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This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 3/7/12

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I have to tell you, Third Eye Faithful: I AM SO FREAKIN’ STOKED FOR THIS COMIC! Seriously, one of the most exciting, and promising debuts from IMAGE this summer is HELL YEAH, and folks: you’re not going to know what hit you.
From the writer of recent Third Eye favorite, GLORY, and the artist of the totally surreal, totally awesome ELEPHANTMEN series, comes HELL YEAH, a story which looks at a generation of non-superpowered people living in a post-superpowered kind of world.
The tag line reads: the Last Generation of Heroes is here, and folks…. it speaks the truth.
In a frenetic, uber-violent, over-the-top fashion, Hell Yeah takes everything you know about superhero comics, everything you love about superhero comics, and totally spins it on it’s head…. and leaves you begging for more.
Twenty years ago, the first-ever superheroes debuted without warning and forever altered our global culture. Now, the generation born in their wake fight to claim their place in a world that’s evolved beyond them.
A combination of the over-the-top excitement of the original Image Comics era with a modern, innovative approach to storytelling, HELL YEAH takes every conversation you’ve ever had with your comic-reading buddies, and filters it down to the most core, kick-ass, big idea superhero awesomeness you’ve read.
The story takes place in a world where a generation of teenagers and 20-somethings, born during the arrival of the first ever superheroes, have grown up in a world where their lack of super-strength, or telepathy has made them obsolete. Now, lacking the powers that make them as special as the super-heroes that dominate popular culture, they’ve decided that they’re going to MAKE THEMSELVES into something special, and they’re not going to just be left behind by the next step of human evolution.
Keatinge’s dialogue, pacing, and world-building makes for a quickly addictive read, which pulls you into the story in a major way.
Pair that up with the AMAZING Frank Quitely-inspired artwork of Andre Szymanowicz, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a read.
A fascinating spin on the classic superhero deconstruction scenario, HELL YEAH channels the action-packed excitement of stuff like LUTHER STRODE and KICK-ASS with the world-building, layered approach of WATCHMEN.
Book of the week? Heck, this one is going to be in the running for book of the year here at Third Eye, and keep an eye on both Szymanowicz and Keatinge, as they’re going to be two names you’ll be seeing a lot of after this first issue drops.
Win A Rare HELL YEAH Ashcan straight from IMAGE COMIC EXPO this Wednesday! Signed and Numbered by Keatinge himself!
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While we were at the IMAGE EXPO, Joe Keatinge hooked us up with a couple of these killer Hell Yeah ASHCAN editions, signed and numbered by himself, and we thought: lets share the love… so we’re going to be doing a very special promotion this Wednesday when you buy HELL YEAH #1.
When you buy a copy of HELL YEAH #1 this Wednesday, we’ll give you a raffle ticket, and enter you to win one of the HELL YEAH ashcans we were able to bring back from the Expo. We’ll be announcing the winner on Wednesday night, and will have your ashcan waiting for you to pick up on Thursday.
These ashcans are a throwback to the old school days of comic conventions, where creators would promote a new series by photocopying some pages of their work, and putting together a rad little zine-like edition of it. It’s a very cool, one of a kind, personalized piece of work that is guaranteed to turn into a hot item when HELL YEAH #1 drops this Wednesday.
We’ll also be having the creators of HELL YEAH, Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz in store on Saturday April 7th to sign copies of their brand new series. So, make sure you snag yourself a copy of issue #1 this Wednesday to have it ready for the signing!
Click here for the full event info.
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As children of the ’90s, we loved AGE OF APOCALYPSE, and honestly, Third Eye Faihful, for me, it was one of the gateways into becoming a rabid comic fan.
So, when Rick Remender did such an excellent job of bringing that world and it’s characters back in the recent UNCANNY X-FORCE: DARK ANGEL SAGA storyline, I have to admit, the nostalgia really grabbed a hold of me.
And, now, CROSSED writer DAVID LAPHAM, is going to be serving up some pure AGE OF APOCALYPSE awesomeness with the brand new AGE OF APOCALYPSE ongoing series, which tells further stories of that dystopian alternate universe where Apocalypse took over the world, killed the majority of the human race, and appointed mutants as the supreme rulers of the world.
In AGE OF APOCALYPSE #1, spinning directly out of UNCANNY X-FORCE, we see that the AMAZING X-MEN have lost, and the evil Weapon X is now more powerful than ever. But, who are these heroes, these lowly mortal men and women, who step out from the shadows? Who are the X-Terminated?
Yes, you read right, Third Eye Faithful, in the Age of Apocalypse, Wolverine is En Sabah Nur, and he’s ruling the world with an iron fist… an evil successor to Apocalypse himself, this is a very dark, dark future for the Marvel Universe.
And, the X-Terminated? These are the sons and daughters of notorious Marvel villains you and I both know. William Stryker, Cameron Hodge, and more.. and they’re the heroes here?
A dark twist on the Marvel Universe, AGE OF APOCALYPSE promises to deliver the same alternate history awesomeness of stories like OLD MAN LOGAN and BATMAN BEYOND, but with a much darker world-view.
Highly recommended, jump aboard this Wednesday with AGE OF APOCALYPSE #1.
Click here for a preview of AGE OF APOCALYPSE #1
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FAIREST #1- A must for fans of FABLES, GRIMM FAIRY TALES, and TV shows like ONCE UPON A TIME.. A brand new Vertigo series from Fables writer BILL WILLINGHAM featuring the real world adventures and secret histories of Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and more!
The New York Times best-selling creator of FABLES, Bill Willingham, pairs up with the insanely talented Phil Jiminez, to deliver a brand new Vertigo series which explores the secret histories, and real world adventures of classic characters like Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, the Snow Queen, Thumbelina, Snow White, and more.
A literal who’s who of the iconic women that have existed in the folklore and fairy-tales of mankind for many, many years.
A fresh new series, which requires no prior knowledge of FABLES, or it’s world to jump into, Fairest starts off a six-issue arc that follows the misadventures of Briar Rose after she is stolen away by the goblin hordes.
If you’ve dug things like ONCE UPON A TIME, and FABLES, where real-world spins and takes on iconic fairy tale characters are the norm, then you’ll love Fairest.
One of the most exciting debuts from Vertigo this Spring, we’re really stoked for this one, and highly recommend giving it a go this Wednesday at Third Eye.
Click here for a preview of FAIREST #1
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We have been totally digging DETECTIVE COMICS, as one of the best of the DC NEW 52′s BATMAN titles (although, Snyder’s remains our top favorite), and each issue of this series has been keeping us hooked.
A straight-forward, jaw-dropping and cliff-hanger filled BATMAN series which is firmly planted in the mainstay continuity of the DC NEW 52, DETECTIVE COMICS has been taking the remaining of the Penguin we saw in both PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE and the recent ARKHAM CITY video game, and really running with it.
In other words, the Penguin is actually a threat, and we’re loving the new take on the character.
Tony Daniel’s art delivers the kind of high-impact, uber-detailed kind of dark, realism that you want out of a BATMAN comic, and we cannot get enough of it.
Combine that with the kind of story that really conjures up strong images of the aesthetic employed in the ARKHAM ASYLUM / ARKHAM CITY games, with frenetic action, familiar bad guys, and cool supporting cast, and DETECTIVE COMICS stands out as one of our favorite in the DC NEW 52.
Wanna jump on board? We’ve got issues 1-6 in stock now to catch you up to this week’s #7.
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The Boys has had us HOOKED since it’s debut, and continues to impress the heck out of us with each and every installment. We know that a lot of you guys prefer to follow this one in trade paperback format, so we thought we’d give you the heads up that this week marks the release of THE BOYS VOL.10, which delivers something we’ve all been waiting for:
The origins of Billy Butcher. The mysterious leader of the Boys, who we’ve only seen hints as to what has made him into the ultimate hard-ass that he is.
From the backstreets of London’s East End to the carnage of the Falklands War, from the heights of love to the depths of tragedy, the most violent man in comics reveals the terrible nature of the forces that dire him. And when he’s done, he’ll be ready — to finish things with the Homelander and the rest of the Capes once and for all.
Not reading THE BOYS? You need to be! Here’s the scoop, picture this: the superheroes are all total jerks. They’re the equivalent of private defense contractors who are mad with power, and negligent when on the job. People die in their cross-fires, they abuse their status for their own selfish depravities, and more.
And, the Boys? The Boys are the normal every day folks who’ve had their lives ruined in the crossfires of these superheroes and their battles, and now find themselves in the U.S Government’s employ policing the Capes.
From the writer of PREACHER, CROSSED and PUNISHER MAX, the Boys is a darkly humorous, ultra-violent romp through the world of superheroes that will keep you hooked all the way through. Ennis provides that solid balance of strong storytelling, and dark humor that’s been his trademark, and artist Darick Robertson (TRANSMETROPOLITAN) does an amazing job of bringing the world to life in all of it’s grotesque glory.
Highly recommended, if you’re not already reading, make sure you snag THE BOYS VOL.1 this Wednesday to jump on board.
Already hooked? We know we’ll be seeing you this week for BOYS VOL.10! :)
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 DEFENDERS #4 - The quirkiest, most innovative new Marvel title of 2012 continues as DEFENDERS continues to keep us hooked. 
Need issues 1-3? We’ve got ‘em in stock to hook you up.
I really can’t stress how freakin’ great the new DEFENDERS series is from Marvel Comics all-star writer MATT FRACTION. Delivering a terrific blend of the quirk and charm that makes the Defenders such a unique, and interesting team, with a sense of Marvel U. world-building that ties into the “bigger” picture of upcoming Marvel events, DEFENDERS really delivers an awesome read.
We love the unique team dynamic of Doctor Strange (who’s finally getting some of the props he deserves), Iron Fist (always a favorite), Red She-Hulk, Namor, and the Silver Surfer that Defenders has, and it’s part of the charm of the book in a big way. But, more than that, we love the little connective bits and pieces that flesh out the major happenings of the Marvel Universe.
If you wanted one book to follow that really delivered action-packed storytelling, subtle humor, and an interesting look at all the secret histories and conspiracies that surround the Marvel Universe, then DEFENDERS is a MUST-READ.
Need issues 1-3? We’ve got copies in stock now to catch you up to this week’s #4.
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JONATHAN HICKMAN (writer of THE RED WING, PAX ROMANA, NIGHTLY NEWS, FF) debuts THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS this Wednesday… What if everything with the Atom Bomb was just a cover for stranger, more bizarre scientific programs of destruction?

This comic is one of the most exciting books of the week for me, heck, of the month.. right up there with HELL YEAH as a killer IMAGE release, MANHATTAN PROJECTS is the newest series from the creators of last year’s IMAGE COMICS hit, THE RED WING.

This must-read new series looks to deliver the kind of mad-science perfection that Jonathan Hickman (writer of RED WING, PAX ROMANA, NIGHTLY NEWS, ect.) has become known for. And, honestly, Third Eye Faithful, MANHATTAN PROJECTS may be his most exciting series yet.. ’cause the concept of this one is OFF-THE-CHAIN awesome.

What if the union of a generation’s brightest minds like Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer was not a signal for optimism, but for boding? What if everything… went wrong?

In the year 1945, the atomic bomb proved it’s capacity for immense devastation, but what if the creation of that ultimate killing machine was just a cover for a series of other, more unusual programs?

This brand new, monthly, ongoing series from IMAGE COMICS will pose that question by taking a look at one of the most critical periods of change in the 20th century through a lens both darkened and strange.

Hickman has already proven time and time again that when it comes to cutting edge new concepts, and fresh ideas, he is THE MAN, and we’ve already seen how fantastic he and Nick Pitarra are when working together (as evidenced in last year’s THE RED WING)… so, to see these two amazing talents delivering us a monthly, ongoing series where they’re literally BUILDING a new universe of super-soldiers, weird experiments, and super-weapons.. is pretty damn awesome.
Folks, just trust me on this: MANHATTAN PROJECTS will be one of the best damn comics you buy this Wednesday, so make sure you snag yourself a copy. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
Click here for a preview of MANHATTAN PROJECTS #1
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  SWAMP THING #7 – Scott Snyder, writer of BATMAN: COURT OF OWLS and BATMAN THE BLACK MIRROR, is delivering one of our biggest favorites with the superhero horror hybrid of SWAMP THING
Need issues 1-6? We’ve got copies in stock to catch you up.
Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette are really delivering a truly unique experience with their run of SWAMP THING in the NEW 52, and folks, if you’re not yet reading this one, all I can say is this: CATCH UP NOW, ’cause it’s getting better and better.
I know, I know, many of you may be saying “but Swamp Thing? Really?” Folks, I’m serious: the writing and art on this series is so damn top notch, it’s ridiculous.
Snyder has already proven to us his horror chops with the real-world macabre in THE BLACK MIRROR, and the supernatural in AMERICAN VAMPIRE, and we know he can balance the two, after reading his killer run on the current BATMAN flagship title that’s part of the DC NEW 52.
And, as we’re getting closer and closer into the ANIMAL MAN / SWAMP THING crossover, you know it’s time to get caught up on both of these incredible series.
In this week’s SWAMP THING #7, we’re shown an ominous look as Swamp Thing is reborn… Moss fills lungs. Leaves scrape across skin, and wood against bone. A Swamp Thing is rising in the Green’s hour of darkest need.. but is Alec Holland a part of it? Or is he just bleeding out in a ditch? And as Alec falls, a horrible champion is taking the throne of the Bone Kingdom at Sethe’s right hand.
Folks: trust me, SWAMP THING is pure, top-notch comic book goodness, and continues to get better and better with each and every issue.
Need issues 1-6? We’ve got them all in stock to catch you up.
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 FATALE #3 – ED BRUBAKER & SEAN PHILLIPS (CRIMINAL, INCOGNITO) continue to deliver their killer HP LOVECRAFT-charged Cthulhu noir with FATALE. 
Need issues 1 & 2? We’ve got copies in stock now to catch you up to this week’s #3. 
One of the best new books of the year!
Holy crap, is FATALE freakin’ awesome, or what?  This incredible new IMAGE series from ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS (creative team behind past noir hits like CRIMINAL and INCOGNITO) delivers some of the most in-your-face, over-the-top horror and crime comic storytelling you’re gonna find.

Phillips’s artwork is AMAZING, and Brubaker is at the top of his game, as he delivers a compelling crime drama dripping with atmosphere, and supernatural elements.

As the trail to crazed cults, demonic gangsters, and more continues, we’re shown just what Detective Walt Booker will sacrifice.. and, to what gods. And, is he looking for redemption or revenge? In chapter 3 of Brubaker and Phillips’s horror/noir masterpiece, the threads of the first story arc are coming together, and it’s all tying up into a noose around the neck of a corrupt cop in late ’50s San Francisco.

We could go on, and on praising this series, but all we can say is this: if you want one of the best horror comics on the stands, or if you like any of these things: femme fatales, Cthuhlu-inspired horror tales, gun-toting gangsters, and ritual murders.. then you need to be reading FATALE.

The thing that really makes FATALE pop is just how plain quality is. You can tell that Brubaker and Phillips really love the source material they’re writing about, and you can really see just how passionate they are for this story, by how damn good each and every page is.

Seriously, one of the most smartly put together comics on the stands, you NEED to be reading FATALE.

Need issues 1 & 2? We’ve got copies in stock to catch you up to this week’s #3.

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 WINTER SOLDIER #3 - The third issue of the espionage-fuelled WINTER SOLDIER series arrives this Wednesday
Need 1 & 2 ? We’ve got ‘em in stock to catch you up.
One of our favorite new Marvel books in the last couple of months has been the brand new WINTER SOLDIER series, from FATALE and CAPTAIN AMERICA writer ED BRUBAKER. We were huge fans of the CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER story arc, and are really digging the return of Bucky as the Winter Soldier in this killer new ongoing series.
The creative team on this one is what really propels it into being an awesome read, as Butch Guice’s pencils and Bettie Breitweiser’s amazing colors, come together to perfectly match Brubaker’s cold war paranoia-charged storytelling.
The plot follows Bucky back in the guise of the Winter Soldier, and working alongside the Black Widow to hunt down, and terminate the various super-spies he trained during his time as the Winter Soldier.
And of course, loads of Marvel U. tidbits are thrown throughout, as we’re shown a very cool look at the dark, shadowy under-side of Marvel’s espionage-oriented characters.
One of my new favorites, make sure you give this one a shot this week at Third Eye.
Need issues 1 & 2? We’ve got copies in stock to catch you up to this week’s #3.
Click here for a preview of WINTER SOLDIER #3
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’68: BETTER RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE TRADE PAPERBACK Delivers Some of the Best Zombie Comic Goodness Since WALKING DEAD This Wednesday
One of the raddest Zombie comics we’ve seen come down the pike since WALKING DEAD has been the Vietnam-charged ’68 series, which brings a killer new spin to the zombie genre, as it sets all of it’s stories against the backdrop of the late ’60s.
Welcome to 1968… and the end of the world. From the steaming jungles of Viet Nam to the brightly lit campus of demonstration-torn Berkeley, California, ravenous hordes of unstoppable ghouls are changing the face of the Age of Aquarius.
Available now for the first time in trade paperback, this massive slab collects the first four issue story arc of the ’68 ongoing series, along with many of the stand-alone ’68 one-shots.
Nat Jones’s highly detailed, macabre artwork is really the star of the show here, as he brings the zombie infestation to life in a huge way, and folks: we’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, ’68 delivers pure quality zombie comic awesomeness in a major way.
Snag this trade paperback on Wednesday, and find out for yourselves why we’re so high on the series.
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 ACTION COMICS #7 – Grant Morrison (BATMAN RIP, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN) continues to deliver one of our favorite NEW 52s, and the best Superman book we’ve read in ages with ACTION COMICS!
Missed issues 1-6? We’ve got ‘em in stock now to catch you up.
We are still totally hooked on Morrison’s current run of ACTION COMICS, which is serving as one of the most integral parts of the DC NEW 52. Set five years prior to the universe-establishing JUSTICE LEAGUE series, this book shows us a Superman who’s young, inexperienced, and hot-tempered, learning the full scope of his powers.. and his responsibilities.
We love the re-defining that Morrison is doing of Superman, Metropolis, his supporting cast, and of course, his villains. It screams ALL-STAR SUPERMAN in many ways, with the sleek modern takes on the classic high imagination awesomeness of Superman… a little retro, a little modern.. and all together awesome, ACTION COMICS really is turning out to be one of the best books we’re following from DC right now.
In this week’s #7, Metropolis has been captured! To save it, Superman must push the limits of his nascent powers as never before! Aboard the ship that has the city captive, the Man of Steel finds an important tool that may help him defeat Metal-zero.. and his boss.
Really stellar stuff, if you’re curious about jumping on board, we’ve got issues 1-6 in stock now to catch you up to this week’s #7.
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 GARTH ENNIS, the writer of CROSSED, THE BOYS, and PREACHER, continues to shock and awe with his gore-drenched zombie war story STITCHED
A must-read for fans of CROSSED
Need 1 & 2? We’ve got ‘em in stock to catch you up!
Scream bloody gore! Seriously, AVATAR PRESS has quickly become the number one name in horror comic goodness, and their most recent offering, STITCHED, is one of their best yet.
Garth Ennis, the writer of Third Eye faves like CROSSED, THE BOYS, PREACHER, and PUNISHER MAX, is serving up some pure bloody terror here with STITCHED; an epic modern horror story that has unleashed a whole new kind of monster.
The crew of a downed American Blackhawk and the SAS team who they were charged with extracting begin their long walk through enemy territory. But no soldiers have ever faced adversaries quite like the ones who wait in the Afghanistan desert, twisted remnants of tortured human corpses reanimated by black magic and intent of murdering every living thing within their grasp.
As the mystery of the Stitched deepens, and their attacks come more unexpectedly, a few tantalizing clues to their creation begin to unfold, but it’s a truth that’s almost too unbearable to believe.
Straight for the jugular horror comic awesomeness from GARTH ENNIS, and the publisher who brought you NEONOMICON and CROSSED, STITCHED is a splatter punk must-read!
Need issues 1 & 2? We’ve got copies in stock now to catch you up.
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We know you guys are as stoked as we are about the upcoming AVENGERS film, especially after seeing that most recent trailer, right?
So, when we saw Marvel was going to be serving up a killer new prelude comic mini-series for the film, in the form of the AVENGERS: PRELUDE – Fury’s Big Week… well, we knew we were going to be stoked on this.
This limited series shows you everything there is to know about Nick Fury, and the elusive Agents of SHIELD, as they assemble the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for what’s going to be one of this summer’s biggest flicks.
With SECOND COMING and SCARLET SPIDER writer CHRIS YOST handling the writing chores on this one, we know it’s gonna be kick-ass, so we’re pretty pumped to see how it plays out.
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OK, folks, get ready to meet your favorite graphic novel of 2012. Seriously: GET STOKED. IMAGE COMICS is serving up Brandon Graham’s KING CITY, and we could not be more pumped to see this amazing series available in it’s full and complete glory.
Why’s it so damn cool? Okay, well, for those of you who’ve been reading the recent IMAGE hit, PROPHET, then you’ve probably keyed in to the unique storytelling techniques Graham uses in his work. Narrative techniques ripped straight from video games, like inventory lists, character stats, and world maps all seamlessly flesh out the story in a way that is unique and interesting.
But, before he was exploring dystopian future Earths, Graham was using those same techniques to deliver one of the most off-the-wall, totally awesome sci-fi comics this side of the long box.
Meet Joe. Joe is a catmaster, trained to use his cat as any tool or weapon. His best friend Pete falls in love with an alien he’s forced to sell into green slavery, while his ex Anna watches her Xombie War veteran boyfriend turn into the drug he’s addicted to.
King City, an underbelly of a town run by spy gangs and dark, dark magic with mystery down every alleyway…. this series is over-the-top in every way imaginable, but manages to surprise you in nearly every chapter.
King City was way ahead of it’s time when it first released, and is one of those books that’s difficult to pigeonhole into one genre. Whether it’s the video-game-style narrative Graham uses to make the story so unique, or the funky art style that really helps make the world come to life, KING CITY is freakin’ awesome.
If you’re a fan of SCOTT PILGRIM, or TRANSMETROPOLITAN, or PROPHET, or just plain good comics, YOU NEED THIS BOOK  IN YOUR LIFE.
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You guys know that we’re big horror fans at Third Eye, and we’ve always had a soft spot for the DC supernatural powerhouses, NIGHT FORCE.
When we saw that comics legend, and CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTH writer MARV WOLFMAN, was going to be re-imagining the NIGHT FORCE in the DC NEW 52, we got pretty stoked about what to expect.
And, it looks like it’s going to be awesome, while still sticking true to the core spirit of the original NIGHT FORCE title.
There’s a conspiracy under way that’s been going on for hundreds of years. One determined cop has unknowingly scratched the surface and suddenly finds himself summoned to Wintersgate Manor. But this chilling menace may prove to be too big even for Baron Winters.
A must for any old school Night Force fans, or those of you who’re digging stuff like I VAMPIRE and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, NIGHT FORCE looks pretty rad.
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A must for fans of films like THE DESCENT
Only $9.99!
This little gem slipped by under the radar last year from IMAGE COMICS, and before anyone even knew what it was, it’d been snapped up for a movie deal.
Now, available in graphic novel, this cult favorite horror comic arrives this Wednesday, and we are totally stoked to be able to give you the full scoop onto how awesome THE VAULT is.
What’s the story on this one? A small team of treasure hunters struggles to excavate a dangerous and legendary treasure pit before a massive storm hits Sable Island, the Graveyard of the North Atlantic.
Equipped with all the latest technology, the scientists believe they are prepared against all of nature’s fury, but nothing can prepare them for what they are about to unleash from the Vault.
A must for fans of horror movies like THE DESCENT, the Vault is one of the coolest new series we read last year, and we highly recommend snagging the first trade paperback for only $9.99 this week at Third Eye.
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Damn, DC is really doing a fantastic job of raiding their archives these days with some of these recent graphic novel reprints. It’s like a literal Third Eye wish list of awesome BATMAN stories getting reprinted into graphic novels.
You guys know we’re big fans of the new Robin, DAMIAN WAYNE, and all his bratty misadventures, right?
Well, now available in the BATMAN: BIRTH OF THE DEMON trade paperback, are the trilogy of stories that introduce the concept of Batman having a son into the DC Universe.
Collecting SON OF THE DEMON, BRIDE OF THE DEMON, and BIRTH OF THE DEMON, this single slab of Batman awesomeness is a collection of stories that focus on the Dark Knight and Talia al Ghul, Ra’s al Ghul’s desire to have an heir, and the real story of the immortal villain, Ra’s al Ghul, and his drive for world domination.
So, not only are you getting an epic origin of Damian, but you’re also getting a triple-threat of Ra’s al Ghul awesomeness, Third Eye Faithful.
Written by one of the ’80s Bat-legends, Mike W. Barr, this trilogy is a MUST-READ for any Batman fan.
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INFESTATION 2: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #1 – Ninja Turtles vs. CTHULHU? Hell yes! Count us in! 
IDW’s INFESTATION cross-over continues to stretch it’s tentacles, and nightmarish tendencies across the multiverse, as it puts the spotlight on IDW’s most recent superstars.. the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.
The sewers of NYC have always been home to the TMNT… but what else has been nesting in the deep dark below? A series of strange occurrences leads the Turtles into the long forgotten tunnels, and what they find there should have been left alone, for as light fades and walls narrow — bone-chilling terror awaits!
We’ve been loving the recently resurrected NINJA TURTLES in IDW’s TMNT series, and we are totally stoked for their involvement in the INFESTATION crossover, which pits the TMNT against the depths of Lovecraft’s most nastiest beasts.
Snag yourself a copy this Wednesday, and if you need to catch up on the rest of the INFESTATION books, we’ve currently got all chapters in stock to hook you up.
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ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #8 - Bendis and Pichelli are delivering one of the best comics on the stands with Ultimate Spidey, and it just gets better as the Scorpion arrives in NYC.
Wanna Jump On Board? We’ve got issues 1-7, or the first graphic novel, in stock to catch you up!
We’ve been LOVING the heck out of the new ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN series, which features a brand new Spider-Man, learning his powers, his origins, and the weight of the responsibility he carries as Spider-Man.
As a fan who grew up reading ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN when it first launched a decade ago, I’ve been following Bendis’s work on the title for a long time. I’ve watched the title go through ups and downs of killer story arcs, and lame ducks, and I gotta tell you, Third Eye Faithful: this is one of the best runs of Ultimate Spider-Man that I’ve read in a long time.
Bendis is totally re-energized, and delivering a damn good comic each and every month, and the art of Sara Pichelli is INCREDIBLE.
I know, I know, I’ve been raving about this one a lot, and writing it up almost every month, but I’m telling you: give the book a try. Even if you don’t normally follow stuff in the Ultimate Universe, just give it a shot, you’ll be stoked on how good of a read it is.
Wanna catch up? We’ve got issues 1-7 in stock now to catch you up on the back issues, OR, you can grab the first graphic novel, which has issues 1-5 in it to get you up to date.
Either way, try this one out, you’ll be glad you did.
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FERALS #3 – AVATAR PRESS, publishers of CROSSED & NEONOMICON, deliver the bloodiest, most brutal werewolf story you’ve ever read in FERALS!
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Along with STITCHED, AVATAR is serving up another slice of horror comic awesomeness in the pages of FERALS this Wednesday.
As we stated above, the guys at AVATAR have really gotten a good feel for what makes a killer splatter punk comic, and their most recent foray into madness is FERALS, from David Lapham, the writer of CALIGULA and CROSSED.
In Ferals, Lapham re-defines the werewolf genre, as he uses the formula of a modern day crime drama to shape the small town of Cypress.
A small-town police officer, Dale Chesnutt, is discovering that people being eviscerated and disemboweled around him is the new status quo in Cypress. And finding a way to keep his internal organs inside his chest is turning out to be a lot harder than he thought it would.
Lapham does a killer job of delivering a cutting edge werewolf story that totally re-invents the genre as a whole.
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STEVE: JUSTICE LEAGUE #6 - Never ever fails to impress, this series is the benchmark at which superhero books are to be judged. Amazing stuff as always!
TRISH: RALPH WIGGUM COMICS #1 - A one-shot is not enough.. we want a full series of Ralph comics! :)
TORMA:  BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #1 - I love BATMAN BEYOND, but I like JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND even more and am totally pumped to see a monthly dose of them in the new series!

SHAUN:  JUSTICE LEAGUE #6 - No words to describe it. Poetry! They should have sent a poet… through a BOOM TUBE! I had to read this thing STANDING UP! Seriously, this issue was packed with so much full-out action they would have called it ACTION COMICS if that name weren’t already taken! Absolutely amazing, no question at all.

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