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Folks: no joke, I am so excited for this storyline that I can barely contain myself. Seriously. Everything Marvel has put out to us about it, the sneak peeks we’ve seen, and just the general excitement that we’re picking up from you guys as well has us so stoked about AvX.
No matter which side you fall on, AVENGERS VS X-MEN is THE must-read superhero comic of the summer, and there’s nothing else that comes close.
I mean, for a moment, we’ll put aside the pure excitement and fun that we’re expecting from an entire limited series that’s literally two of the most iconic Marvel super-teams in history going head to head, and talk about the creative team behind this one.
Marvel has brought out their big guns, with everyone from BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) to JASON AARON (WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN) to JONATHAN HICKMAN (MANHATTAN PROJECT) to ED BRUBAKER (FATALE) and more to be a part of this bigger-than-life storyline.
With a line-up of all-star artists consisting of FRANK CHO, JOHN ROMITA JR, JIMMY CHEUNG, and more…. we know we’re in store for a real treat.
And, with all that aside, beyond the fact that the creative team is off-the-chain, and the concept itself is cool: this story has been building for a while now, and has every sign of being an amazing story from start to finish.
This is also THE story to tie the entire Marvel Universe together. If you’re following any of the main Marvel continuity, AvX is a must-read, as this storyline will change the entire face of the Marvel Universe as we know it.
But enough hype, you guys know it’s going to be good, I know it’s good (I actually was lucky enough to get a chance to read these recently, and loved both 0 and 1), so lets skip all that, and talk about WHAT this one is all about…
Okay, so, almost a decade ago, the Scarlet Witch went crazy (see HOUSE OF M trade paperback, in stock now), changed reality, and then changed it back, but with one major difference: all but 198 mutants were neutralized, and no signs of new mutants were around.
So, with extinction as a species on the horizon, you can bet the remaining mutants were stoked when the first mutant baby since M-Day was born, Hope ( see MESSIAH COMPLEX trade paperback, in stock now).
But, there was a lot of talk about some seriously bad mojo coming alongside Hope, and Bishop and Cable went back and forth, one trying to kill her, the other trying to protect her.
Long story short: Hope’s a teenager now, and she’s showing all kinds of Phoenix-like traits.
I don’t want to give away too much from last week’s X-SANCTION #4, which is the final part of the four part mini-series that leads into AvX, but… those last few pages, it gets real.
And, now, the Avengers and the X-Men are on the cusp of war.
This is a storyline that will shake the very Marvel Universe to it’s core. Where will characters like The Beast and Wolverine pledge their loyalties? Where do characters like Doctor Doom and Magneto fit? These are just some of the questions that have us intrigued for AvX.
Great art, great storytelling, a grand true super-hero sci-fi action odyssey in the truest sense… this may be the most exciting storyline for Marvel since CIVIL WAR or OLD MAN LOGAN.
Wanna jump on board? We’d recommend snagging AVENGERS: X-SANCTION #1-4 (all in stock now) and AVENGERS VS X-MEN #0 this week, and you’ll be caught up just in time for the arrival of April 3rd’s AVENGERS VS X-MEN #1.
Click here for a preview of AVENGERS VS X-MEN #0.
Click here for full details on our AVENGERS VS X-MEN: DECLARATION OF WAR party on APRIL 3rd!
Click here for our Third Eye Guide to AVENGERS VS X-MEN
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I think it can be pretty much universally agreed upon: AQUAMAN kicks ass. And, you know, if you thought the novelty would wear off after the first few issues, then by now you know you were wrong, ’cause this book is still one of the most fun, and exciting of the DC NEW 52 we’re reading.
Geoff Johns really does an amazing job of adding depth and layers to the character of AQUAMAN, and goes to great lengths to just show us how freakin’ cool he, and his world, can be.
And, with Ivan Reis handling the art chores, every issue of the book has looked top notch, from start to finish.
So, honestly, we gotta tell ya: AQUAMAN deserves all of the acclaim and all the hype it’s getting these days.
This week marks the 7th issue of AQUAMAN, and we’re totally pumped to see where this series is heading now as Johns and Reis explore the world of The Others… a very different “League” that Aquaman has found himself a part of.
We love the direction this is going, as it keeps that very cool, kind of Lovecraftian and Robert E. Howard-esque hidden worlds and secret societies feel of The Trench story arc, and further adds more depth to the origins and motivations of the King of the Sea.
Who are the Others, and what power do they hold over Aquaman?
We’ll find out in this week’s AQUAMAN #7.
Wanna jump on board this killer series? We’ve got issues 1-6 in stock now to get you caught up to this Wednesday’s #7.
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What if Deathstroke The Terminator was one of the living dead, reanimated with a thirst for death in all forms, instead of raw brains? He’d be BLOODSTRIKE.
Folks, I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure Image would be able to deliver something that was on par with the totally awesome new PROPHET series, but BLOODSTRIKE completely delivers and then some.
This is the kind of comic, much like Rick Remender’s DARK ANGEL SAGA, which takes you in a time machine, back to when you were a teenager, and nothing was cooler than spinning Sepultura’s CHAOS A.D, and reading a stack of those uber-violent early ’90s epics.
The best part? This one has a great story to back up the pure bloodshed and carnage, and the artwork of Franchesco Gaston is fantastic.
What’s the story behind BLOODSTRIKE? Cabbot Stone is the last of the undead Bloodstrike agents, an unstoppable weapon in America’s war on terror. But being dead is a hell of a way to make a living, and Cabbot is losing his faith. Will his latest mission be his last?
Bloody, relentless horror action from Tim Seeley, writer of HACK/SLASH, and a vivid, incredible art-style by Franchesco Gaston.
Click here for a preview of BLOODSTRIKE Part 1
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TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #8 – The BEST Turtles comics since the originals, IDW is ON POINT with this new series!
Wanna catch up? We’ve got issues 1-7 in stock now to get you current!
I’ll admit, we’re biased: as children of the ’80s and ’90s, we here at Third Eye have a big soft spot for the Heroes in a Half-Shell. But, folks, I gotta tell you: IDW is delivering some of the best TMNT comics since the original Eastman and Laird stuff.
In fact, TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman is back on board with the series, and has a major hand in it, so that probably helps explain why it’s so darn good.
We love the return to the Turtles roots, and the darker tone of the series, which is more in tune with the old school b&w TMNT comics.
And, I mean, c’mon: how can you say no to an awesome cover loaded with a sea of Mouser robots?
Wanna jump on board this killer series? We’ve got issues 1-7 in stock now to catch you up to this Wednesday’s #8.
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DAREDEVIL #10 - Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera continue to deliver one of our favorite Marvel monthly series with DAREDEVIL #10… just look at that AWESOME cover!
There’s some comics, that when you’re reading them, you just know, in the back of your head, there’s something historic about them. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just that extra little X-Factor, that extra sense of craftsmanship, that sense of passion and excitement, and electricity that this book may just be a bit ahead of it’s time, and it may be a sleeper.. but, dammit.. it’s good, and in 10 years, people are going to still be talking about it.
That’s how we feel about the current run of DAREDEVIL. This book is just so freakin’ good with each and every issue, and this week’s #10 is a shining example of that feeling we’re talking about.
I mean, just the cover image alone, is an amazing piece of work that really stands out as.. well.. pure comic book cool.
Anyways, Mark Waid’s critically-acclaimed DAREDEVIL run continues we’re taken into a journey to Matt’s very psyche itself, and are shown the secrets of the Man Without Fear that we’ve never seen before.
From the clever writing, to the incredible art teams involved on the book, DAREDEVIL is top shelf comic goodness. Waid’s swashbuckling, bigger-than-life bravado for Matt Murdock is a refreshing change after a decade of extremely dark, and harrowing tales… and, we have to admit: it’s the work of Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera that really keeps us coming back again and again. This book has some of the best art of any Marvel title going right now.
Wanna jump on board? We’ve got issues 1-9 in stock now, or start with DAREDEVIL #9, which is a great jumping on point for the title.
Click here for a preview of DAREDEVIL #10
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BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #7 – Just in time for the upcoming DARK KNIGHT RISES film… BATMAN VERSUS BANE… and it’s incredible. From the one, and only DAVID FINCH!
We are totally loving David Finch’s BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT, with the very cinematic, and dynamic approach it brings to the world of Gotham.
If you’re a fan of the big, and bold storytelling and artwork of BATMAN: HUSH, then this is a book you NEED to be reading, Third Eye Faithful. It’s that freakin’ good.
The current arc, which has recently brought back Bane, and returned him to the epic threat level he’s known for, has us hooked, and we have to admit, a lot of it has to do with how stoked we are for the upcoming DARK KNIGHT RISES film.
Incredibly fun stuff, Third Eye Faithful, this book still sits at the top of our NEW 52 to read list.
Wanna jump on board? We’ve got issues 1-6 in stock to get you caught up to this week’s #7.
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A must-read, we loved the first issue of IMAGE COMICS’s new series ALPHA GIRL, which is a totally fun, totally over-the-top splatter punk piece of awesome that conjures up memories of FRIGHT NIGHT, TANK GIRL, and HACK/SLASH.
This series focuses on a 17-year old girl who’s practically the only female on Earth who’s immune to a plague that’s turning all of the world’s women into crazed, flesh-eating zombies… and, now, the Alpha Girl, must break out her baseball bat, and chainsaw to cut a bloody swath through the flesh-eating hordes that swarm her high school.
We loved issue #1, which has a great blend of dark humor, pure bloody horror, and just plain awesome and fun storytelling. Set in the year 1984, loaded with references to new wave and punk culture, this is a really fun series, and I can’t wait to read this week’s issue #2.
Need issue #1? We’ve got copies in stock, first printings too!, to get you caught up to this week’s #2 of Image’s red hot new series.
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WALKING DEAD #95 – See the season finale? Still not reading the comics? It’s time to change that, and hop aboard one of the BEST comics on the stands today.
It’s always a reason for excitement when there’s a new WALKING DEAD arriving on the stands, but with all the buzz and shop talk about the season finale from last week…. we’re just a little bit more stoked than usual for this one.
Now, we know the spoiler-sensitive nature of WALKING DEAD, so instead of getting too into the details, we’ll instead talk about why those of you who may be hooked on the WALKING DEAD TV show, but not reading the books, need to hop on board.
Folks, we love the show, but if you love the show, then the book will blow your mind. It’s THAT good. The cliffhangers, the character building, it’s all there, and then some. While the show is good at pulling no punches, the comic literally has NO safety net.
Do yourself a favor this week and pop in to snag the first graphic novel (collecting issues 1-6), for just $10, and if you’re not in love with it.. you can bring it back. But, trust us: you’ll be hooked.
We also have all other formats available, including the WALKING DEAD COMPENDIUM, which collects the first 8 graphic novels for only $59.99 (saving you like $40-$50), and is the perfect way to get started with the series.
Either way: read this book. You WILL love it.
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As we get closer to the AVENGERS film, things are really getting interesting in the comics. I mean, not only do we have the whole AvX thing, which is HUGE, but there’s also some other.. more mysterious developments in store for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
In this week’s special AVENGERS #24.1 issue, Marvel provides a PERFECT jumping on point for the AVENGERS, and with it, brings back the legendary VISION, who has been MIA for quite some time now.
Brandon Peterson comes aboard to handle art chores, and holy crap… is he good, or what? There’s some really cool stuff going down in this issue, and we’d rather not spoiler anything too cool… so just do yourself a favor, and check it out.
Click here for a preview of AVENGERS #24.1
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  GREEN LANTERN NEW GUARDIANS #7 - The sleeper hit of the GREEN LANTERN titles continues to impress the heck out of us as Kyle Rayner, and the rest of the New Guardians flesh out the various spectrum Corps.
New Guardians has really kinda come out of nowhere to become one of our favorite of the DC NEW 52. I’m actually finding myself liking this one the most out of all the GREEN LANTERN titles. While I dig the others a lot, NEW GUARDIANS really explores some of the stuff I dug most about Geoff Johns’s pre-NEW 52 run.. the various Spectrum corps, their entities, and the New Guardians.
In this issue, world breaker and sun killer: Invictus has come to remake us all into his vision of perfection — he just needs to burn everything in his path first.
And, now, in the New Guardians’ most desperate hour, Red Lantern Bleez returns, but is even her rage a match for the wrath of a living god? All this and the origin of Invictus — and how it all ties back to Larfleeze.
I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty stoked!
Wanna jump on board? We’ve got issues 1-6 in stock now to catch you up to this week’s #7.
Click here for a preview of GREEN LANTERN NEW GUARDIANS #7 
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Here’s a new VERTIGO series that really got us stoked after reading the advances of issue #1. NEW DEADWARDIANS brings a fresh spin to the vampire / zombie genre, and folks: it’s great, DEFINITELY worth giving a shot.
What’s the scoop on this one? In post-Victorian England, nearly everyone of the upper classes has voluntarily become a vampire to escape the lower classes who are all zombies.
Into this simmering cauldron is Chief Inspector George Suttle, a lonely detective who’s got the slowest beat in London: investigating a murder in a world where everyone is already dead.
But when the body of a young aristocrat washes up on the banks oft he Thames, Suttle’s quest for the truth will take him from the darkest sewers to the gleaming halls of power, and reveal the rotten heart at the center of this strange world.
With a very cool steampunky aesthetic, this is a killer new spin on the horror genre, and we dug it in a big way.
Click here for a preview of NEW DEADWARDIANS #1
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Sharknife is something, much like KING CITY, I had been waiting to see return to print for quite some time.. and what better timing than to release it right alongside the brand new highly anticipated second volume of this off-the-chain comic.
First off: if you’re a fan of SCOTT PILGRIM or KING CITY, then this book MUST BE YOUR’S. The aesthetic, the feel, and the tone is very much in the spirit of both of those, and trust me: you’ll love it.
Okay, now, moving along, this over-the-top, totally fun fusion of manga / video game culture, American superhero comics, giant kaiju monsters, and pro-wrestling… is EPIC.
What’s the story about Sharknife? The Guandong Factory isn’t like other restaurants. It’s five stories tall, for one. For two, it produces more peach dumplings per day than most eateries do in a decade.
And, for three, it’s the home of Sharknife — a mystical protector charged with protecting the establishment from those who would do it harm. Once just a simple busboy, now Caesar Ives is something more — a crazy red rocket hero destined for greatness! But can Caesar juggle both lives? Nabbing both the girl (the supersexy Chieko Plumbheart) *and* stopping the baddies?
Folks: just trust us. If you grew up on a steady diet of Tekken or Street Fighter, with a chaser of comic books… then you will love this comic.
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One of the biggest breakout hits so far in 2012 has been the brand new STAR WARS: DAWN OF THE JEDI series, from STAR WARS LEGACY creative team JOHN OSTRANDER (whom many of you got to meet at this past weekend’s ANNAPOLIS COMIC-CON) and JAN DUURSEMA.
We knew this one was going to be a fantastic read, simply off the fact that we held STAR WARS LEGACY in such high regard, but.. man, I don’t think anyone expected the kind of massive hit this book has become.
Which is why we’re stoked to give you guys the heads up that this week we’re getting loads of DAWN OF THE JEDI #0 and DAWN OF THE JEDI #1 in stock this Wednesday.
What’s the scoop on this one? This is ground zero, folks. The very beginning. Before the Sith. Before the lightsabers. Before any of that.. there was only the Force. This is the VERY beginnings of the Jedi, and is a fascinating look at a vastly under explored era of the STAR WARS UNIVERSE.
Set 25,000 years in the past, before there were sabers, and when the ties to the Force were new… this is the DAWN OF THE JEDI.
Grab yourself a copy of #0, #1 and #2 this Wednesday at Third Eye to get caught up to current!
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CROSSED: BADLANDS #2 – The last word in survival horror continues this Wednesday as AVATAR PRESS’S brutal, and unrelenting CROSSED series continues!
Featuring the original CROSSED creators GARTH ENNIS and JACEN BURROWS.
We’re huge fans of CROSSED, and are totally pumped to see the original creators of the series, GARTH ENNIS and JACEN BURROWS, back on the book with the new CROSSED: BADLANDS series.
Right off the bat, I can tell that this is going to be some of the best CROSSED storytelling we’ve seen in a minute, and I’m pumped for more.
Not reading CROSSED? What’s the scoop? Well, check it out: this is the book that takes the punch in the gut “they did not go there, did they?” feel of WALKING DEAD… and runs further with it.
A plague breakout that forms as a Cross-like rash on the faces of those infected…. and fills them with a desire to commit acts of pure evil, plain and simple.
Savage, and sadistic, the Crossed have only one goal: to inflict pain, and to do so with a seriously creepy smile. But what really makes this book so scary, and much creepier and different than your run-of-the-mill zombies: the Crossed can still think. They still have all their past knowledge. If they knew how to fly a plane, shoot a gun, drive a car..whatever.. they can still do that, which makes them more ruthless, more sadistic, and more dangerous.
Incredible stuff. If you dig horror comics, read CROSSED. You won’t be sorry.
Wanna jump on board? We’ve got CROSSED BADLANDS #1 in stock now to get you on board. If you want to go back further, we also have all of the CROSSED graphic novels in stock as well.
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TEEN TITANS #7 – Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth continue to make TEEN TITANS a DC NEW 52 Must-Read
Teen Titans has been one of the biggest breakout hits of the DC NEW 52, and folks, it’s still holding strong as one of our top favorite reads from DC COMICS now.
A lot of this is due to the incredible artwork of Brett Booth, who, if you dig the style of JIM LEE on JUSTICE LEAGUE, then you’ll totally love Booth on TEEN TITANS. Big, bold, and over-the-top superhero storytelling at it’s finest.
Make no mistake though, Scott Lobdell is doing a great job of crafting a strong, action-packed story here that compliments Booth’s artwork perfectly.
In this week’s TEEN TITANS #7, we see the team really finding it’s footing… but are they ready to take on N.O.W.H.E.R.E? Not quite.
A killer read, as always.
Wanna jump on board? We’ve got issues 1-6 in stock to catch you up to this week’s #7.
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RACHEL RISING TPB VOL.1 SHADOW OF DEATH – Terry Moore, creator of STRANGERS in PARADISE and ECHO, delivers his latest and greatest in trade paperback this Wednesday.
A must-read slice-of-life weird science kinda noir.
We’re huge fans of Terry Moore here at Third Eye. His artwork is incredible, with it’s clean line-work, and the sheer amount of personality he’s able to put into his characters. It’s really awesome stuff.
So, whenever he’s rocking something out, we’re paying close attention, and his latest series is a real favorite, RACHEL RISING.
Rachel Beck wakes in a shallow grave and claws her way free as a mysterious woman watches from a bluff. With no memory of the night before, Rachel enlists the help of Aunt Johnny, the town mortician, to find her killer. But when repeated attacks send her to the morgue, Rachel’s ability to wake from death again and again proves to be a blessing AND a curse, and the eerie town of Manson will never be the same.
This trade paperback collects the first 6 issues of RACHEL RISING, and folks: just trust us on this one, you’ll love it.
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STEVE: SUPERCROOKS #1 - Mark Millar ALWAYS delivers, man, always. Another super rad new series from one of our big favorites here at Third Eye.
TRISH:  - BATMAN #7 - Scott Snyder = my favorite thing in comics right now. Seriously, he does no wrong. This was a great issue!
TORMA:  JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 - Love the new take on Sha-Zam! Can’t wait to see more… plus the new Authority-esque spin on the JLA is pretty good too.

SHAUN: HOAX HUNTERS #0  -  Crows are freaky. Space is freaky. Crow-spewing astronaut suits? Don’t get me started! HOAX HUNTERS is a fantastic concept. If you’ve ever seen a paranormal investigation show and thought “What a bunch of hooey,” this will get you thinking twice!
RYAN: JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 - Always delivers!

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