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This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 11/5/14

Spider-Verse BEGINS in this week's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9, kicking off the biggest Spider-Man story arc in ages! Jump on with ASM #9 this week!

Okay, Third Eye Faithful, you've been hearing us rant and rave for weeks now about how fan-freaking-tastic Marvel's preludes into SPIDER-VERSE have been, and you know by now: this is a big one.
This Wednesday, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN kicks off the first official chapter of Spider-Verse in issue #9, and if you're not already reading, now is the time to jump on board this huge arc that brings together Spider-Men and Spider-Women from all sorts of different alternate universes.
And, of course, the one and only Spider-Gwen will be playing a major role in the upcoming events of Spider-Verse as well!
What's Spider-Verse about? SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN writer DAN SLOTT and superstar artist OLIVIER COIPEL (AVENGERS VS. X-MEN) team up to bring us a new force of evil that threatens every Spider-Character in the multiverse, and as such: EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER is needed to save hte day!
From Spider-Ham to Spider-Man 2099 and beyond, they're all here, and Third Eye Faithful: it is too awesome.
Want to get into SPIDER-VERSE? You can either jump on board fresh with this week's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 *Chapter One*,  OR, we can get you caught up with all the prelude chapters in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE, and beyond!
Click here for our Third Eye Guide to Spider-Verse to get the full scoop on what's come out so far, and we'll get you up to speed!
Click here for a preview of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9

Tooth & Claw #1 Debuts this Wednesday from Image Comics Delivering Conan Meets Game of Thrones Awesomeness!

We're huge fans of Kurt Busiek's now-classic ASTRO CITY series, which was a huge Image Comics hit back in the late '90s, so when we saw the superstar writer was returning to the big I, we knew we were in for a real treat.
In TOOTH & CLAW #1, MARVELS & ASTRO CITY Writer KURT BUSIEK teams with rising star artist BEN DEWEY for an all-new ongoing series that reads like CONAN THE BARBARIAN meets GAME OF THRONES meets PLANET OF THE APES.
In this all original high-fantasy epic for mature readers, we're shown a secret conclave of wizards who bring a legendary champion back through time to save the world, but with disastrous consequences!
Jaw-dropping art, incredible storytelling, TOOTH & CLAW is one of the most promising new IMAGE titles we've seen in a minute, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it this week at Third Eye! Make sure you snag a copy, and give it a shot!
Click here for a preview of TOOTH & CLAW #1

DC Comics debuts their LEGO Variant covers for NOVEMBER! All cover price! :)

Collect the full set of this November's DC Lego Variants!
We're loving the themed monthly variants DC has been doing in lieu of their more traditional variants, and this week kicks off the totally awesome LEGO variants featuring your favorite DC Universe heroes in inimitable LEGO style!
This week, we start off with a bang with:
  • GRAYSON #4
Want to get the full scoop on the LEGO variants, see a gallery of all the ones coming out and find out how to reserve a full set? Click here.


In case you didn't already know this: we are HUGE fans of comic writer SCOTT SNYDER, and his incredible work on BATMAN: COURT OF OWLS all the way up through the current BATMAN: ENDGAME storyline.
Even more so, we love what he's done on great horror series like AMERICAN VAMPIRE and the new IMAGE hit, WYTCHES.
So, when we saw his horror / sci-fi hybrid THE WAKE was arriving in hardcover this week, we knew we had to give you guys the full 411 on why you gotta have this in your life!
In this 10-issue maxiseries, Snyder and the incredibly talented SEAN MURPHY deliver a chilling tale like no other. When Marine Biologist Lee Archer is approached by the Dept. of Homeland Security for help with a new threat, she declines but quickly realizes they won't take 'no' for an answer.
Soon, she's plunging to the depths of the Arctic Circle to a secret, underwater oil rig filled with roughnecks and scientists on the brink of an incredible discovery.
But, when things go horribly wrong, this scientific safe haven will turn into a house of horrors at the bottom of the ocean.
If you love the atmosphere of John Carpenter's the THING, or just downright great comics in general, then you have gotta snag the WAKE!


Don't forget, Third Eye Faithful, you can meet the writer of THE WAKE at Third Eye on Saturday 1/17/15 for our huge signing with SCOTT SNYDER in celebration of his new IMAGE series WYTCHES!
Click here for the full event details!

Marvel's EPIC AXIS event continues with AVENGERS / X-MEN: AXIS #4 this Wednesday!

We are absolutely loving the direction that Marvel is heading with their incredible AXIS crossover event, and as the INVERSION continues, we're taken deeper into this massive storyline that will change the face of the Marvel Universe as we know it!
In issue #4, the fate of the Red Skull is decided -- a founding AVENGER quits -- and, we get to witness the birth of KLUH... the strongest one there is.
Meanwhile, Doctor Doom brings Latveria crashing down, and the X-Men find themselves forced to join their greatest foe of all-time.
Folks, AXIS is the definition of bigger-than-life, Marvel action, and with the Marvel cinematic cue taking huge inspiration from recent Marvel events like CIVIL WAR and INFINITY, you better believe that this one is going to have an impact on both the regular Marvel comics universe and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Want to know more about AXIS? Click here for our THIRD EYE GUIDE TO AXIS.
Click here for a preview of AVENGERS / X-MEN: AXIS #4

Avatar the Last Airbender Vol.9 - THE RIFT PT 3 arrives this week from DARK HORSE COMICS!

The fine folks at Dark Horse have done such a great job of making the AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER COMICS that whenever we see a new one on the horizon, we just about lose our minds with excitement!
The next installment in the ongoing saga of the Airbender universe arrives this week with AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER - THE RIFT PART 3, bringing the next three-part saga to it's conclusion.
This is the ultimate continuation of AVATAR, and the perfect companino to KORRA, featuring in-continuity, canon storylines from the same folks who've brought you the Avatar animated series!
Want to get started with the AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER comics? We recommend snagging AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER THE PROMISE VOL.1 and beginning there! We have all volumes in stock & available now!

The red hot new GRAYSON ongoing series continues with GRAYSON #4 this week! Love Nightwing? Read this!

DC has done such an incredible job with their new GRAYSON series, we're totally hooked, and cannot wait for each and every issue of this one!
As writer TOM KING crafts one heck of an awesome read, GRAYSON continues to pull us in with the stellar art of Mikel Janin, and this week's issue #4 takes our hero deeper into the organized chaos that is SPYRAL!
Can he keep track of all the lies? Or will he fall apart once he can no longer tell fact from fiction?
The era of NIGHTWING has ended, and now, we're living in the high-espionage, spy-centric era of GRAYSON, and we're loving it!
Want to get caught up on the series? We've got issues 1-3 in stock now to get you current!

Image Comics debuts the incredible new ongoing mayhem of THE HUMANS with this week's THE HUMANS #1! Imagine PLANET OF THE APES meets SONS OF ANARCHY!

Third Eye Faithful, we are absolutely positively HOOKED on the awesomeness that is HUMANS, and cannot wait to get you guys on board this incredible new IMAGE COMICS series that totally kicks butt on every single level.
This is a high octane, no-holds-barred, ape-biker-gang chopper cruise back into the era of 1970s exploitation genre bliss!
Apart, they are nothing -- deemed by society as outcasts, misfits, losers, and no good punks, but together: they are the HUMANS!
Follow Bobby, Johnny, and all THE HUMANS as they fight and fly down the road to oblivion on a ride filled with chains, sex, leather, denim, hair, blood, bananas, and chrome!
The Humans is one long and twisted ride through biker gang warfare, drug running, corrupt cops, semi-truck hijackings, Vietnam flashbacks, major ultra-violent, a strip club called the Forbidden Zone, and bloody vengeance.. and it is amazing!
Imagine SONS OF ANARCHY by way of PLANET OF THE APES and that sums up THE HUMANS perfectly!
Click here for a preview of THE HUMANS #1

ATTACK ON TITAN VOL.14 arrives this week at Third Eye!

You guys know us: we're HUGE fans of the manga series ATTACK ON TITAN, and it's very awesome take on the survival horror genre, and Third Eye Faithful, if you're not reading the series yet -- we have got to get you on board, even if you're not normally big into manga normally!
In volume 14, what's left of humanity lives in fear for their lives, as humankind dwindles down to just a few thousand people who live within a city surrounded by three cocentric walls.
The walls protect them from the relentless Titans, a race of ravenous giants known as the Titans, who have one purpose: to consume humanity.
However, a new sighting of Titans taller than before, taller than the walls of their city, has put the remnants of humanity into defense mode -- and that, Third Eye Faithful, is where ATTACK ON TITAN kicks off into pure awesomeness.
Want to get into it? We can get you on board with volume 1, and catch you up from there!

Image Comics hit BIRTHRIGHT continues to blend real world drama with otherworldly fantasy in BIRTHRIGHT #2 this week!

We were utterly impressed with the debut issue of last month's BIRTHRIGHT, and with issue #2 hitting this week, we just gotta remind you guys why this book is a must-read, must-have, Third Eye Faithful!
As the line between fantasy and delusion blurs, we're shown the aftermath of issue #1, where the Rhodes family is looking for answers -- and nothing is what it seems!
What's BIRTHRIGHT about? For the RHODES family, losing their son was the most devastating thing that could've ever occurred.. but it couldn't prepare them for the hell they would live through until he one day returns, with stories of adventure in a far away land where orcs, dragons, and more are as common as trucks and cars.
Written by NAILBITER scribe JOSHUA WILLIAMSON, BIRTHRIGHT is a must-read for fans of Saga, Battle Chasers, Lord of the Rings and video games like Final Fantasy.
Want to get on board? We've got issue 1 in stock now to catch you up to this  week's issue #2!

Charles Soules follows up the DEATH OF WOLVERINE with DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE WEAPON X PROGRAM #1 this week at Third Eye! 

We're loving the tale that Charles Soule has weaved with his incredible DEATH OF WOLVERINE limited series (all 4 issues in stock and available now!), and even more so, the incredible and intriguing aftermath he's building with this week's DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE WEAPON X PROGRAM series.
In WEAPON X PROGRAM #1, the escaped subjects of the revamped WEAPON X program flee increasingly deadly attempts to bring them back under control.
What will kill them first -- their pasts, their strange new powers, or their mysterious connection to the now-deceased WOLVERINE?
Click here for a preview of DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE WEAPON X PROJECT #1?

    dowlogan1smallThe Marvel U mourns Wolverine's passing in DEATH OF WOLVERINE: LIFE AFTER LOGAN #1

The news of logan's death hasn't been easy for those who knew him best -- so, what do you do when you've got a runt-sized hole in your heart?
This one-shot shows that there's only one way to celebrate a man who who was the best there was at what he did, even though what he did wasn't always that nice.
A great addition to your DEATH OF WOLVERINE line-up, this features some of Wolverine's closest allies, and fiercest enemies reacting to his death in a major way.
Click here for a preview of DEATH OF WOLVERINE LIFE AFTER LOGAN #1

Fairy Quest: Outcasts #1 brings Humberto Ramos's incredible FAIRY QUEST series to the stands!

We're huge fans of Humberto Ramos's incredible artwork, and he really shines in a fantasy environment, which means FAIRY QUEST looks AMAZING!
In the same vein as series like FABLES, FAIREST, ONCE UPON A TIME, and more, FAIRY QUEST tells the tale of Red and Mister Woof, who reside in a magical place known as Fablewood.
In Fablewood, all stories that've ever been told live side-by-side. But, it is an evil place, overseen by the awful Mister Grimm and his cadre of Think Police.
Red and Woof want to escape to a world where their friendship isn't prohibited, but nothing can prepare them for what lies ahead in the Dark Forest.
Totally awesome -- snag a copy this week, and find out why we're big fans of FAIRY QUEST!

Southern Bastard & Scalped writer JASON AARON continues his brutal new series MEN OF WRATH this week in MEN OF WRATH #2!

Holy crap: MEN OF WRATH #1 hit us like a ton of bricks -- I mean, going in, we knew that SOUTHERN BASTARDS, SCALPED, and PUNISHERMAX writer JASON AARON could do some hard-hitting stuff, but this may be his most brutal comic yet!
In MEN OF WRATH #2, we dig deeper into the bloodstained history of the Raths, an Alabama family caught in a generational cycle of violence.
Are all members of this clan of killers cursed to live and die by the sword, or can one of them break the chain?
Third Eye Faithful, you may be wondering: what's MEN OF WRATH about? Ever since Great Grandfather Isom killed a man over some sheep, a black cloud has hung over the Rath family. Now, over a century later, Ira Rath, the coldest hitman to ever walk on Alabama soil, has taken a job that will decide the fate of his cursed family once and for all.
A must for fans of Aaron's other series, SOUTHERN BASTARDS, as well as comics like PUNISHER MAX and Garth Ennis's PREACHER, Men of Wrath is a fantastic new read, and we cannot recommend it enough.
Want to get on board? We've got issue 1 in stock now to catch you up to this week's issue 2.

The awesomeness that is Skottie Young's ROCKET RACCOON series continues this week in ROCKET RACCOON #5!

Man, this new ROCKET RACCOON series is truly AWESOME, and we cannot get enough of it! In this week's issue #5, Rocket and Groot are reunited, and we get to see just how our hero who's most definitely not a Raccoon, gets the bad guys... with a little help from his friends: Guns and Groot.
Skottie Young's art makes every page of this book a treat for all, and Third Eye Faithful, if you're still not reading it, we highly recommend scooping issues 1-4, all in stock and available now to get you current!
Click here for a preview of ROCKET RACCOON #5

Image explores American history with AMERICAN LEGENDS #1 this week!

So, Third Eye Faithful, we know you guys are always looking for new and interesting approaches with comics, and many of you dig cool alternate history stuff, so this seemed like one we just had to shout out!
In Image / Top Cow's AMERICAN LEGENDS, we're going to see a 5-issue weekly series depicting the extraordinary exploits of pioneers like DAVY CROCKETT, MIKE FINK, and SALLY ANN THUNDER on a quest to save the LEWIS & CLARK expedition and thwart a conspiracy hatched by Napoleon to destroy the promising future of a young American nation.
Featuring a unique look at the Hatfields & McCoys, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, Sacagawea, and many, many more.
These are the stories of the great frontiersmen who explored the magical and savage frontier before becoming mythical heroes in American folklore.


DEADPOOL VS. X-FORCE arrives in graphic novel this Wednesday!

Man, we loved the 4-part DEADPOOL VS. X-FORCE miniseries, that took our beloved Merc with a Mouth straight back to the 1990s for some true '90s nostalgia, of course, through a slightly skewed modern day lens!
In this new tale, we're shown the pair's first meeting -- as Cable and his nascent X-Force race through the timestream to stop the reckless mercenary Deadpool before he destroys American history for good!
From the Boxer rebellion to the present day, can Cable's team stop Deadpool from rewriting the timeline? He's Dead-set on victory, but they're eXtra-For-sure not gonna let him win!
A must-read for any DEADPOOL fan, this one was a blast, and now you can get the entire series in graphic novel!

John Carter returns in the new John Carter Warlord of Mars #1 this Wednesday!

Dynamite has always done great with their comic takes on classic pulp characters, and this brand new John Carter series is no exception! This brand new, monthly series officially authorized by Edgard Rice Burroughs, Inc. takes us back to the exotic landscape of Barsoom, as John Carter has to save his adopted world, not to mention his beloved Dejah Thoris, from an enemy like no other he has ever faced!
John Carter must truly become Warlord of Mars against an adversary who is every bit his equal on the savage red planet!
An amazing new era for John Carter of Mars begins NOW!


The next Serenity graphic novel is here! Rejoice & scoop your copy of SERENITY: LEAVES ON THE WIND this Wednesday!

Hey Third Eye Faithful, we know that many of you love the world of FIREFLY / SERENITY just as much as we do, so you're probably just as thrilled to see the arrival of a brand new SERENITY graphic novel as well, right?
Yeah, we totally thought so! :)
In this official follow-up to the SERENITY film, circumstances force the crew to come out of hiding, and one of their own is captured, setting them on another mission of rescue and resistance!
Collecting the six-issue limited series, along with the 2012 Free Comic Book Day special, this is the official continuation of the SERENITY saga after the end of the film, as endorsed and overseen by Joss Whedon himself!


Tying into Spider-Verse this week comes SPIDER-VERSE TEAM-UP #1!

In addition to the first official chapter of SPIDER-VERSE in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9, we've also got the new SPIDER-VERSE TEAM-UP limited series debuting, which ties into the event perfectly!
Two Spidey-Stories per issue -- this one features the old-man Spidey from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #500 (remember him!?) and of course, the one and only SPIDER-HAM, as they team up to recruit.. BEN REILLY!
PLUS! Spider-Man Noir and the Six-Armed Spider-Man go on a mission that terrifies them more than anything they've EVER seen!
Totally fun, and totally awesome, this one is a must-snag, Third Eye Faithful!
Click here for a preview of SPIDER-VERSE TEAM-UP #1


WALKING DEAD VOL.22 TPB arrives this week delivering the next graphic novel of WALKING DEAD!

And, once again, WALKING DEAD continues to keep us totally hooked, as we explore the aftermath of ALL OUT WAR, and we discover.. a New Beginning!
This volume is a great starting point for the cast of WALKING DEAD as new characters are introduced, new alliances are formed and much more.
And, just like all the previous volumes, this one just leaves you on the edge of your seat, and wanting more with it's conclusion! Collecting issues 127-132!


DAY MEN TP VOL.1 (collecting 1-4) & DAY MEN #5 hit this week! Get on board this great new series with volume 1 for only $9.99!

Third Eye Faithful, one of the hidden gems of the last year from BOOM STUDIOS has been the fascinating vampire drama DAY MEN! In this smart, cutting edge take on the vampire genre, we're shown a world that is completely and utterly unique.
In DAY MEN, for thousands of years, the world has been controlled by the "50 Families", a secret network of vampire covens engaged in a timeless struggle for power.
But, when the sun rises, the vampires are forced to employ the services of a human who acts as their daytime fixer, and protector.
Trained for centuries to be the mortal soldiers for their vampire employers, the Day Men go forth at sunrise, alone into the world, to do the bidding of their sleeping benefactors.
Want to start reading DAY MEN? You can hop on board with the first trade, collecting 1-4, this week for only $9.99, and then snag issue #5, also releasing this week, to get current!

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