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This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 12/17/14

SAGA TPB Volume 4 arrives this week delivering the next collection of our favorite monthly series!

Imagine A GAME OF THRONES meets STAR WARS in this incredible sci-fi fantasy drama for mature readers!
You know, Third Eye Faithful, that we cannot sing the praises of SAGA enough. Seriously: it's a comic that is so good, so great, that there's never such a thing as too much praise that we can heap on it. We love the heck out of it, and we know you do too.
We also know that many of you prefer to follow SAGA in it's collected graphic novel format, and as such, whenever a new volume arrives, it's a major cause for celebration.
Well, this week, Third Eye Faithful, you can celebrate in a big way because volume 4 of Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples sci-fi masterpiece arrives to continue the tale of Hazel, and her family, as they struggle to survive in a terrifying galaxy.1smallsagatp1

Want to get into SAGA? Start with SAGA Volume 1 for only $9.99!

So, you've been hearing us rant and rave about what a great series SAGA is, right? And, you're like, OK, I give: how do I get started with this incredible book?
Folks, snag the first graphic novel, which collects SAGA 1-6 for only $9.99, and hop on board. From there, we've also got the next three volumes in stock to get you caught up to the most recent volume, which is this week's 4.
What's SAGA about? Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the worlds. When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe.
Fantasy and science fiction are wed like never before in a sexy, subversive drama for adults.
Imagine the snap of Joss Whedon's dialogue, the depth of the world-building seen in STAR WARS, and the shocking twists and content of A GAME OF THRONES, all blended into one incredible comic, and that, my friends, is SAGA.
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The third chapter of the Joker's big return arrives in this week's BATMAN #37 *ENDGAME PT 3*!

Meet writer SCOTT SNYDER at Third Eye on Saturday 1/17/15!
For the last three years now, we've been going on and on about how incredible Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's BATMAN run has been, and folks, if you've still yet to jump on board, then now is the time to get into it.
Starting in BATMAN #35, this story arc has everything you could want out of a killer BATMAN story, and then some. The range of depth, and complex story-building that's gone into the entire run is incredible, and now we're seeing the big payoff with the Joker's major return and master plan unfolding before our eyes.
While we recommend going back and beginning with the modern classic that is BATMAN VOL.1 COURT OF OWLS (collecting issues 1-7 of the current, NEW 52 Batman run), and then catching up from there, you can also jump on board fresh with BATMAN #35, and begin reading this killer arc from there.

SNYDERLFYERSMALLMeet BATMAN writer SCOTT SNYDER at Third Eye on Saturday 1/17/15!

Don't forget, Third Eye Faithful, the man behind this incredible run of BATMAN, Scott Snyder, will be with us at Third Eye on Saturday 1/17/15 to sign copies of his new series WYTCHES, as well as his other works like BATMAN!
Click here for full details!
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The adventures of the ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA continue in ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #2 this Wednesday!

We're loving the new CAPTAIN AMERICA title, featuring Sam Wilson, the man once known as the Falcon, as the ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA!
Now, with the new Hydra formed, comprised of the most ruthless villains of the Marvel Universe, the great infiltration quest continues!
Cap uncovers the ultimate goal of the new HYDRA but is it too late to stop them?
Cap and Nomad's new partnership is put to the ultimate test as they race to uncover the Sect of the Unknown!
Great artwork, great storytelling, this shaping up to be one of Marvel's most exciting launches of 2014!
Wanna get caught up? We have both issue #1, and the 1st appearance of Falcon as Cap (CAPTAIN AMERICA #25) in stock now!
Click here for a preview of ALL NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA #2

Image Comics debuts an incredible new series with RUMBLE #1 this Wednesday! 

Holy crap, man, has IMAGE been on a roll or what? They just keep on hammering out the hits, and this week's new ongoing series, RUMBLE, is one of their most exciting new launches yet!
In the pages of RUMBLE, John Arcudi (he created THE MASK, and did a bunch of other awesome stuff as well!) teams up with the insanely talented artist JAMES HARREN to bring you a modern day action / adventure fantasy thriller where rundown dive bars, undead kitty cats, psycho skinheads, and giant mummies all play a part in making the world that is RUMBLE.
What's it about? Meet Rathraq, the Scarecrow Warrior God, who has returned after a very long absence, and is not very happy with the world he finds.
Bad news for his old enemies, yes, but worse news for EVERYBODY else.
Imagine the comedy of Louis C.K. mixed with Robert E. Howard's CONAN, if it was directed by David Fincher.
Folks: you're gonna love this. Give it a shot this week, and find out why!1smallrumblemckelvie

Get the Jamie McKelvie RUMBLE #1 WICKED + DIVINE Variant this Wednesday at Third Eye!

All through December, Image is hooking us up with a very special holiday gift, as they deliver special WICKED + DIVINE inspired variants by JAMIE MCKELVIE on some of their hottest new titles.
This week, RUMBLE #1 has a limited edition W+D variant by McKelvie, so make sure you snap a copy up!
Click here for a preview of RUMBLE #1
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The highly anticipated 4th issue of SANDMAN OVERTURE arrives with SANDMAN OVERTURE #4!

We know it takes forever for this one to come out, but, c'mon, Third Eye Faithful: you know it's worth the wait every single time.
Writer NEIL GAIMAN continues to unfold his incredible ZERO YEAR prequel story to his now-classic SANDMAN epic with SANDMAN OVERTURE, and we're loving every second of it.
In issue #4, in an asylum in the City of the Stars, Morpheus comes face to face with the creature at the center of the war that will destroy the universe.
Time is running out...
Ever wonder where Morpheus was coming from at the very beginning of SANDMAN PRELUDES & NOCTURNES? With the sword, and armor, and all that? This is that story, and it's amazing!
Wanna get caught up? We've got SANDMAN OVERTURE 1-3 in stock now to get you current!

Love Mouse Guard & TMNT? Get ready for THE SQUARRIORS with SQUARRIORS #1!

Sometimes, when we see books here at Third Eye, we have this little thing that goes off in our head and says "this is going to be one heck of a huge sleeper hit", and it's going off pretty loud right now for the incredible-looking new series SQUARRIORS.
When we first saw word of this, we knew it was going to be awesome, because of the artwork that is just plain killer, but upon reading it -- well, hot damn, we were sold. It's that good.
Dropping this week, SQUARRIORS is the epic saga of warring animals in a post-human world.
Specifically a small tribe known as the Tin Kin, and their struggles building a life in the new world while confronting the hostile neighboring Maw tribe.
If you love stuff like MOUSE GUARD, FABLES, and more, then you're gonna totally dig SQUARRIORS, Third Eye Faithful.

Scott Snyder & Jock's red-hot new ongoing IMAGE series WYTCHES continues with WYTCHES #3!

In WYTCHES #3, we're shown a parent's worst nightmare: a beloved child lost in the woods.
Behind the trees lurk horrors, and the brush conceals atrocity.
No matter how desperate the search, understand that your prayers will fall on deaf ears.
There is no escape from the Wytches.
Third Eye Faithful: you guys know us, and you know we're huge fans of SCOTT SNYDER's work on BATMAN and AMERICAN VAMPIRE, so it should be no surprise that WYTCHES has us totally and completely hooked. What's it all about? Imagine this: across the globe, century after century, men and women were burned, drowned, hanged, tortured, imprisoned, persecuted, and murdered for witchcraft.
None of them were witches.
They died protecting a hidden and terrible truth: WITCHES, real witches, are OUT THERE.
They are ancient, elusive, and deadly creatures that are rarely seen and even more rarely survived.
One of the most stunning horror comics to hit the stands, Third Eye Faithful, if you're not yet reading WYTCHES, we highly recommend you scoop it and find out why we're so big on it.

1smallwytches3varGet the WYTCHES #3 Third Eye variant (connecting with WYTCHES #2 Third Eye variant) by Declan Shalvey this Wednesday!

We love WYTCHES so much that we brought in one of our favorite comic artists, DECLAN SHALVEY, to do TWO killer WYTCHES variants for us.
The one for last month's issue #2 (also still in stock and available now), and then this month's issue #3.
The two connect together to make one big, eerie image, and it really does look awesome put together. Snag your copy this week at Third Eye for only $2.99!

SNYDERLFYERSMALLMeet writer SCOTT SNYDER at Third Eye on Saturday 1/17/15

And, as if you haven't been reminded enough already -- WYTCHES writer SCOTT SNYDER will be joining us on Saturday 1/17/15 for a HUGE signing in celebration of his new series!
Make sure you bring your copies of WYTCHES in and get them signed!
Click here for full details!

Jump on board the monthly WICKED + DIVINE series with WICKED + DIVINE #6 this week!

The first issue to follow after the WICKED + DIVINE volume 1 trade paperback!
We're totally loving IMAGE's new ongoing series THE WICKED + DIVINE, and this week's issue #6 delivers a brand new arc, as the Faust Act is done, and FANDEMONIUM begins!
Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie who gave you mad feels in their YOUNG AVENGERS run last year are totally weaving a magical story with this book, as they bring us AMERICAN GODS with a better soundtrack.

  Start reading WICKED + DIVINE with WICKED + DIVINE VOL.1 FAUST ACT for only $9.99

So, you've been hearing us rant and rave about THE WICKED + DIVINE, and are like, OK, dudes and dudettes: where do I start?
Snag the WICKED + DIVINE VOL.1 trade paperback, collecting 1-5, for only $9.99, and then hop on with this week's issue #6.
What's the scoop on this series? Every ninety years, twelve gods incarnate as humans. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are dead.
The WICKED + DIVINE creates a world where gods are the ultimate pop stars and pop stars are the ultimate gods. But, remember, being immortal doesn't always mean you're going to live forever.
If you're a fan of things like AMERICAN GODS, THE SANDMAN, SAGA, EAST OF WEST, and more, then we have a feeling you're going to love THE WICKED + THE DIVINE.

The SPIDER-VERSE continues with SPIDER-WOMAN #2 this Wednesday!

We loved the first issue of SPIDER-WOMAN, and are totally pumped for this week's issue #2.
As the tie-in to SPIDER-VERSE continues, Spider-Woman & Silk get split up leaving Silk alone on her suicide mission.
Spider-Woman doesn't look like she's in much better shape, undercover in the most dangerous place in the known multiverse!
Wanna get on board? We've got issue 1 in stock now to catch you up!
Click here for a preview of SPIDER-WOMAN #2

Grant Morrison's epic MULTIVERSITY continues with it's next chapter in MULTIVERSITY: THUNDERWORLD #1

Man, I gotta tell you: I am LOVING what Morrison and his collaborators are doing with MULTIVERSITY. It's by far, some of the coolest, most exciting things I've seen done with comics, and I really cannot wait to get even more immersed in it.
This fifth chapter of the greatest adventure in DC Comics history takes us deep into the heart of EARTH 5 aka THUNDERWORLD, where with a single world, Billy Batson transformers from boy reporter for Whiz Media into the world's Mightiest Mortal -- CAPTAIN MARVEL!
Along with the other members of the Marvel Family, Captain Marvel battles dastardly villains like Mr. Mind and the Monster Society of Evil!
But now, his greatest foes has attacked the Rock of Eternity -- the source of the Marvel Family's power -- and it could mean the end of reality as we know it!
What impossible villains are Sivana teaming up with who could spell doom for the Multiverse? From where did Sivana's children get their newfound super powers? And, what does the appearance of one mysterious comic book mean for the heroes of THUNDERWORLD?
Find out all that and more in this next installment of THE MULTIVERSITY!
Click here for the Third Eye Guide to MULTIVERSITY

The official sequel to the cult favorite "DREDD" movie continues with DREDD UPRISE #2! 

Like many of you, we absolutely loved the Karl Urban DREDD film from a couple years ago, and while we may not be getting a cinematic sequel, it's nice to see the folks at 2000AD delivering a worthy sequel in the form of this limited series!
Rundown Mega-City sector the Spit is on the verge of outright anarchy, the one man who could quell the riots has been assassinated, and the social justice group Uprise claim to have stolen explosives.
Tensions are coming to the boil, and Dredd must find those that are deliberately stoking the flames of dissent!
Wanna hop on board? We have both DREDD UPRISE #1 and the other DREDD film tie-in, DREDD UNDERBELLY, in stock to get you current!

The penultimate chapter of ROBIN RISES arrives in BATMAN & ROBIN #37 -- and yes, that IS Darkseid. :)

We're all huge Damian Wayne fans here at Third Eye, and we're also big fans of the highly underrated and totally awesome BATMAN & ROBIN run by PETER J. TOMASI & PATRICK GLEASON.
This has been one of comics best kept secrets for years now, and folks, it rivals BATMAN as the best BAT-BOOK on the stands. It's that good.
This week's BATMAN & ROBIN #37 brings us the penultimate chapter of ROBIN RISES, as the question is finally asked: can Batman bring Damian Wayne back from death?
And, yes, we think DARKSEID may be the thing standing in his way.
BATMAN. DARKSEID. You need this!
Wanna get caught up on ROBIN RISES? We've got all chapters in stock, beginning with ROBIN RISES OMEGA, and then continuing into BATMAN & ROBIN #33 - #36.
Click here for the Third Eye Guide to BATMAN & ROBIN: ROBIN RISES

Marvel's EPIC AXIS event continues with it's penultimate chapter, AXIS #8, this Wednesday!!

The third and final act of AXIS continues, as NEW WORLD DISORDER sweeps the Marvel Universe.
And, this, Third Eye Faithful, is it: the BATTLE ROYALE of your dreams -- the Astonishing Avengers vs. the Uncanny X-Men for the fate of NEW YORK!
Folks: we're loving AXIS, as some of Marvel's biggest villains, and it's greatest heroes, are finding themselves inverted.
Good guys become bad guys, bad guys are forced to becoming good guys, and well, it's freakin' awesome, all the way through.
Wanna get caught up on it? We've got issues 1-7 in stock now to get you current.
Click here for the Third Eye Guide to AXIS
Click here for a preview of AXIS #8

PURE PULP FICTION AWESOMENESS arrives with the ATHENA VOLTAIRE Compendium this Wednesday!

Get a FREE Limited Edition ATHENA VOLTAIRE Bookplate while supplies last with purchase!
In the knuckle-dusting style of classic pulp adventure comes Athena Voltaire, the beautiful globetrotting aviatrix who takes on Nazis, zombies, and unspeakable occult creatures!
This whopping tome collects the entirety of Athena's adventures, including over 50 pages of all-new material!
Folks, if you're a fan of things like ATOMIC ROBO, Dave Stevens THE ROCKETEER, INDIANA JONES, HELLBOY, or TOMB RAIDER, then you need to get this comic in your life! It's super fun, and this huge collection packs a mighty punch for only $19.99!

Get a FREE signed & numbered book plate when you purchase ATHENA VOLTAIRE COMPENDIUM This Week! (Supplies limited!)

For those of you who snag a copy of the book, we've got a handful of totally rad limited edition BOOKPLATES exclusive to Third Eye, signed and numbered by Steve Bryant, to give you FREE with your purchase of the ATHENA VOLTAIRE COMPENDIUM!
These are limited in number, so make sure you snag one while supplies last!

David & Meredith Finch's new run of WONDER WOMAN is AWESOME! Check out WONDER WOMAN #37 this week! 

We're loving the new direction and arc of WONDER WOMAN, featuring superstar artist DAVID FINCH, and we cannot wait to read it's next installment with this week's WONDER WOMAN #37.
As Superman arrives on Paradise Island to support WONDER WOMAN in her darkest hour, we see that their bond may be breaking apart!
No time for Diana to think, though, as a mythological force seemingly tied to Wonder Woman's role as War attacks the Amazons!
Wanna jump on board? Snag a copy of WONDER WOMAN #36, and then catch up with this week's WONDER WOMAN #37
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 1SMALLBARTKIRATwo of our favorite things: THE SIMPSONS & AKIRA collide in BARTKIRA this Wednesday!

OK, so... this is amazing. Seriously. That's the only thing we can say for it: AKIRA and THE SIMPSONS come together in this loving mash-up of one of manga's greatest, and one of animation's greatest, and we love every single thing about it.
A total of 768 artists have contributed art to this incredible epic, as every page of AKIRA is to be re-created featuring characters and settings from the SIMPSONS!
This special 80-page exhibition book features tons of awesome stuff, including many of the pages already done. These are limited in number, so make sure you snag one quick!
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