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This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 11/26/14

Sex Criminals & Hawkeye Writer MATT FRACTION debuts ODYC #1 this Wednesday from Image Comics!

An exciting new series from one of comics hottest writers!Third Eye Faithful, you guys know us: we're huge fans of writer Matt Fraction and his work on series like SEX CRIMINALS, CASANOVA, and of course, HAWKEYE!
So, when we saw that the Fractionater had a new series hitting shelves this week at Third Eye, we just knew we had to jump on that, and holy crap: it's by far our top pick this week!

An epic 26 centuries in the making: in the aftermath of a galactic war a hundred years long, Odyssia the Clever Champion and her compatriots begin their longest, strangest trip yet: the one home!
This gender-bent eye-popping psychedelic science fiction odyssey begins NOW, and we are totally stoked for it.
This is a very cool take on the Greek epic, the Odyssey,  and the artwork by Christian Ward is simply breath-taking. We cannot stress enough how pumped we are for ODYC, and highly recommend you snag yourself a copy of issue #1 on this new ongoing series this week at Third Eye!

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BATMAN ETERNAL arrives in graphic novel with BATMAN ETERNAL VOL.1, collecting issues 1-20 into one slab of awesome!

We've been loving the weekly comic goodness that is Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes, and more's BATMAN ETERNAL, so when we saw that the first graphic novel was hitting this week, collecting issues 1-20, we knew we had to give it some love!
In the wake of FOREVER EVIL, the world looks at heroes in a different light, creating tension between Batman and his allies and the Gotham City Police Department.
When a gang war breaks out, and new villains arise, it's up to the Dark Knight, Batgirl, and others to turn the tide as best as they can -- but will the GCPD be a help or a hindrance?
Plus: the one and only Stephanie Brown makes her new 52 Debut, so for all you Spoiler fans, she's back!
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BOOM STUDIOS debuts CAPTURE CREATURES this week at Third Eye!

This week BOOM STUDIOS launches a totally awesome new series that will rot your teeth out with cuteness, Third Eye Faithful, and we're serious, it's really that adorable.
Frank Gibson and Becky Drestadt do AMAZING artwork, and we're totally pumped to see them bringing their talents to an ongoing monthly series with CAPTURE CREATURES.
If you're a fan of BEE AND PUPPYCAT, or traded way too many Pokemon, then you need this book in your life.
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Gotham By Midnight #1 Launchs This Wednesday! 

Meet writer RAY FAWKES at Third Eye on Saturday 12/13/14! for our INTERSECT Signing
We're a big fan of the work that Ray Fawkes has been doing on series like CONSTANTINE and BATMAN ETERNAL, and we totally love artist BEN TEMPLESMITH, so when we saw the two were going to be teaming up to deliver us a look at the supernatural side of Gotham City, we knew we were in for a real treat.
Gotham By Midnight #1 arrives this week at Third Eye, showcasing Jim Corrigan, as he delves into the deep, and horrific supernatural underworld of Gotham!

Meet RAY FAWKES at Third Eye on Saturday 12/13/14!

1rayfawkesflyersmallMeet the writer / artist of INTERSECT at Third Eye this December for our huge INTERSECT signing!
Not only does Ray Fawkes do incredible work with the series INTERSECT, but he's also the writer of the above mentioned GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT, and we're totally amped to have him attending a big signing event at Third Eye!
Snag your copy of GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #1, and get it signed at our INTERSECT signing!
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SPIDER-VERSE Continues in SCARLET SPIDERS #1 This Wednesday

Together for the first time! Amidst the chaos of SPIDER-VERSE, three fan-favorite characters unite for a desperate mission into the unknown in the brand new ongoing SCARLET SPIDERS series!
We loved the hell out of the old SCARLET SPIDER series from a few years back, and this new one, featuring Kaine, Ben Reilly and Ultimate Jessica Drew uniting for a deadly operation behind enemy lines has us HOOKED.
When the Spiders discover one of the technological secrets that make Morlun and his family so powerful, it's up to the Scarlet Spiders to go deep behind enemy lines into one of hte most twisted realms Morlun's family rules to shut it down!
If they fail, every Spider from across the multiverse will face certain death!
What horrors await them across the multiverse?
Click here for our Third Eye Guide to Spider-Verse

LEGO Month wraps up with this week's DC Lego Variants!

DC's monthly themed variants have been pretty rad, but I gotta say: the LEGO covers are the best thing since their Bombshells covers from last Summer!
This is the final week of LEGO variants, so make sure you scoop up round 4 and get your set complete!
Here's the scoop on which ones are dropping this week at Third Eye:
Want to see a gallery of all the Lego variants coming out this month? Click 
 for our Third Eye Guide to DC Lego Month!
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TOE TAG RIOT #1 arrives this Wednesday from Black Mask delivering punk rock zombie madness! Zombies vs. Westboro Baptist Church!

Meet Matt Miner & Sean Von Gorman at Third Eye on Saturday 1/24/14
When we first saw pages from TOE TAG RIOT, we knew we had to totally get on board with this one!
A hilarious and gory tongue-in-cheek story, Toe Tag Riot is about a punk rock band cursed to become zombies whenever they perform.
The band goes on a last cross-country tour in search of the cure for their affliction, but being the ethical sometimes-zombie punks that they are, Toe Tag Riot uses their zombie superpowers to rid the world of racists, homophobes, misogynists, and all kinds of other nasty people.
Hey Third Eye Faithful, if the WBC is protesting this comic, then we're all about it!
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Jim Zub & Steven Cumming's hit ongoing IMAGE series WAYWARD continues with WAYWARD #4!

Imagine Studio Ghibli meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
We're so loving what's been going down with the new IMAGE series WAYWARD, and we cannot wait to see where the series heads in this week's issue #4!
As a storm rages across Tokyo, secrets deep beneath the city streets are revealed.
This incredible series is a must-read.. what's it all about? Rori Lane is trying to start a new life when she reunites with her mother in Japan, but ancient creatures lurking in the shadows of Tokyo sense something hidden deep within her, threatening everything she holds dear.
Can Rori unlock the secrets of her power before it's too late?
Imagine the aesthetic and appeal of Studio Ghibli's SPIRITED AWAY mixed with the wit and drama of Joss Whedon's BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and that sums up WAYWARD perfectly!
We've got issues 1-3 in stock now to catch you up to this week's issue 4!
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Worlds collide in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Ghostbusters #2!

The Turtles are trapped in the Ghostbusters dimension... along with a brand-new, all-powerful, all-crazy ghost from centuries past!
The two teams will have to act fast to save the day, but what happens when Casey Jones finds himself possessed by a demonic entity?
Folks: how can we NOT want to read this? We love the Ninja Turtles, and we love the Ghostbusters, so when you put the two together -- you know you're in for a real treat!
Need to get on board? We've got issue 1 in stock now to catch you up to this week's issue 2!
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Superior Iron Man #2 continues the incredible new series by INJUSTICE & EARTH-2 Writer TOM TAYLOR! 

Dude! The first issue of SUPERIOR IRON MAN was off the hook! We loved every second of it, and we cannot wait to read this week's issue #2!
Tom Taylor, the man who brought us the killer INJUSTICE comics and the totally rad EARTH 2 run with Darkseid-charged SUPERMAN, is doing bang up work with SUPERIOR IRON MAN, as Tony Stark is turned into a total, raging jerk.
And, along with his new transformation, comes a transformation for the city of San Francisco... into the prototype for his NEW WORLD concept!
But, Matt Murdock isn't down with Tony's new vision.
Can DAREDEVIL lead the rebellion against the Superior Iron Man?
Third Eye Faithful: if you dug SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, you're gonna love what they're doing with SUPERIOR IRON MAN. Give it a shot this week at Third Eye!
Need issue 1? We've got plenty of copies in stock to get you up to speed!
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LOCKE & KEY Writer JOE HILL takes on RAY BRADBURY in SHADOW SHOW #1 this Wednesday ! 

In SHADOW SHOW, acclaimed writers come together to pay tribute to the work of the one and only Ray Bradbury, the incomparable master storyteller who has given us such timeless classics as Fahrenheit 451, the Martian Chronicles, Illustrated Man, and more!
In this first issue, STUFF OF LEGEND artist CHARLES PAUL WILSON III teams up with JOE HILL to tell the haunting tale of Gail and Joe, two young teens, who form an unlikely bond over the discovery of a lifetime.
But their lives will soon be changed, forever altered by what they found that foggy day by the silver waters of Lake Champlain.
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Eerie new IMAGE hit RASPUTIN continues this week with RASPUTIN #2!

As huge fans of BEDLAM artist RILEY ROSSMO's artwork, we're totally into what he's doing with RASPUTIN, and cannot wait to read more.
With the ghost of his dead father for company, Rasputin leaves home for the monastery, where he fights monks, has a chat with God, and meets the man who will eventually murder him.
What's the scoop on RASPUTIN? It's Dracula at Downton Abbey, as we learn just what shaped the Mad Monk, and led to his poisoning, his beating, his stabbing, his shooting, his drowning, and heck, his being thrown in a frozen river.
One of the coolest and most enigmatic tales of history given a very cool supernatural twist.
Wanna hop on board? We've got issue 1 in stock now to catch you up!
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INHUMAN VOL.1 Genesis collects DEATH OF WOLVERINE writer CHARLES SOULE'S incredible reinvention of the INHUMANS!!

Third Eye Faithful, if you keep up with the Marvel movies, then you know that Marvel Studios has MAJOR plans for the Inhumans in the Marvel Universe and their upcoming films.
Why? 'Cause they can't get their hands on the X-Men from Fox, and well, also because the Inhumans are bad-ass.
Now, amidst all that movie hijinx, comes a really bright shining star: the series INHUMAN.
The incredibly talented CHARLES SOULE (DEATH OF WOLVERINE, SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN) is creating Marvel characters from scratch here, and changing the landscape in a big way.
The series features stunning artwork courtesy of Joe Mad, and Ryan Stegman, and it looks incredible.
In INHUMAN, Terrigen mist is moving across the world, transforming regular people into Inhumans with amazing powers.
But, not everyone thinks this is a good thing.
As the mysterious Lash takes an unwanted interest in the new Inhumans, Queen Medusa finds herself face-to-face with Captain America -- and it doesn't go well.
As the history of an ancient branch of Inhumans is uncovered, a newly transformed Inhuman named Flint sees his world fall apart!
When deposed Inhuman king the Unspoken returns, determined to regain his throne, he quickly takes the royal family captive and conquers Medusa's new island nation -- and now Flint and his fellow NuHumans must step up and embrace their destiny!
Collecting INHUMAN 1-6, snag a copy of INHUMAN VOL.1 GENESIS this week at Third Eye!
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Comic's Greatest Creators Bring Their Take to Hellboy in WEIRD TALES


We love pretty much all things HELLBOY, and when some of comics best writers and artists team up to deliver awesome tales of giant bats, demon children, jetpacks, haunted circuses, and rusted-out spaceships.. well, we tend to get a little stoked.
This gorgeous hardcover arrives this week at Third Eye, collecting all of those awesome stories and more, bringing together all the 'Weird Tales' HELLBOY mini-series, one-shots and more, for just $24.99.
Snag yourself a copy this week and add it to your HELLBOY library!

The new DEATHSTROKE series is incredible! Issue #2 drops this Wednesday! 

Tony Daniel is doing exactly the kind of kick-ass, in-your-face DEATHSTROKE comic we want to read, and we're pumped to see issue #2 on the way this week.
Slade Wilson's entire life is turned upside down after he learns that his involvement in a top-secret mission was wiped from his memory.
Now, a new mysterious enemy nkown as Odysseus has targeted Deathstroke and everyone involved in the decade-old mission.
With only fragments of his memories to work with, Deathstroke will have to see elp from allies he thought long dead to fight the men who wish to reshape the balance of global power.


I'm not gonna lie: we love PLANET OF THE APES. We love all the sequels, we love the comics, we love the new movies, heck, we love it all.
And, BOOM STUDIOS, has a long tradition of putting out totally killer, and totally compelling PLANET OF THE APES comics that expand on the mythology in a major way.
This week, DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES #1, brings the hardbitten world of POTA to life, dealing with both classic and modern POTA questions of what the true meaning of 'society' is, and if being 'civilized' is even possible in a world wracked with strife.
A must for fans of great post-apocalyptic fiction like THE ROAD, WALKING DEAD, 12 MOKNEYS and more.
This series bridges the 10 year gap between RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES films, showcasing the fall of humanity and the rise of Caesar's civilization.
While the apes of the world have yet to advance as a species, Caesar must find a way to unify them to one cause.
On the other side of the country, Malcom must venture into the decaying Americas with his family to find a cure for the plague slowly killing his wife, Rita.

The next DEADPOOL graphic novel arrives with DEADPOOL VOL.6 Original Sin this week!

So, we can't get enough of the Merc with a Mouth, and when a new volume of DEADPOOL arrives in graphic novel, we gotta shout it out!
In DEADPOOL VOL.6, Agent Preston follows a trail of secrets from Deadpool's past that leads her to a surprising situation requiring immediate attention.
Deadpool... has a daughter?
And there's much more to her life than meets the eye!
But, Deadpool is up to his neck fighting off Dracula's forces -- and he's recuited a time-displaced Dazzler to help him do it!
Even with her help, can Deadpool escape the gnawing fangs of the undead in time to safeguard his own flesh and blood? And, where did his daughter even come from?
Flash back to the grim and gritty 90s as we learn the dark secret of Deadpool's dark past!
Want to start reading DEADPOOL? This current run is a great place to start, and we've got volumes 1-5 in stock now to get you on board!

The kaiju giant monster awesomeness that is ENORMOUS continues in ENORMOUS #5!

Love GODZILLA? Love PACIFIC RIM? Love pretty much anything and everything regarding Kaiju and giant monsters from beyond? Then you need to be reading ENORMOUS.
In issue #6, up the stairs and down the hatch, Ellen Grace and her fellow survivors desperately scramble for cover as rescue appears on the horizon, but in this new world salvation and death are only a heartbeat apart.
As the first arc of ENORMOUS reaches its conclusion, we see that the world's most deadly predator is now the prey.
Need to catch up? We've got issues 1-4 in stock now to get you up to speed with this week's issue #5!
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Drift returns in TRANSFORMERS DRIFT: EMPIRE OF STONE #1 This Wednesday!

So, there's no doubt about it, Drift is by far, one of the coolest Transformers ever.
So, whenever IDW does a killer limited series featuring him, we take notice.
In this week's TRANSFORMERS DRIFT: EMPIRE OF STONE, we're taken to Drift, on his own, and all alone, on a mission to clean up the darkest depths of the galaxy -- until Ratchet shows up to bring him home.
The IDW Transformers comics are some of comics best kept secrets, as they continue to deliver awesome reads that expand on the lore and mythology of the Transformers world, and this is a great series to try them out for your first time.
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Warren Ellis's incredible IMAGE series TREES continues this week with TREES #7!

Folks, if you're not reading TREES, then you have GOT TO CHANGE THAT. This series is so freakin' good, as it delivers a fantastic hybrid of horror and science fiction that grabs a hold of you and does not let go.
In TREES #7, Chenglei's life is changing so quickly, under the shadow of the tree over Shu, that he doesn't know if he can keep up with it.
He's worried that he's running headlong into something awful. He has no idea what's really waiting for him in the dark at the end of the line.
What's TREES all about? Writer WARREN ELLIS (Moon Knight, Transmetropolitan) and artist Jason Howard deliver an incredible science fiction epic with a distinctly Ballardian tone in this incredible ongoing series.
TREES is set in an uncertain future, ten years after THEY landed. All over the world. Standing on the surface of the Earth like trees, exerting their silent pressure on the world, as if the planet was uninhabited and nothing was under foot.
Ten years since we learned that there is intelligent life in the universe, but that they did not recognize us as intelligent or alive.
Jason Howard's artwork on this is downright breath-taking, and the storytelling by Ellis is unlike anything else out there right now.
Folks, if you're not reading this cult hit yet -- you need to be. We've got issues 1-6 in stock now to catch you up to this week's issue 7.
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