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STUFF OF LEGEND: THE JESTER'S TALE #1 arrives this week, bringing us the third installment of this fantastic modern fantasy series. Imagine SAVING PRIVATE RYAN by way of TOY STORY with a little GUILERMO DEL TORO thrown in.

We are huge, huge, huge fans of the indie gem STUFF OF LEGEND, and we're totally stoked to see a brand new volume of this fantastic series hitting the shop this Wednesday, and even more stoked to see our favorite STUFF OF LEGEND character, The Jester, getting his tale told. In this brand new 4-issue limited series, which follows-up on the shocking revelations of STUFF OF LEGEND VOLUME 2: THE JUNGLE, the Jester embarks on a solo quest that will take him to the farthest corners of the Dark. As one of the most enigmatic, and fascinating characters in STUFF OF LEGEND, we're very eager to learn more about the background of the Jester.

What is STUFF OF LEGEND? Stuff of Legend is a modern fantasy series very much in the vein of similar stories like FABLES, MOUSEGUARD, and BONE, that delivers a really compelling story. The story centers around a young boy who's kidnapped by THE Boogeyman, and taken into his realm, while his father fights on the beaches of Normandy during WORLD WAR 2. The young boy's toys come to life, and cross through into the Boogeyman's realm with one mission: to rescue their lost master.

Now, what makes the series so interesting is how the toys come to life in the Boogeyman's realm, transitioning from classic toys to real-world counterparts of themselves. For example, the teddy bear becomes a giant, quick-tempered grizzly bear prepared to slash and claw anything that comes within reach, or stands in the way of his goal. The writing in this is top notch, and really brings the world of STUFF to life in a big way, showing us a very interesting take on these characters, and how well put together they are. The dialogue is perfect, and rings true, and the actual plot is the kind of bigger-than-life adventure saga that really pulls you in.

If you're curious about trying the series, we'd recommend starting with STUFF OF LEGEND Volume 1, available now at Third Eye in trade paperback, for only $13, and collecting the entire first round of STUFF OF LEGEND. From there, catch up with either the single issues, or the trade paperback of STUFF OF LEGEND volume 2 (both in stock and available here at Third Eye), and you'll be good to go to jump on with JESTER'S TALE #1.

For those of you curious about the world of STUFF OF LEGEND, you can also just jump in fresh with JESTER'S TALE #1, to give the series a shot, as this is a more stand-alone story that focuses on THE JESTER character.

Either way, we cannot recommend this one enough, you gotta try it. From the writing, to the fantastic artwork, to the coloring and overall presentation of the series, this is just one damn fine book.

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THIRD EYE MUST BUY: X-MEN: SCHISM #3 - The Biggest X-Men Storyline in YEARS Continues!

X-MEN SCHISM is quite possibly the biggest X-Men storyline we have seen in a very long time, and the first two issues have both delivered in a big way. We're totally stoked to see where things are heading in this week's upcoming SCHISM #3, featuring the very talented Daniel Acuna on artwork, and of course ,more of SCHISM mastermind, JASON AARON, and his awesome take on Marvel's merry mutants.

What is SCHISM? Schism is a return to the bigger-than-life days of the X-Men. The kind of stories we saw told during the era of MUTANT GENESIS, X-TINCTION AGENDA, and so on. But, at it's core SCHISM is really about one thing, and one thing only: WOLVERINE vs. CYCLOPS. It's essentially the CIVIL WAR of the X-MEN Universe, and it's about time someone has explored not only the tension that's always existed between Wolverine and Cyclops, but also the fascinating path that Cyclops has taken as a character ever since he's taken control of the X-MEN. While SCHISM is delivering a bigger-than-life X-MEN story that involves the HELLFIRE CLUB, Grant Morrison's mutant youth cult leader Quintin Quire, and loads of Sentinels, we're also seeing a bigger story unfold as something so devastating, and so major is set to happen that is going to literally split the X-MEN into two teams. One faction siding with WOLVERINE, and one faction siding with CYCLOPS.

X-MEN SCHISM is also the lead-up to the upcoming relaunch of UNCANNY X-MEN, which is a big deal in and of itself, as it was Marvel's only title to never be relaunched. So, you know they mean business.

Wanna jump on board with SCHISM? We recommend snagging issue #1 and #2 of X-MEN SCHISM, both in stock and available now, and catching up to this week's SCHISM #3.

Click here to read up on our X-MEN SCHISM Checklist.

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Tying into X-MEN SCHISM, GENERATION HOPE arrives this week in the aftermath of the first mutant casualties. The mutants of the future are finally beginning to learn the real meaning of mutant kind's sad past, as a day trip from Utopia takes a very bloody, and very tragic turn. Now, in the wake of the cataclysmic events of SCHISM, what will GENERATION HOPE do?

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We've been ranting and raving about how much we're enjoying FLASHPOINT and all of it's tie-ins, and this week, we get another round of killer tie-in issues as four more FLASHPOINT mini-series conclude. The first of these, and the one we're most anticipating, is the third and final installment of FLASHPOINT: ABIN SUR THE GREEN LANTERN. After the shocking ending of issue #2, we're intrigued to see the direction this one is taking, as it's one of the very few FLASHPOINT tie-ins that's crucially tied back to the regular DCU continuity, at least in the form of Sinestro and Atrocitus.

Missed issues 1 & 2? We've got copies of each in stock to catch you up to this week's #3.

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Next up at the plate for FLASHPOINT this Wednesday is FLASHPOINT: LEGION OF DOOM #3, which wraps up another of our favorite FLASHPOINT minis. This one has been cool for one big reason: evil Plastic Man. Ever since the very end of issue #1, where Plastic Man uses someone's intestines as a way of smuggling himself into prison... we knew that this'd be an awesome read. The big throw-down in this third issue is HEATWAVE vs. CYBORG, and we cannot wait to see how this one ends out.

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And, then finishing out FLASHPOINT: THE OUTSIDER, we've got FLASHPOINT OUTSIDER #3, which gives us a very cool look at the FLASHPOINT take of MARTIAN MANHUNTER. The enigmatic OUTSIDER's story begins to unravel as this mini-series finishes on Wednesday.

Missed 1 & 2? We've got copies of both in stock to catch you up.

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And, then the final of our four FLASHPOINT tie-ins this Wednesday is FLASHPOINT WONDER WOMAN AND THE FURIES #3, which finishes off another of our big favorite FLASHPOINT tie-ins. This one has been awesome as it shows us the side of the Aquaman vs. Wonder Woman war, but from the perspective of Wonder Woman and her Amazons. One of the most compelling plot points of FLASHPOINT has been the war between these two, and we've loved both Aquaman and Wonder Woman's tie-ins.

Missed issues 1 & 2? We've got copies of both in stock to catch you up to #3.

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STAR WARS KNIGHT ERRANT: DELUGE #1 Brings Volume 2 Of One Of Our Favorite New STAR WARS Comics

We were big fans of last year's STAR WARS KNIGHT ERRANT series, and we're so stoked to see DARK HORSE bringing it back with this brand new follow-up limited series, DELUGE. Set thousands upon thousands of years before the Rule of Two is instituted amongst the Sith, and the galaxy is filled with Sith Lords, the Jedi are in short supply. In the first KNIGHT ERRANT story (available now in trade paperback at Third Eye), we saw Kerra, a young Jedi Knight, venture out into the depths of Sith-infested space, only to find herself stranded, her comrades slain, and hundreds of Sith gunning for her.

Now, in answer to a distress call, Kerra returns to her Sith-controlled home world for a daring rescue... but her arrival on the planet coincides with an ambush from a hurt mastermind. The clash with his invasion and a number of unexpected surprises place Kerra's small scale rescue into a hot spot.

One of the freshest takes on the STAR WARS mythos yet, KNIGHT ERRANT is one of our favorite new ventures into STAR WARS comics, and if you've never checked it out, we really cannot recommend it enough.

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This brand new limited series from RADICAL PUBLISHING looks to be freakin' awesome, and could be the best thing the publisher has put out since LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME. A gritty, hardboiled crime drama from the writer who's brought us many twisted AVATAR PRESS series, including CROSSED and CALIGULA.

What's DAMAGED about? The story centers around two brothers, Frank and Henry Lincoln, long estranged after a violent even in their shared past forces them apart. Over the course of 35 years, the brothers pursue separate paths, each upholding his own vision of the law -- Frank, an upright citizen, becomes a distinguished veteran of the San Francisco PD, while Henry, a hardened vigilante, enforces the sort of justice the law cannot stomach. As the brothers approach retirement, each attempts to train a younger protege in his image. Sparks fly as the two brothers and their differing views collide - and the fate of the city hangs in the balance.

What I Thought? Totally awesome. Brutal, unrelenting, and very well put together. Not only is the story great, but the artwork from Leonardo Manco, fits the book PERFECTLY.

Click here to read a preview of DAMAGED #1

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We loved the first issue of ED BRUBAKER and STEVE MCNIVEN's brand new ongoing CAPTAIN AMERICA series, and we're totally stoked that many of you did as well. While I was a huge fan of Bucky filling in as Cap, I have to admit: it's awesome to see the original Cap back in action. And, STEVE MCNIVEN's art truly does CAP justice. You might know MCNIVEN from other high profile work he's done like OLD MAN LOGAN, NEMESIS and of course, CIVIL WAR, but his work here on CAP.. I think this is his best. It practically leaps off the page at you.

And, of course, we know Brubaker's got the chops to write an awesome CAP story, and after the very cool reveal at the end of CAPTAIN AMERICA #1.. we've gotta say, we're stoked to see where this one is heading.

Another bonus on this one is that this is a brand new CAPTAIN AMERICA ongoing that serves as the flagship Cap title, and is very easy to jump on board with without having a ton of prior Cap knowledge. So, whether you're a long-time Marvel fan, or you just saw the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, we highly recommend the new CAPTAIN AMERICA ongoing.

Missed issue #1? No sweat, we've got copies in stock to catch you up to this week's #2.

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Dude, is SPIDER ISLAND kick-ass or what? I haven't had this much fun with the SPIDER-MAN corner of the Marvel Universe since the days of MAXIMUM CARNAGE. Dan Slott is doing a freakin' awesome job so far of making this into THE must-read Spidey storyline of the last few years, and we're loving every minute of it.

Not totally in the know about what's up with SPIDER ISLAND? Click here to go get the full scoop on why we're loving it.

This week, we've got two killer tie-ins to Spider Island hitting, with both VENOM #6, and SPIDER-GIRL: AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #1 of 3.

Now, it's no secret that I am a major fan of what Rick Remender and Tony Moore have been doing on the new VENOM series which features FLASH THOMPSON as the current host to the VENOM symbiote. I'm telling you folks, this is right up there with UNCANNY X-FORCE as one of the best Marvel books on the stands, and I'm loving it. Heck, even beyond SPIDER ISLAND tie-in, you should snag issues 1-5 and find out for yourself why del one this one so much. We've got all the back issues in stock as well to catch you up.

Anyways, VENOM #6 ties into SPIDER ISLAND this week, showing us FLASH THOMPSON dropped into ground zero of the SPIDER ISLAND infestation.

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And, then in the pages of the SPIDER-ISLAND: AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL, we see that Spider-Girls powers have returned (ya know, 'cause of this whole everyone getting Spider-Powers thing), but she's not the only web-slinger in Manhattan, and Spider-Girl's deadliest and oldest foes, the spider-hating Society of Wasps, have declared a WAR ON SPIDER-ISLAND. And, why does this put SPIDER-GIRL fighting alongside HOBGOBLIN and the KINGPIN?

Click here for a preview of SPIDER ISLAND: AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #1

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As many of you guys know, I got into comics as a kid and teenager in the early '90s, and was hooked ever since. That was kind of my golden age for comics nostalgia. And, so when I saw DC was kicking off their DC RETROACTIVE line's 90s wave, I had to give it a shout out.

This week, we'll be seeing DC RETROACTIVE one-shots of THE FLASH, WONDER WOMAN, and of course, BATMAN, as pictured above. Each one of these, like the other RETROACTIVES, delivers a brand new story from a creative team that was very popular during their era, and is set in that "era" of DCU.

Fittingly enough, we're getting a really rad BATMAN tale featuring Ventriloquist and Scarface by the long-running Detective Comics team of ALAN GRANT and NORM BREYFOGLE.

As far as FLASH goes, Brian Augustyn brings us a really rad WALLY WEST FLASH story, and then in DC RETROACTIVE WONDER WOMAN, we're treated to a tale by '90s WW scribe, William Mesner-Loebs.

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What Happens When the Battle for Truth and Justice Ends?

One of my favorite IMAGE titles from last year was a very cool limited series called HALCYON. This kick-ass mature readers take on the world of superheroes and super-villains is one of the coolest darker takes on superheroes I've seen in quite some time.

If you're a fan of series like WATCHMEN, or IRREDEEMABLE, then you HAVE to read HALCYON, as it sits very nicely next to those great reads. And, the artwork.. dude, it looks great. A very European Comics-style of artwork, reminiscent of stuff seen in Metabarons, and with a bit of Moebius-influence.

WHAT'S HALCYON ABOUT? What happens when the never-ending battle for truth and justice.. ends? With crime and violence nonexistent, and the human race seemingly neutered of all aggressive tendencies, the superheroes of HALCYON appear to have completed their mission. But one member of the team isn't pleased with this new development, and will stop at nothing to uncover the catalyst for this global phenomenon.

We freakin' loved this one, and highly recommend it to each and every one of you guys.

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We loved the first issue of the brand new DAREDEVIL series from IRREDEEMABLE & KINGDOM COME writer MARK WAID, and the very talented PAOLO RIVERA, whose artwork reminded us a lot of TIM SALE's work on DAREDEVIL: YELLOW, and of course, the legendary BATMAN LONG HALLOWEEN and BATMAN DARK VICTORY.

Waid brings a very cool new tone to the series, with an almost light-hearted take on Matt Murdock, and after nearly a decade of being the most depressing sonofagun in the Marvel U, it's pretty nice to see a bit of fun being introduced into Hell's Kitchen.

This is very much a return to the swashbuckling DAREDEVIL, as seen in runs like the criminally underrated but totally awesome Karl Kesel and Cary Nord DD run back in the late '90s. Plus... in the first issue, DD fought THE SPOT. How awesome is that?

The real star of the show though here is the artwork from Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera. They bring the DAREDEVIL world to life in a unique, fresh, and fun way that makes the book feel like a serious must-read.

Missed DAREDEVIL #1? We've got copies in stock to catch you up.

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It's a new issue of WALKING DEAD, so you know we gotta give you guys the scoop.. but, lets face it: ANY spoilers that slip about a new issue of WALKING DEAD could lead to some serious catastrophic events, so we'll refrain from going into detail.

All we'll say is this: it's awesome, as you'd expect, and if you're still not reading WALKING DEAD... READ THIS BOOK. Whether you pick up the compendium collecting issues 1-49 for only $60, or the first six-issue trade paperback for $9.99... this is one of the best written comics on the stands, and we cannot sings it's praises enough.

For those of you who've been following the series in trade, and want to jump onto the singles, you just need WALKING DEAD 85,86,87 and 88 to be caught up.. and we've got all of those in stock and available to catch you up.

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One of our favorite Grant Morrison tales of all-time is the now-classic WE3, which we keep hearing is supposed to be getting made into a movie or something, and it's heart-warming yet, totally over-the-top take on three animals turned into cyborg killing machines and on a desperate adventure to find their master.

Morrison and Quitely deliver an emotional journey as the three house pets search for "home", and have to fend off the shadowy government organization that created them. With nervous systems amplified to match their terrifying exoskeletons, the members of Animal Weapon 3 (WE3) have the firepower of a battalion. But as prototypes, they're slated to be permanently "decommissioned" after their testing is complete, causing them to make a desperate run for freedom. Relentlessly pursued by their makers, WE3 must navigate a frightening world where their heightened abilities make them as much a threat as those hurting them -- but a world in which they must find a home.

This brand new oversized deluxe hardcover features 10 brand new story pages from Morrison and Quitely that've been integrated into the narrative, plus a 28-page bonus section featuring loads of character designs and sketches from Quitely, with commentary and script excerpts from Morrison.

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I gotta tell you, Third Eye Faithful, I am more stoked about the ULTIMATE UNIVERSE than I have been in quite some time. Ever since Bendis and Bagely reunited to do that killer DEATH OF ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN story-arc, the ULTIMATE books have been regaining momentum at a very fast rate. And, with ULTIMATE FALLOUT, laying the foundation for the brand new line-up of ULTIMATE titles set to launch in September (ULTIMATE X-MEN #1, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1, and ULTIMATE AVENGERS #1)... I'm pretty stoked on the whole shebang.

Hitting the shop this Wednesday, we've got the final issue of ULTIMATE FALLOUT, which asks the question: Will CAPTAIN AMERICA continue to be a part of SHIELD and the AVENGERS? And, where have all the X-MEN gone? Plus, we get the full scoop on the brand new SPIDER-MAN costume that Miles Morales is going to be rocking.

All in all, this is going to be a great ending to a great series, and we cannot wait to see where things head after this.

Missed ULTIMATE FALLOUT 1-4? We've got copies in stock to catch you up.

Click here for a preview of ULTIMATE FALLOUT #6

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Steve - FEAR ITSELF #5 - I REALLY enjoyed the fifth issue of FEAR ITSELF, and felt that the series kind of hit it's stride now with some of the big stuff that went down. Definitely worth picking this one up if you haven't already.

Trish - MORNING GLORIES #11 - So glad to see this one back on the shelves after what felt like a super-long delay between issues. Or maybe it's just that good that I want the next one as soon as I'm done with the newest? :)

Torma - BOOSTER GOLD #47 - One of my favorite FLASHPOINT tie-ins, if you're all about the continuity of a story and like putting the pieces together, then the BOOSTER GOLD tie-ins are a MUST.

Tony (Prince Frederick) - DETECTIVE COMICS #881 - Man, SCOTT SNYDER is going to kick so much ass on BATMAN #1 with Capullo. His DETECTIVE run was so good.

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