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This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 12/10/14

PRETTY DEADLY & CAPTAIN MARVEL writer Kelly Sue DeConnick launches her new IMAGE series BITCH PLANET this week with issue #1!

One of comic's biggest superstars brings her unique twist to the sci-fi genre!
You guys know us: we're huge fans of the IMAGE series PRETTY DEADLY, and we love all the awesome things that Kelly Sue DeConnick does, including her epic work on the current CAPTAIN MARVEL series (which you're going to be hearing a whole lot more about as we get closer and closer to the CAPTAIN MARVEL film!).
So, when we saw that she was pairing up with, what is by far, our favorite publisher on the stands, IMAGE COMICS, to produce a new monthly ongoing series that took that 1970s cult cinema staple: the women-in-prison genre, and blended it with over-the-top science fiction... we knew we had to shout it out, Third Eye Faithful!
In BITCH PLANET, Kelly Sue and artist Valentine De Landro deliver one heck of a rock-n-roll comic that grabs a hold of you from the get-go and does not let go. It kicks off by showing us a world where the penalty for not knowing your place is a life sentence in a violent, prison planet where multiple perspectives show you just how terrible the aforementioned Bitch Planet can be.
In the future of Bitch Planet, women are subject to arrest for "non-compliance", a very vague term which pretty much extends to everything. It can range from murder to just not obeying an authority figure -- pretty freakin' scary, right?
But, one small group of prisoners on the B-Planet, have other ideas.. and they're going to be kicking butt and taking names all the way through.
This is an awesome read which delivers classic cult cinema-style storytelling combined with female empowerment by one of the best writers working today.
We promise: you'll be dusting off your Bikini Kill and Bratmobile records by the time you're done reading issue #1.

bplanet1Get the JAMIE MCKELVIE (Wicked + Divine artist) BITCH PLANET #1 Variant this Week (while supplies last!)

Image is doing a whole round of awesome variants this month to celebrate WICKED + DIVINE artist Jamie McKelvie's awesomeness.
And, the first to drop, is the limited edition BITCH PLANET #1 McKelvie variant.
We've got a handful of these guys hitting us this week, so make sure you snag your's while supplies last!
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The kids from Wolverine & the X-Men meet their new teacher in SPIDER-MAN & THE X-MEN #1!

One of the biggest cult favorite comics of the last few years has been the totally quirky, totally fun WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN series, where we've seen the freshest take on young mutants and new characters since the early days of the now-classic NEW MUTANTS series in the '80s and '90s.
Now, with ol' Logan ka-put, the school has been left to the one and only Amazing Spider-Man.
What's a non-mutant doing at a school for mutants? What secret suspicion has fueled the formation of his special student class?
And, because you demanded it: Sauron, oh yes, '90s X-Men cartoon fans, SAURON! and Stegron the Dinosaur Man aka one of the most wacky Spider-Villains ever, team up in a way you'd never expect.
Imagine the quirkiness of IMAGE comics CHEW, or Marvel's own HAWKEYE,  and that sums up what we loved about issue #1 of SPIDER-MAN AND THE X-MEN.
Click here for a preview of SPIDER-MAN & THE X-MEN #1
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Celebrate the season with the Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 this Wednesday!

Here's a special present from DC Comics, Third Eye Faithful, with the HARLEY QUINN HOLIDAY SPECIAL, featuring a gut-busting (sometimes literally) collection of short stories featuring Harley and her special brand of holiday cheer!
Can she get through Christmas dinner without blowing something up? Who will survive the war of the department-store Santas?
Don't miss this one, Third Eye Faithful, it's one of the raddest HARLEY things from DC we've seen in a minute!

Get the HARLEY QUINN Holiday Special #1 New Year's Eve cover for only $4.99 cover price this week at Third Eye! 

In addition to the regular cover featuring Harley ready for the holidays, we've also got the special alternate cover featuring her kicking off the New Year, for only $4.99!

BOOM STUDIOS debuts a new sci-fi series in the tradition of BLADE RUNNER with ETERNAL #1 this Wednesday! 

BOOM has been putting out a ton of awesome new releases lately, and we gotta say: they're stepping it up in a big way as one of the most exciting publishers to watch in 2014.
This week, their new series ETERNAL, an ongoing that harkens back to the death-less future worlds of DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP / BLADE RUNNER, brings us a sophisticated story about what happens if science completely changes the rules of life itself.
This is a story where characters' ethics and loyalties are tested, for society has changed but human failings remain the same.
In a world of clones, the Human Liberation Army wants to free people from New Life's grasp. Their leader, Gail, will take the most drastic, personal measures yet to do so.
Rathmann, a former homicide detective turned New Life enforcer, is on the case, and is asking tough questions.
Violet, a young girl and one of the few noncloned humans left, is longing to enter the real world.
But, she's got no idea what she's stepping into.
Stunning dystopian sci-fi -- check this out!
Click here for a preview of ETERNAL #1
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Superstar artist FRANK CHO brings this week's Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 to life!

We're totally hooked on the current run of the Guardians series that Marvel's been doing, and we cannot wait to get our hands on this highly anticipated annual by the one and only FRANK CHO, who you and I both know, is an amazing talent!
In GOTG Annual #1, most days in space aren't exactly what you'd call normal, but everything seemed to be status quo today.
That is until a S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier showed up out of nowhere... in SPACE!
Sometimes you have to go outside your jurisdiction to take care of business, but SHIELD may be stretching it a bit this time.
Click here for a preview of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY ANNUAL #1

CHAOS Comics's sinister anti-heroine LADY DEMON returns in LADY DEMON #1 this week!

As children of the '80s and '90s, we grew up on a steady diet of all sorts of comics, and a mainstay was the horror-charged CHAOS Comics line-up.
And, Dynamite's been doing awesome work bringing all of those great books back -- so when we saw Lady Demon was on the way, we knew we were in for a treat!
On the run from Lucifer's hit squad, Lady Demon rides a newly arrived soul back to Earth.
Little does she know, the soul is attached to a woman caught up in the midst of a very dark conspiracy.
And, that suits Lady Demon just fine, because it means she's gonna get to kill a WHOLE lotta peeps!

The red-hot new ROCKET RACCOON series continues with ROCKET RACCOON #6!

Who would've ever thought that we'd be having this much fun reading an ongoing ROCKET RACCOON series? Holy crap: it's so freakin' good!
Seriously though, ROCKET RACCOON by SKOTTIE YOUNG (whom many of you know from his top notch work on Marvel's OZ series), is delivering the hits, fast and furious, and we cannot get enough!
In this week's #6, Rocket & Groot continue to prove two things: they're the two best friends anybody ever had -- and they're also amazing at killing really big alien things / saving the galaxy.
Wanna get caught up? We've got issues 1-5 in stock now to catch you up to this week's issue #6.
Click here for a preview of ROCKET RACCOON #6

Image favorite SHUTTER begins a new arc with issue #7! Picking up where the Volume 1 graphic novel left off!

In this awesome ongoing series described as INDIANA JONES FOR THE 21ST CENTURY,  we're taken into a bold new story arc, and we cannot wait to see what Joe and Leila have in store!
Kate Kristopher's finally face-to-face with the sibling she never knew about, who's dead set on destroying what little Kate has left.
Family rivalry was never so cataclysmic in the globe-trotting and mind-melting second arc of this stunning series.

  1smallshuttertpStart reading SHUTTER with SHUTTER VOL.1 WANDERLOST for only $9.99

Wanna get into SHUTTER? Snag the first volume for just $9.99, and find out why we're loving this series so much!
Combining the urban fantasy of FABLES and the globe-spanning adventure of Y: THE LAST MAN, Kate Kristopher, once the most famous explorer of an Earth far more fantastic than the one we know, is forced to return to the adventurous life she left behind when a family secret threatens to dsetroy everything she spent her life protecting.
Collecting SHUTTER 1-6 for only $10 -- this is a must-have, must-read, to get on board with!

SCOTT SNYDER & JIM LEE'S Superman Unchained arrives in one awesome deluxe hardcover collecting 1-9 for only $29.99 this Wednesday!

Get your copy this week & bring it on Saturday 1/17/15 to get it signed by writer SCOTT SNYDER!
The entire nine-issue UNCHAINED series by the superstar team of SCOTT SNYDER (WYTCHES, BATMAN) and JIM LEE is collected in one gorgeous deluxe hardcover!
When satellites start to fall from the sky, the big question is who stopped the last one from falling.
Lex Luthor,  Lois Lane, Batman, Wonder Woman, eco-terrorists, the U.S Army, and most of all, the mysterious being known as Wraith all figure into this epic story from two of the biggest superstar creators in comics today!


Don't forget, Third Eye Faithful! You can meet the writer of SUPERMAN UNCHAINED this January at Third Eye & get your issues and hardcover signed!
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Get into VALIANT COMICS with THE VALIANT #1 this Wednesday, a new ongoing series perfect for readers new to the Valiant Universe!

We've been really enjoying the last few years of the return of Valiant, where they've taken their core idea of a superhero universe in the vain of Marvel or DC, but set in a real world with real problems, so when we saw they had something new coming out that was perfect for folks to jump into without having read a Valiant book in their lives -- we knew we had to shout it out!
In THE VALIANT,  we meet the Eternal Warrior who has protected the Earth for more than 10,000 years. A master of countless weapons and long forgotten martial arts, he is guided by the Geomancers -- those who speak for the Earth.
During his long watch, the Eternal Warrior has failed three times. Each time, the Geomancer was killed... and a new dark age for humanity began.
Each time, he was unable to stop the Immortal Enemy -- a monstrous force of nature.
A civilization killer.
A horror that appears differently each time it arrives.. and whose seemingly only purpose is to bring disorder and darkness to the world.
Now, the time has come for the Immortal Enemy to return once more, but this time, the Eternal Warrior will be ready, alongside a whole slew of Valiant's most iconic characters.
Third Eye Faithful: you KNOW Jeff Lemire rules from his work on ANIMAL MAN, you know Matt Kindt is amazing from his work on MIND MGMT, and you know that Paola Rivera's artwork is INCREDIBLE from those early days of the DAREDEVIL run he did with Mark Waid.
So, what I'm trying to say here is: you need to give this comic a shot; we think you'll love it, and you'll love the cool worlds that Valiant has been building.
Click here for a preview of THE VALIANT #1

The incredible new THOR series continues with THOR #3 this Wednesday! 

Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman are  delivering an INCREDIBLE read with their new THOR series, featuring the enigmatic new female Thor!
We're so pumped for this week's issue #3, where we learn more on the story of the mysterious woman who's been transformed by Mjolnir into the mighty Thor!
But, what happens when she's separated from that mystical hammer that gave her the abilities of the Odinson?
Plus: FROST GIANTS! ROXXON! And, oh yeah, how about that guy who USED to be Thor? What's up with him?
Want to get caught up? We've got issues 1 & 2 in stoc know to catch you up to this week's issue #3
Click here for a preview of THOR #3

WALKING DEAD #135 - The mayhem continues!!

We've learned by now that the less we say about what actually happens in a new WALKING DEAD, the better, 'cause let's face it: spoilers!
So, unlike the TV series -- we're going to keep this one spoiler-free for you. ;)
See you this week!

The story of EVA BELL, Marvel's most exciting new mutant in this week's UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL!

The SECRET LIFE OF EVA BELL begins in this week's UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL, and we're pretty stoked to learn more about the mutant who we've been seeing through various issues of ALL NEW X-MEN.
Losing control of her powers, Eva disappeared during a training exercise in Tabula Rasa.
She reappeared shortly thereafter, seeming older and far more weathered, but refused to offer an explanation.
But, where did her powers take her? Or maybe the better question is when? And what could she have endured to cause her to keep the story secret from her fellow X-Men? Find out in this 2-parter beginning in this week's UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL!
Click here for a preview of UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL #1

Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky's SEX CRIMINALS continues to be one of our IMAGE favorites with this week's issue #9.

Suze and Jon meet Ana. Or rather, meet Ana AGAIN.
Or should we say, meet... Ms. Jazmine St. Cocaine AGAIN?
We're totally loving the unique genre-mash up that is SEX CRIMINALS from Matt Fraction and CHIP ZDARSKY, as they blend aspects of sharp humor, drama, and science fiction to make the kind of romantic comedy that doesn't suck.
We've got issues 1-8 of SEX CRIMINALS in stock now to catch you up, or you can snag the first trade collecting 1-5 then 6-9 to get caught up!

Start reading SEX CRIMINALS with SEX CRIMINALS VOL.1 ONE WEIRD TRICK for only $9.99

We've got the first trade paperback in stock now, collecting 1-5, to get you started for only $9.99, and then we have issues 6-8 in stock now to catch you up to this week's #9.
What's it about? Suzie's just a regular gal with an irregular gift: she can stop time when she makes love. And, one day, she meets Jon, and it turns out: he's got the same ability.
And, sooner or later, they decide to start using their strange ability to rob banks, taking them into a unique world where they're not the only ones able to unlock this unique power.
Find out why this is one of our favorite reads!

Image's SOUTHERN BASTARDS continues to impress with this week's SOUTHERN BASTARDS #6! 

Dude: Southern Bastards has been on a freakin' rocket course to awesomeness ever since the end of that first story arc in #4.
Seriously: every issue we read further cements this as one of our favorite IMAGE books on the stands, and we cannot recommend the series enough!
In this week's issue #6, we dig further into the grim past of the biggest bastard of them all: Coach Boss. And, through this exploration of his history, we're going to learn how Coach Boss became the most feared man in Craw County.
The closest thing we can compare this series to in terms of tone and feel is that of Garth Ennis's PREACHER; as it always leaves you on the edge of your seat, always leaves you not knowing where it's going to go next, and always manages to surprise you.
Plus: the dialogue is incredible, and Jason Latour's artwork is stunning and out of this world.
We've got issues 1-5 in stock now of SOUTHERN BASTARDS to catch you up to this week's issue #6, or you can snag the first trade collecting 1-4, and hop on with 5-6 this week!

1southernbasttpbStart Reading Southern Bastards with SOUTHERN BASTARDS VOL.1 Here Was A Man TP for only $9.99!

What's SOUTHERN BASTARDS all about? Welcome to Craw County, Alabama, home of Boss BBQ, the state champion football team, and more bastards than you've ever seen.
When you're an angry old man like Earl Tubb, the only way to survive in a place like this.. is to carry a really big stick.
But, sometimes that's not enough.
SOUTHERN BASTARDS is an epic rural crime drama which feels like PREACHER by way of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Great reading, great storytelling -- highly recommend you check this first graphic novel out collecting 1-4 for only $9.99, and find out why the series continues to captivate us!


The final NIGHTWING (New 52) trade arrives with NIGHTWING VOL.5 Setting Son this Wednesday!

We're big NIGHTWING fans here at Third Eye, and we totally dug the NEW 52 Nightwing series that ran up until this past Summer.
So, while we were sad to see it end, we do have to say: it had an awesome ending, and it did open up the road for the current GRAYSON series (Which rules!).
In NIGHTWING VOL.5 SETTING SON, Nightwing has moved to Chicago, but the ghosts of Gotham City won't let him be.
The Mad Hatter forces Nightwing into an uneasy alliance with the mysterious Marionette -- and the sins of Dick's past will come back to haunt him unless he can make peace with his previous life!
Collecting issues 25-30, along with the NIGHTWING ANNUAL #1, this caps off the NEW 52 Nightwing series, and sets up the current GRAYSON series.

Comics Legend GEORGE PEREZ continues his all new SIRENS series this week with SIRENS #2!

You guys know from our huge release signing with Mr. Perez that we are HUGE fans of his work, and of course, his killer new series SIRENS, from BOOM STUDIOS!
So, we had to give a shout-out to SIRENS #2 this week, which showcases the Sirens under attack by their greatest foe, Naida, as they put together a last ditch plan to keep their team -- and their ship -- together!
With their memories of each other and themselves still hazy, the Sirens must re-learn how to work together before Naida destroys them all!
What's SIRENS all about? Imagine if you had a team composed of Battlestar Galactica's STARBUCK, Star Wars Princess Leia, and Alien's Ripley, and they were out there kicking butt all across the galaxy -- that sums up SIRENS perfectly.


The incredible new direction of BATGIRL continues with this week's BATGIRL #37!

The BATGIRL of Burnside is the name on everyone's lips.. but she sure is acting strange since she took up residence in Gotham City's outer borough!
Dangerous joyrides? Photo ops? Sequins? Either Barbara Gordon's gone off the deep end -- or there's a doppleganger under that cowl!
We're loving the killer new direction of BATGIRL by Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher & artist Babs Tarr!
It's one of the freshest, and most compelling takes on Barbara Gordon that we've seen in ages, and we cannot recommend it enough.
Wanna start reading? We've got issues #35 and #36, the first two parts of the new direction, in stock now to get you on board!
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SPIDER-VERSE continues with Chapter 3 in this week's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #11!

Third Eye Faithful, holy crap, how great has Spider-Verse been? This is turning out to be one of the coolest things we've seen done with the Wallcrawler in ages!
And, in this week's chapter 3 (issue #11), it's the showdown we've ALL been waiting for: The AMAZING Spider-Man versus the SUPERIOR Spider-Man!
The Spider-Army doesn't have time for this in-fighting however, as the sinister Inheritors get closer and closer to annihilating the entire lineage of Spider-Men (and Women) multiverse-wide!
What's SPIDER-VERSE all about? Imagine EVERY Spider-Man ever... from SPIDER-MAN Noir to SPIDER-MAN 2099 to SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN to MILES MORALES to SPIDER-HAM... and, then picture them all having to combine forces in the regular 616 Marvel Universe against J. Michael Straczynski's classic bad guy, MORLUN.
It's every bit as awesome as it sounds, Third Eye Faithful, and we've got everything you need to get on board and get caught up.
Start with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9, then #10, and then this week's #11.
Want the SPIDER-VERSE preludes and tie-ins? We've got 'em all in stock, including EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE.
Click here for our Third Eye Guide to SPIDER-VERSE for the full scoop!
Click here for a preview of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #11
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AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #7 begins a new arc in this AWESOME mature readers take on Riverdale!

It's crazy, Third Eye Faithful, but, hot damn: AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE remains one of the best ongoing series on the stands, with every issue consistently proving itself as one of the best horror comics out there.
Don't believe me? Pop by, and just snag issue #1, and find out for yourselves why we're all about AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE -- it's that amazing!
In this week's issue #7, BETTY RIP Chapter 1 begins, as weeks have passed since Archie and his friends left Riverdale behind, after it fell prey to the LIVING DEAD!
Now, they are wandering the deserted highways of America, one step ahead of the ever-pursuing vicious zombei horde.
When they decide to set down roots to observe their first post-apocalypse Thanksgiving, Mr. Lodge leads a team into the forests of Pennsylvania to find dinner, but the hunters soon become the hunted, and not all of the gang will make it out alive.
Definitely NOT an Archie for younger readers, AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE is a horrific and awesome take on the world of Riverdale featuring art by the one and only FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA!

 1smallafterlife7pGet the AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #7 Andrew Pepoy REALITY TV Variant for only $3.99 this Wednesday!

In addition to the totally awesome FRANCAVILLA cover pictured above, we'll also have the PEPOY cover, featuring BETTY &
VERONICA for only $3.99!
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AXIS #7 brings the penultimate chapter in Marvel's EPIC AXIS event!!

NEW WORLD DISORDER begins in the third and final act of AXIS, as the Astonishing Avengers throwdown against the Uncanny X-Men for the fate of NEW YORK!
Folks: AXIS just keeps on getting better, and better, and we're so stoked to see how much it will be changing the playing field of the MARVEL UNIVERSE once it's complete!
Wanna get caught up? We've got issues 1-6 in stock now to get you current!
Click here for a preview of AXIS #7
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EAST OF WEST: The World One-Shot Explores the entirety of EAST OF WEST!

Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta's EAST OF WEST continues to be one of the best things we read every month, and we're pretty stoked on this new one-shot that explores the entirety of EAST OF WEST in a big way!
An all-encompassing look at the wider world of EAST OF WEST, the World is part atlas, part encyclopedia, part timeline, and part apocrypha.
This must-have one-shot companion to the EAST OF WEST ongoing series, contains PIVOTAL plot and character info that will NOT be in the regular series -- so don't miss out!
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RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS VOL.5 The Big Picture brings the 5th graphic novel in the NEW 52 Red Hood series!

Featuring a BATMAN ZERO YEAR tie-in, this action-packed volume finds the Outlaws in their toughest bind yet.
Ra's al Ghul is back, the Outlaws are being held captive, and Jason Todd has lost his memories!
Collecting issues 27-31, along with DCU Presents #17-#18, this one delivers another killer installment to the RED HOOD saga!
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