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This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 4/17/13

The IMAGE hit FIVE GHOSTS: HAUNTING OF FABIAN GREY continues with this Wednesday's FIVE GHOSTS #2
We were completely and totally blown away by this IMAGE debut last month, and are totally stoked to see the second issue hitting us so soon with this week's FIVE GHOSTS: HAUNTING OF FABIAN GREY #2.
This pulpy post-modern masterpiece of a comic is one of the most exciting debuts of 2013, and we cannot give it enough praise.
Picture this: Fabian Grey is a treasure hunter of the highest caliber. Picture Indiana Jones through the eyes of Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.
And, Fabian has a little bit of an unfair advantage -- he's got five ghosts that've all gifted him with supernatural abilities that he uses to help him achieve his means.
The Detective. The Archer. The Vampire. The Wizard. The Samurai. Fabian can call upon these unique abilities as he so desires, but... is he the only one with such a gift?
That's what we're going to find out in this week's issue #2, as he finds himself in the ALTAR OF THE SPIDER-GOD!
This is one of the most kick-ass, and exciting new books we've seen in quite some time, Third Eye Faithful, and again, we cannot give it enough props.
Wanna jump on board? We've got issue 1 in stock now to catch you up to this week's #2.
Make Sure to Snag the FIVE GHOSTS #2 Phantom Variant by BEN TEMPLESMITH!
The second issue of FIVE GHOSTS also features one of those totally nifty PHANTOM VARIANTS, like the first.
These are extremely limited, as they're only released to less than 30 stores worldwide, and we're pretty stoked to be one of them!
Make sure you snag your own this week for just $3.50, Third Eye Faithful!
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AGE OF ULTRON #6 -- The Heroes of the Marvel Universe Strike At ULTRON with a VENGEANCE!
The AGE OF ULTRON continues to kick ass as one of the better MARVEL event stories we've seen, and is doing a fantastic job of setting the stage for the highly anticipated Marvel: INFINITY event.
Set one year in the future from the present day MARVEL NOW, AGE OF ULTRON is a bleak look at a future where nearly all of the Marvel heroes have been slaughtered by Ultron's robot armies.. and a brave few are all that stand between him and total conquest.
In this week's #6, the heroes take the fight to ULTRON, with a near-broken CAPTAIN AMERICA taking the lead!
Meanwhile, WOLVERINE takes it upon himself to make one of the most controversial decisions in the history of Marvel Comics.. and you'll never believe who goes along with him.
Wanna get on board? We've got issues 1-5 in stock now to catch you up to this week's #6.
Click here for the official Third Eye Guide to AGE OF ULTRON!
Click here for a preview of AGE OF ULTRON #6
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"CHEW" writer JOHN LAYMAN teams with legendary artist SAM KIETH (THE MAXX) to deliver a killer stand-alone ALIENS graphic novel this Wednesday
Folks: we love CHEW, so therefore, we love Chew's writer JOHN LAYMAN. And, we also love THE MAXX, and the unique and one-of-a-kind art style of MAXX artist SAM KIETH.
Put the two together with one of our favorite sci-fi worlds, and you've got yourself a treat.
On a distant, frozen world, "artifical persons" are manufactured in discreet seclusion.
With formidable new security synthetics coming online, how better to test their mettle than against a hive of deadly xenomorphs?
But as Socialization Specialist Jean DuPaul sees her ever-more-human androids charges sent to their destruction, she learns that the most savage species in the universe is man.
A stand-alone graphic novella; this is one of the raddest little ventures into the world of ALIENS that we've seen in quite some time.
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SMALLVILLE: SEASON 11 TPB VOL.1 THE GUARDIAN -- The fan-favorite television series continues in this new series! Get the first story arc collected in one volume now!
Third Eye Faithful, we know there's a TON of you guys who're HUGE fans of the television series SMALLVILLE, and like ourselves, you wanted to see how it'd end, right?
Well, now, we get the official in-continuity, canon continuation of the SMALLVILLE series with DC Comics's SMALLVILLE: SEASON 11 series.
This trade paperback collects the first story arc of SMALLVILLE SEASON 11, which picks up right where the long-running CW series ended.
Smallville Season 11 explores Clark Kent's understanding of his true power as Superman, as was as his ability to inspire the people of Earth.
Featuring fan-favorites like Oliver Queen / Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and General Lane, the SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 comics are KILLER.
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MANHATTAN PROJECTS VOL.2 -- EAST OF WEST Writer JONATHAN HICKMAN'S other amazing IMAGE series continues to impress with this Wednesday's MANHATTAN PROJECTS VOL.2
You guys know from our praise of last month's EAST OF WEST that we're HUGE fans of the writer JONATHAN HICKMAN. I mean, this guy delivers so many of our favorite comics that we can't help but fanboy out over his stuff; it's THAT good!
In this second amazing volume of the SCIENCE, BAD book of the new millenium, wes ee the battle for Global Supremacy is underway and the bad men of the MANHATTAN PROJECTS will only accept one outcome: WORLD DOMINATION.
Collecting issues 6-10 of the coolest new series of the year into one super science package, we know many of you are going to be stoked the news about this one hitting this week.
What's the MANHATTAN PROJECTS all about? What if the research, and development department created to produce the first atomic bomb was a front for a series of other, more unusual, programs?
Taking real historical figures, and weaving an incredible tale of fiction and fantasy around them, the MANHATTAN PROJECTS is the ultimate comic for fans of series like DOCTOR WHO, TORCHWOOD, PLANETARY, and of course, anyone who digs the smart, layered storytelling of Jonathan Hickman on books like EAST OF WEST, PAX ROMANA and the RED WING.
Wanna get on board? We've got the first trade paperback in stock now to catch you up to this week's volume 2.
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We are so loving Rick Remender & John Romita Jr's incredible run of CAPTAIN AMERICA, it's ridiculous. The weird blend of psychotronic Jack Kirby magic that Remender and Rmoita bring to the modern Marvel Universe here is an incredible dynamic, and really makes the book a joy to read.
I cannot remember a time when I enjoyed Captain America this much, seriously. It hasn't been since the early Brubaker days during WINTER SOLDIER, that I've dug the book this much.
After having been tricked into the weird world of Dimension Z, Steve Rogers finds himself fighting on a hostile, alien world as he attempts to protect a young child from the evil machinations of Arnim Zola.
Wanna get caught up? We've got issues 1-5 in stock now to catch you up to this week's #6.
Click here for a preview of CAPTAIN AMERICA #6
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From the Publishers of ATOMIC ROBO!
Folks, every so often, an indie gem will shine out to us, and really catch our eye, and BODIE TROLL is one of those little oddities that really stands out.
Bringing a unique blend of strong, and smart storytelling ala STUFF OF LEGEND, MOUSE GUARD, the AMULET and more together with a over-the-top uber-cutesy style, BODIE TROLL is the only troll who really just plain sucks at their job of, well, being a troll.
In the fairytale village of Hagadorn lurks Bodie Troll, a fuzzy little grump who wants to be big and scary but is doomed to be cute and cuddly, and no help from his Fairy Godmother, employer, or barmaid-bestfriend can change that.
But what Bodie lacks in terror, he makes up for in mischief. Silly and suspenseful adventures await just beyond his bridge.
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We've been huge fans of RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS for quite some time now, and this Wednesday's RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #19 features a MAJOR shift in the direction of the title... and folks, you're gonna be left with your jaws on the floor.
We won't go into too much detail about what's in store, but trust us: this is one of the biggest shocks of the whole DC Gatefold month event that we've seen yet.
This also marks a great jumping on point for the RED HOOD title, so if you've been looking for a good spot to get into the series, here's your chance!
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TMNT VILLAINS: MICRO-SERIES #1 featuring KRANG begins a series of one-shots telling the origins and present-day motivations of the greatest villains in the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES line-ups
You guys know we love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stuff that IDW has been doing, and we're totally stoked to see them delving into the back stories of the most infamous Turtles bad guys with their new Micro-Series of one-shots.
The first one showcases Krang, showing us how he was not always the feared Warlord he is today.
Once he was the spoiled prince of a falling dynasty. One disastrous mission to a penal colony planet changed all of that, and there, stranded by himself and surrounded by enemies, Krang will face the ultimate test for survival.
See how this seemingly helpless alien grew to become a legend.. and a leader!
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The first arc of the new MARVEL NOW Avengers series arrives this Wednesday in AVENGERS VOL.1 AVENGERS WORLD
Jonathan Hickman, the writer of EAST OF WEST, MANHATTAN PROJECTS, and much more pairs up with JEROME OPENA, the artist of UNCANNY X-FORCE: THE DARK ANGEL SAGA to deliver one of the best damn riffs on the Avengers we've seen yet.
In AVENGERS VOL.1, the Avengers "go large," expanding their roster and sphere of influence to a global and even interplanetary level.
When Captain America puts out his call, who will respond? The answers will surprise you.
The Avengers' first mission takes them to Mars, but the secrets of the Garden lead right back to Earth's Savage Land!
And when the Shi'ar Imperial Guard are broken on a dead moon, the Avengers travel across the galaxy to battle an invading force. It all leads into the telling of the secret origin of the universe itself.
Hickman brings on his unique knack for building clever, smart and deep superhero stories to the Marvel NOW, and we're loving it.
This is THE Avengers book to read, Third Eye Faithful.
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Grant Morrison & Darick Robertson's killer IMAGE series HAPPY arrives this Wednesday in trade paperback!
We are HUGE fans of both Grant Morrison, and Darick Robertson. Their work on books like THE INVISIBLES, THE FILTH, BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOYS, and TRANSMETROPOLITAN makes them both major all-stars in our eyes.
This Wednesday, the combination of two of our favorites arrives in the form of HAPPY!
This graphic novel collects the entire 4-issue run of the totally twisted, and over-the-top saga that Morrison and Robertson put out under IMAGE COMICS this past year.
Meet NICK SAX -- a corrupt, intoxicated ex-cop turned hit-man, adrift in a stinking twilight world of casual murder, soulless sex, and betrayal.
With a hit gone wrong, a bullet in his side, the cops and the mob on his tail, and a monstrous child killer in a Santa suit on the loose, nick and his world will be changed forever this Christmas. By a tiny blue horse called Happy...
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BATMAN: YEAR ONE HUNDRED -- The classic by Third Eye favorite, PAUL POPE, returns to print this Wednesday
You guys know that we're pretty freakin' huge fans of the artist PAUL POPE, so whenever we have a chance to rain praise upon the man, we're gonna do it.
This Wednesday, Pope's incredible, critically acclaimed BATMAN: YEAR ONE HUNDRED arrives back into print, and we could not be more stoked to turn you guys onto this one!
Collecting the entire 4-issue miniseries, BATMAN YEAR ONE HUNDRED drops us into Gotham City -- circa 2039.
A federal agent is murdered, leaving the Batman, a forgotten icon from the past, wanted for the murder.
Who is the Batman of YEAR ONE HUNDRED... and what kind of strange, and fascinating world surrounds him?
This graphic novel also reprints Pope's incredible "Berlin Batman" story, set in 1939, which was previously only available in BATMAN CHRONICLES #11.
One of the best modern artists in comics, ANYTHING by PAUL POPE has must-read status, so if you haven't yet read YEAR ONE HUNDRED, make sure you check it out this Wednesday.
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Trapped in an alternate reality, the Human must make his way to the House of Gold & Bones as he is chased by a crazed mob, and taunted by a mysterious ally, known only as Allen.
What the Human discovers on his journey will either be his salvation.. or his destruction.
Inspired by Taylor's own HOUSE OF GOLD & BONES album, this nightmarish horror story is a pretty intriguing new read.
Snag yourself a copy this Wednesday!
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NOVA #3 -- The breakout hit MARVEL NOW series of 2013 continues! One of our favorite new books of the year!
Folks, we're telling ya: NOVA is one of the best new books of the MARVEL NOW line-up, without a shadow of a doubt!
This book continues to be one of the best things going, and it's only 3 issues in! Jeph Loeb is on point, crafting one of his most compelling stories to date, and artist Ed McGuinness  is seriously bringing his A game to the book in a major way.
In this week's NOVA #3, we're shown that it's Sam Alexander's Training Day, and with the Guardians of the Galaxy's Gamora and Rocket Raccoon in charge, Nova soon learns that old lesson: Practice Makes Painful.
The new NOVA series is a real shining star in Marvel's already impressive MARVEL NOW line-up.
It delivers the unique, fresh, and innovative kind of comics quality that we've grown accustomed to in books like Waid's DAREDEVIL, Fraction's HAWKEYE, and Bendis's ALL NEW X-MEN.
Imagine classic '80s coming-of-age sci-fi movies like THE LAST STARFIGHTER, blend in the dynamic worldbuilding of AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER, and you've got yourself the new NOVA.
Wanna get on board? We've got issues 1 & 2 in stock now to catch you up to this Wednesday's #3.
Click here for a preview of NOVA #3
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Before THE BOYS, before IRREDEEMABLE, there was 
We are HUGE fans of Marshal Law, and we totally love Kevin O'Neill's incredible artwork; which there still isn't enough of out there to satisfy us!
Finally back in print, Marshal Law returns in a gorgeous, deluxe edition hardcover.
The futuristic law official is charged with policing super-heroes gone rogue by any means necessary, all while fighting his own self-hatred for being the thing he hates most: a super-hero.
The centerpiece of this massive volume is the six-part tale in which Marshal Law hunts down the Sleepman, a serial killer who is somehow connected to the popular hero known as the Public Spirit.
A very dark look at the world of superheroes and metahumans, Marshal Law is a MUST for fans of series like THE BOYS, IRREDEEMABLE, BRAT PACK, and more.
Collecting over 450 pages of MARSHAL LAW goodness into one awesome slab, this is THE most complete graphic novel collection of Marshal Law to date!
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As a child of the '80s, I've got a major soft spot for pretty much anything He-Man-related, and I'm totally stoked to see this new ongoing HE-MAN series hitting the racks this week!
While the Masters of the Universe mourn the loss of a fallen friend, Hordak infiltrates Eternia!
Featuring the Return of She-Ra, now known as Despara, the most lethal weapon in Hordak's army, she's made her return to Eternia as He-Man's deadliest enemy to date.
A fantastic modern spin on a classic world, the new HE-MAN ongoing looks to be pretty darn kick-ass.
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REVIVAL continues to be one of our favorite IMAGE titles on the stands. One part rural crime noir ala FARGO or NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, and one part utterly chilling horror in the vein of THE EXORCIST -- this series manages to blend the horror and thriller genres into one compelling read with some of the best written characters in comics today.
What's REVIVAL all about? For one day in rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life. Now it's up to Officer Dana Cypress to deal with the media scrutiny, religious zealots, and government quarantine that has come with them.
In a town where the living have to learn to deal with those who are supposed to be dead, Officer Cypress must solve a brutal murder, and everyone, alive or undead, is a suspect.
Eerie as all get out, REVIVAL is one of our current faves, and we highly recommend it.
Wanna get into it? We can get you started with the first graphic novel, collecting issues 1-5, and then get you caught up from there.
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SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #8 -- The saga of Doc Ock and Peter Parker's inner battle continues!
We've been totally hooked on SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, as Dan Slott has really done an incredible job of bringing fresh, new direction to the Wallcrawler... and he's done it by putting Otto Octavius in the body of Peter Parker, and having him dead set on proving WHY he is a Superior Spider-Man.
In this week's SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #8, Peter Parker takes a stand!
With a villain acting like a hero and a hero acting like a villain, one man has decided that enough is enough.
To save the life of one of Spider-Man's enemies, Peter Parker fights to regain control of his body, his mind, and his destiny... is this the beginning of the end of Otto Octavius?
This series continues to be one of the most interesting, and incredible things on the stands.
Imagine the final episodes of the David Tennant-era DOCTOR WHO stuff... but with Spider-Man; that's how the storytelling is feeling here. Very cool stuff.
Wanna get caught up? We've got SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN 1-7 in stock now to catch you up to this week's #8.
Click here for a preview of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #8
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Who doesn't love DARTH VADER? I mean, c'mon, one of the most iconic and interesting characters in modern storytelling, DARTH VADER just SCREAMS cool. He's like the Iggy Pop of Science Fiction.
And, Dark Horse Comics seems to agree, as they deliver us a brand new mini-series starring the Dark Lord of the Sith.
Eight assassins hired to murder Darth Vader -- eight assassins dead.
Now the man who enlisted them seeks a ninth assassin. The price? A cost higher than all the credits in his bottomless coffers.
But when it comes to avenging his son, no sacrifice is too great to acquire the one man who can kill the Dark Lord of the Sith?
Which bounty hunter will take this job.. and how will he try to succeed?
Snag yourself a copy this Wednesday!
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We loved this little mini-series from IMAGE COMICS last year, and are stoked to see it getting a beautiful presentation with a nice deluxe hardcover collection of the entire arc.
Livers, kidneys, and rogue medical teams... these are just a few of the things you'll find in Harvest.
Welcome to Dr. Benjamin Dane's nightmare.
His only way out? Bring down the man who set him up for murder by reclaiming organs already placed in some very powerful people.
The only people Dane can count on are an ex-Yakuza assassin and a six year-old drug fiend.
If Dexter, ER and 100 Bullets were put together in a blender, it'd be HARVEST.
Snag yourself a copy this Wednesday for just $19.99.
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We've got three great PHANTOM VARIANTS for you guys this week, with the second Ben Templesmith cover of FIVE GHOSTS #2, and then two more interconnecting REVIVAL variants, one on this week's REVIVAL #9, and then one on REVIVAL #4.
While we'll have plenty in stock this week to hook you up, make sure you jump on these fast, as the Phantom Variants are very limited in quantity, and tend to move quickly.
What is a Phantom Variant? Only available in 30 comic book stores worldwide, the Phantom Variant program is a way of showcasing the hottest comics with unique cover art, and high concept themed variant covers.
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STEVE: SAGA #12 - Aw, c'mon... you know we can't NOT pick SAGA!
TRISH: WALKING DEAD #109 - Tough call between SAGA and WALKING DEAD but WALKING DEAD always wins.
TORMA: BATMAN #19 - Keeps getting better! Loving this book
MATT: BATMAN #19 - Another KILLER issue of BATMAN!
SHAUN:  SAGA #12 - Keeps on impressing with each issue!
RYAN: SAGA #12 - SAGA!!!!!!

JOHN: BATMAN #19 - Can't wait to see where the series is heading next!

LEXI: SAGA #12  - Another amazing issue of SAGA. This book keeps on ruling!

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