of Gischler and Medina brings us back to the same kind of feeling we got from reading X-Books back in the '90s. Well, the GOOD ONES from back then, anyway. ;) A straight-forward, action-packed kinda comic that shows us solid characterizations of the X-Men characters we know and love.

And, the current arc, the CURSE OF THE MUTANTS, where Dracula's son has united the legions of vampire Marvel characters in a campaign to once and for all bring pain, misery and complete conquest to the Marvel Universe, is kick-ass.

So far, we've seen Jubilee turned into a vampire, Wolverine turned into a vampire, and more, and now the X-Men, who've barely weathered the vampire raid upon Utopia, are preparing for their final battle against Xarus and his legion of bloodsuckers.

Of course, this is where Dracula, yes, THAT Dracula, comes into the picture, and the question now is will Dracula's intervention be the final nail in his son's coffin, or is he going to cause even more trouble for Marvel's merry gang of mutants?

Like I said, the Curse of the Mutants and the X-Men ongoing, have been fantastic reads, and a lot of this is due in part to Medina's killer artwork, and Gischler's dead-on characterization of the team.

If you wanna hop on board, we've got all the issues of X-MEN in stock now (1-5), and can get you caught up to this week's #6.

We've also got all of the tie-ins to the storyline in stock as well, and you can catch up on which ones are which by clicking here and checking out the official THIRD EYE Curse of the Mutants checklist.

Click here for a preview of X-MEN #6 *CURSE OF THE MUTANTS CONCLUSION*

HAUNT #12 - Robert Kirkman (writer of WALKING DEAD & INVINCIBLE) and comics legend TODD MCFARLANE continue their ultra-violent new series this Wednesday!
Wanna hop on? We just got the early issues back in stock, and now have 1-11 available to get you caught up, or try the first trade paperback for just $10

Man, I love me some HAUNT. The superstar pairing of ROBERT KIRKMAN (writer of WALKING DEAD and INVINCIBLE) and the legendary TODD MCFARLANE (creator of SPAWN, and one of the original IMAGE COMICS founders) has delivered one of the most visceral, and over-the-top comics on the stands.

There's a really interesting kind of energy that fuels the HAUNT series, and it's a big part of what keeps us coming back. The story is definitely tight, and Kirkman makes sure to provide the kind of punch you'd expect from him with his previous work on INVINCIBLE and WALKING DEAD, but there's also this raw high-energy sense of action and breakneck pacing that really makes HAUNT stand out as a fun read. It's the kind of book that takes me back to when I was a 13-year old runt who devoured every over-the-top gory and violent comic he could find.

The story behind HAUNT is that of the Kilgore brothers, one who's a priest, and one who was a black-ops soldier. The black-ops brother gets killed after refusing to carry out an execution order on some people that were part of lab experiments, and then the weird stuff goes down, where he comes back as a ghost and haunts his brother's body. What you get after that is the two brothers sharing one body, and having to work with each other to survive the ever-reaching hands of the shadowy organization who was running the experiments to begin with.

Half of the fun with HAUNT is seeing how the character uses his powers, and it's pretty rad to see the interesting ways that the ectoplasm based powers of the character are used.

Not only is it a good read, but it's freakin' violent. You want a bloody comic? Haunt is practically dripping in it, folks.

Anyways, this week in #12, we're coming up on the conclusion to the second story arc, and with Hurg and his secret organization dragged into the open and exposed, it's time for Haunt to strike.

If you're looking to get caught up on the series, we just recently got the early back issues back in that've been long out of print (1-6), and then we have plenty of copies of #7-11 available as well. For those of you who prefer to pick up things in trade, we've also got plenty of the first trade paperback in stock and it's a steal at only $9.99 for the first five issues.

Either way, give HAUNT a shot, 'cause this series is serious dynamite stuff.


We're big fans of Miss Felicia Day here at Third Eye, and we loved the first Dark Horse THE GUILD series, so we're pretty stoked to see a new GUILD comic hitting this Wednesday.

The Guild comics continue the stories of Felicia Day's webseries THE GUILD. And, fresh off of Season 4, Dark Horse is kicking things off in a big way with five brand new one-shots that spotlight the various KNIGHTS OF GOOD.

This week, we get to see the leader of the KNIGHTS OF GOOD, Vork, and witness as he rules his realm with an iron spreadsheet. This one's written by Felicia Day, and Vork actor himself, Jeff Lewis, with artwork by THE BOYS penciller, Darick Robertson.

For those of you that're big GUILD fans, and missed the original limited series, we've got the trade paperback in stock that collects the entire 3-issue series.

Click here to read a preview and feature on THE GUILD VORK by USA TODAY's POP CANDY column.

Imagine I AM LEGEND with the Punisher, and a Marvel Universe filled with cannibalistic renditions of Spidey, Hulk, the Thing, and more. Seriously, this one rocked.

You know, when we first saw the solicits for this one, we thought that it'd be just a forgettable limited series that provided some quick entertainment. However, we were proven way wrong, because this was one of the biggest surprises of the summer this year.

The Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher limited series was a kick-ass, ultra-violent, and cleverly written WHAT IF?-style mini that basically applies the I AM LEGEND formula to Frank Castle and the Marvel Universe. If you're a fan of either PUNISHER MAX, OLD MAN LOGAN, or heck, even CROSSED, we think you might dig this one.

Imagine this: a terrible plague has swept the Earth, turning everyone -- human, hero, villain -- into sadistic cannibal predators. And, we mean it too.. I mean, The Thing has a freakin' necklace made of human hands. How awesome is that?

A feeding frenzy ensues, and five years later, there's only one man left on Earth who hasn't been infected: Frank Castle. And, he now hunts the wasteland of New York city, putting these twisted versions of his former friends and foes in the dirt.

This one rocks, folks, and we highly recommend picking it up. The hardcover is actually surprisingly low priced for an over-sized hardcover at only $19.99, and is packed with loads of extras.

And, seeing the Punisher take the cannibal Hulk down by using an arrow with one of Wolverine's claws and popping him in the eye with it... is pretty damn cool.

Here's one that kind of jumped out of nowhere at me in the pages of PREVIEWS while doing the orders a couple of months ago, and I think it's got a lot of promise to be an interesting read.

This new series, MAGUS, features the art of the incredibly talented newcomer Rebekah Isaacs (you might remember her from her work on DV8 GODS AND MONSTERS with BRIAN WOOD). It sounds like a neat little urban fantasy kind of story, and we're pretty pumped to check it out this week.

What's the scoop? Well, after being sealed away for thousands of years by a group of powerful men and women, humankind's innate ability to use magic is accidentally released -- leaving everyone on the planet able to perform magic. In suburban Massachusetts, Ben and Darius find themselves thrust into the middle of this turbulent new world, and intricately linked to what's happening. Joined by a small group of new friends, these powerful young men must unravel the secret history o magic, while governments across the globe are fighting to return things to the way they were before.

Sounds pretty cool, give it a look this Wednesday at Third Eye.

Click here for a preview of MAGUS #1

PUNISHER: IN THE BLOOD #2 - Rick Remender's final arc on Punisher continues, as he brings us this kick-ass limited series that conjures up the feel and tone of the original Punisher limited series.

We really dug the first issue of Remender's new Punisher limited series, and we loved the return to the old school guns and guts feel of the Punisher that he brought with it.

This is also the last arc that Remender is writing with the Punisher, and as a writer who's pretty much single-handedly brought the character back into Marvel continuity and made him relevant again outside of the MAX books, we're pretty stoked to see how he ends his legacy.

I think the thing I like the most about IN THE BLOOD is the way that Remender is channeling the old schol Mike Zeck era of the Punisher. He's just a guy who kills bad guys, and has access to a whole lotta guns, and while some elements are exaggerated much like they were then, he's still keeping the character grounded in reality.

The story centers around the Jigsaw Brothers who've carved out a respectable niche in New York's criminal underground. But, now Frank Castle is back, and he's killing their men... lots of their men. Of course, the Jigsaw Brothers know Frank well, and have a contingency plan in place just for situations like this. It's a plan that's been brewing for quite some time now.

Missed #1? We've still got copies in stock to get you caught up.

Click here for a preview of PUNISHER IN THE BLOOD #2


We're huge fans of the world that Mark Waid has been creating with series like IRREDEEMABLE and INCORRUPTIBLE, and the way he's been putting together a fully realized superhero universe in such an organic, and seamless manner has really gotten us hooked.

A quick recap, Irredeemable is essentially the story of Superman Gone Evil. The Plutonian, the world's greatest superhero, snaps, and begins reigning terror upon the world as a whole. Now, INCORRUPTIBLE, is kind of the flip side to that. Also written by Waid, Incorruptible explores what happens when the bad guy goes good, instead of the good guy going bad. The story focuses on Max Damage, one of the Plutonian's old villains, who kind of reminds you of a mix of TWO-FACE from Batman and the SANDMAN from Spider-man. A hardened crook who cared nothing about anybody, and who's partner-in-crime and former girlfriend was a teenage girl named Jailbait.

After witnessing the Plutonian's reign of fire, he has an epiphany, and realizes that, in his words, somebody has to stand up and do something. It's an interesting take, as we watch him fighting his natural urges and instincts to do wrong, and how his own skewed view of how things works is often at odds with the good deeds he's trying to do as he puts the pieces together of a world broken by the Plutonian.

Of course, Waid's trademark knack for strong dialogue, plot and pacing is present here, and this second book in the world of IRREDEEMABLE allows him even more room to grow this fascinating superhero universe where the caped good guys and bad guys behave more like real people than they do one dimensional ideals of good and bad.

I think one of the most interesting approaches of INCORRUPTIBLE is that there's a natural balance that's always in play between the classic analogs of super-heroes and super-villains, and to see how some of these characters find themselves switching their ways and their sides just so they remain at odds with one another.

All in all, a great series, and if you're already reading this, then you know that.

Not reading INCORRUPTIBLE? We've got trade paperbacks volume 1 and 2 in stock to get you caught up to this week's #3. Give it a shot, we think you'll really enjoy it.

THE SAVAGE SWORD TRADITION RETURNS IN THIS WEDNESDAY'S ROBERT E. HOWARD'S SAVAGE SWORD #1 featuring ALL of Howard's heroes, from Conan to Solomon Kane to Kull and more

You know, we don't give Conan enough props here in the pages of the Third Eye newsletter, and we felt that this was the perfect opportunity to give one of comics' classics his due.

This Wednesday, Dark Horse is kicking off something pretty kick-ass with their new ROBERT E. HOWARD'S SAVAGE SWORD series. This one will be coming out in big, thick 80-page prestige format issues that deliver all of Robert E. Howard's classic heroes with modern, bloody new takes, but in the tradition of the original Savage Sword of Conan series. We'll also see some reprints of some of the classic stories too that may never see the light of day in any other collected format. Some of these are characters that have never even appeared in comics form before, and were only in Howard's pulp novels, and some are classics like Conan, Solomon Kane, and Kull.

Each issue spotlights some of comics top talents bringing their skills to these classic pulp fiction madmen, and in the first issue, big names like Barry Windsor Smith and Timothy Truman (he's the guy responsible for all those kick-ass PUNISHER MAX covers on Ennis's run) lend their talents. There's also a reprint of the classic Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor Smith story, "Worms of the Earth."

All in all, we're stoked on this. Perfect mix of nostalgia, and new school awesomeness that makes us pumped to check the series out.

LOCKE & KEY writer JOE HILL brings THE CAPE to life with this one-shot this Wednesday

We're big fans of Joe Hill here at Third Eye. Both his literary works like HEART-SHAPED BOX, and his excellent comic series, LOCKE AND KEY. And, being big fans of his, we feel it's our duty to keep you in the know about any new projects he's got coming down the pipe.

So, when we heard that he'd be bringing his next one-shot out, THE CAPE, we got pretty freakin' stoked.

It looks like THE CAPE is Joe Hill bringing his unique horror-fueled writing style to the world of superheroes, but in a new kind of twist.

Truth be told, we're not too clear on the plot of THE CAPE, but we do know that it has a lot to do with a short story Hill originally wrote, and lets be honest, it's Joe Hill... if you like Locke and Key, chances are you'll dig this as well. I know I'm personally excited to get my hands on it.

SKULLKICKERS #4 - WORLD OF WARCRAFT meets THE HANGOVER awesomeness continues in this Army of Darkness/Dungeons and Dragons-inspired humor/adventure series from IMAGE Comics.

Man, I am loving SKULLKICKERS. Another homerun from Image Comics in 2010, Skullkickers took everyone by storm with it's first issue, and the buzz has been very much well-deserved. The book not only reads great, but it's a a really pretty looking comic too. The art almost looks like animation cells, that's how damn good it is.

What's Skullkickers all about anyways? Well, it's an adventure/fantasy/humor series that can only be described as one part THE HANGOVER, one part WORLD OF WARCRAFT, and one part ARMY OF DARKNESS. Imagine the zaniest buddy comedy you can think of, set it against the backdrop of a WORLD OF WARCRAFT-style fantasy world, and throw in some ridiculously gory slapstick ala ARMY OF DARKNESS, and that sums up SKULLKICKERS well.

There's definitely a shortage of good fantasy comics on the market, and Skullkickers fills the niche quite nicely. The humor is well-done, and not corny at all, and the actual plot is pretty strong for a humor comic.

The story focuses on two mercs and their continuing quests and screw-ups as they traverse the interesting landscape of werewolves, witches, dragons, airships, and dwarven firepower.

The art stands out REAL nicely, and considering these are guys who came up with UDON (responsible for the STREET FIGHTER IV video games, and comics), it's no surprise the art looks so damn nice.

Missed out on issues 1-3? We've got copies of each in stock to get you caught up to this week's #4.


This Wednesday, the final chapter in Brian Michael Bendis's ULTIMATE ENEMY trilogy arrives with ULTIMATE DOOM #1.

After the events of ULTIMATE ENEMY and ULTIMATE MYSTERY, the Ultimate Universe's biggest enemy has finally been revealed, and now, the surviving heroes of must put together the most badass covert ops team ever to combat it.

A monumental tale in the scheme of the Ultimate Universe, this one promises to bring major changes and ramifications to the Ultimate Universe for years to come.

Click here for a preview of ULTIMATE COMICS DOOM #1


Steve - UNCANNY X-FORCE #3- DAMN! The third issue of UXForce proves why this is one of my top 3 favorite Marvel books right now. Folks, this is the best damn X-Book I've read since Whedon and Cassaday's original run on ASTONISHING. Highly recommended.

Trish - MOUSE GUARD THE BLACK AXE #1 - Okay, I know, the cute factor makes this a given, but David Petersen's artwork is amazing and I looooooooove Mouse Guard so much.

TORMA - CHAOS WAR #4 - CHAOS. IN. HAWAII!!!!! Chaos War is my favorite comic of the year. Totally ridiculous, totally over the top and totally awesome.

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