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This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 12/31/14

SHIELD #1 Begins this Wednesday kicking off a must-read new series for fans of AGENTS OF SHIELD & the Marvel U as a whole!
The Road to Marvel's upcoming SECRET WARS event begins here!
OK, Third Eye Faithful, we know that after the WINTER SOLDIER film came out last year, a ton of you guys got REAL into Marvel's SHIELD series, and as such, your interest in the world of Coulson and crew grew a lot.
Well, you're not alone, because after the big Hydra reveal, we became hooked as well, and ever since, we've been in love with the show.
Now, a comic inspired by the direction of AGENTS OF SHIELD is launching, but delivering all new stories set IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE, and affecting the major players of the Marvel U, and we cannot wait to see more!
IN SHIELD #1, high-tech weapons, high stakes missions, and high octane adventure are just another day in the life.
Now, with Special Agent Phil Coulson bringing together the best and brightest, the gifted and the elite, both normal humans and superhumans, from all across the Marvel U, a team has been put together to confront, combat, and cutail dangers beyond the scope of any conventional peace-keeping force!
Writer Mark Waid (DAREDEVIL, IRREDEEMABLE, KINGDOM COME) brings his unique talent for incredible self-contained, and totally rad superhero storytelling to deliver an ongoing series featuring a done-in-one story in each and every issue.
One mission, one issue, unlimited budget, unlimited imagination. Welcome to Level Eight. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D.
And, we can't help but speculate that through the pages of each issue of SHIELD, we'll be seeing the seeds sewn for the upcoming Marvel SECRET WARS event which is going to drastically change Marvel as we know it!
Click here for a preview of SHIELD #1

1smallshieldflyerVisit us this Wednesday 12/31/14 for our NEW YEAR'S EVE SHIELD Launch Party!

With a series this big, we had to do something special for it's release, so we've put together a killer SHIELD Launch Party, featuring some great giveaways, and other special offers!
Here's what you can get by attending:
  • FREE Skottie Young SHIELD Litho (while supplies last; must attend 12/31/14 to receive!)
  • First crack at purchasing the limited edition SHIELD variants including the PARTY EXCLUSIVE Deadpool SHIELD #1 Variant
  • Be entered to win a SHIELD #1 Young Guns 6-variant bundle w/ any purchase of SHIELD #1!
  • Get a FREE 2015 Marvel Calendar w/ ANY purchase (while supplies last, must attend 12/31/14 to receive!)
Click here for the event info on FACEBOOK.

1smallshield1dpoolGet the SHIELD #1 Deadpool PARTY variant when you attend this Wednesday for only $9.99!

In addition to all the other awesome variants that will be arriving with SHIELD #1, we'll have a limited number of the LAUNCH PARTY exclusive DEADPOOL variant of SHIELD #1, which you can snag for only $9.99 when you attend our SHIELD #1 Launch Party!
Make sure you pop by & snag your's this Wednesday at Third Eye!
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Image's hit series EAST OF WEST begins a new arc with issue #16 (the first issue to follow after TPB VOL.3)! Jump on board the monthly series w/ this huge issue! Featuring 9 covers to choose from!

Want to snag all 9 covers of this milestone issue? Pick up one of our EAST OF WEST #16 Cover Bundles for only $34.99 & save 15%! Never Read East of West? Snag Volume 1 for 25% OFF the $9.99 cover price this Wednesday!
We LOVE Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta's incredible EAST OF WEST series, and when we saw that a new arc would be kicking off in issue #16, we knew we had to remind you guys of this.
So, we can pretty much assume that if you're already reading EAST OF WEST, then you don't need us to convince you of WHY we love it -- in fact, all we can say is that if you're doing the trade paperbacks, and have been waiting to hop onto the monthly joy of getting a new one each and every month -- then, now's your chance, as issue #16 picks up right after volume 3's trade paperback.
However, for those of you NOT reading EAST OF WEST, here's where we start preaching!
In this week's issue #16, the Apocalypse YEAR TWO begins, as we follow the dramatic conclusion to YEAR ONE, and the Great Beast now roams the fractured United States of America.
Deep into an all-consuming war between the splintered nations, the Four Horsemen move to further their individual agendas while resisting the inevitability of the Message.
So, WHAT'S EAST OF WEST ABOUT? Well, here's the deal: in an alternate history, at the height of the Civil War, things change drastically when the world is introduced a lot earlier to the power of Nuclear Doom.
The war never ends, the Four Horsemen are born, and as such, we're taken into a far future where the United States is known as the Seven Nations.
This dystopian, post-apoclayptic SCI-FI Western is a unique blend of Blade Runner, and the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and we love every second of it.
And, who're the good guys? Famine. Conquest. War. And, of course, DEATH.
If you love sweeping Image masterpieces like SAGA, LOW, and more, then you'll be totally hooked on EAST OF WEST.

 1smalleowStart reading EAST OF WEST with EAST OF WEST VOL.1! Save 25% on Volume 1 (normally $9.99!) this Wednesday with our special NEW YEAR'S EAST OF WEST Promotion!

We love EAST OF WEST so much, that we want to give you even more reason to try it out this week, so this Wednesday ONLY, we're offering a special promotion on EAST OF WEST VOL.1, where you can purchase VOLUME 1 for 25% OFF the cover price of $9.99!
This volume collects issues 1-5, and is the perfect place to get started. From there, you can get caught up with volumes 2 & 3, and then hop onto the monthlies with this week's issue #16!

1smalleow16mckelvieCollect ALL of the EAST OF WEST #16 covers, including the rare MCKELVIE variant, for only $34.99 with our 9-Cover Bundle Deal!

Click here to see a cover gallery of all 9 covers!
With EAST OF WEST #16 kicking off YEAR 2, and being a MAJOR issue, Image has put out covers that represent each of the 7 Nations, and we're gonna have 'em all!
You can either pick and choose your favorites, or you can save a few bucks and get the entire 9-cover set (including the rare incentive MCKELVIE cover) for only $34.99!
These sets are limited, so make sure you snag your's this Wednesday, or get in touch with us about reserving your set!
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Comics legend Grant Morrison's lost MIRACLEMAN story comes to life courtesy of JOE QUESADA in this Wednesday's ALL NEW MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL #!

A never before seen MIRACLEMAN tale! A must-read!
You guys are probably already well aware that we're absolutely HUGE Miracleman fans here at Third Eye, and we're even bigger Grant Morrison fans!
So, when we saw that Marvel was delivering a special New Year's treat featuring an ALL NEW, NEVER BEFORE SEEN Miracleman tale written by GRANT MORRISON, and illustrated by JOE QUESADA... we knew we had to shout it out!
In addition, there's an all-new MIRACLEMAN tale featured as a back-up by the one and only PETER MILLIGAN and the incredible MIKE ALLRED!
Click here for a preview of ALL NEW MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL #1


Dude: there's two things we love in life -- classic Star Trek, and classic PLANET OF THE APES.
So, when you put these two things together, you're gonna have our attention, and we're so stoked on IDW and Boom's collaboration, that we had to give you guys the heads up!
This week, it's a crossover that NO ONE saw coming: STAR TREK: the hope for the best of mankind's future! PLANET OF THE APES: a chilling look at the fall of humanity!
How could these worlds possibly collide? What could possibly cause Captain Kirk and the crew of hte Enterprise to side with Dr. Zaius to protect Ape city? And, what does Colonel George Taylor have to say about it?
Folks: find out this week in STAR TREK / PLANET OF THE APES #1
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