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The DC UNIVERSE became a much more interesting place last month with the debut of the NEW 52, and the new DC UNIVERSE. We were impressed with many of the #1 issues that kicked off last month, and we're really excited to see where things are heading in the NEW 52.
  This Wednesday, DC drops 13 issue #2s to follow up their respective first issues, and some of these are ones we've been on the edge of our seats to get a hold of after the cliffhanger endings of the #1s.   Leading the charge is GREEN LANTERN #2, which continues the new ongoing GREEN LANTERN series that features Sinestro as the current Green Lantern for Earth's Sector of space.   We loved the first issue of this, and with BLACKEST NIGHT, BRIGHTEST DAY and AQUAMAN writer GEOFF JOHNS handling the creative duties on this one, you know you're in for a great read. We loved the portrayal of Sinestro as a reluctant Green Lantern, who still shows his knack for ruthless and sometimes arrogant tactics. I mean, you know he's Sinestro, when he has a ring that can do just about anything.. and uses it to make a garrote to choke someone to death.   We loved it.   The series also serves as a very easy-to-jump into GL title, which if you haven't picked up on the Green Lantern before, you can jump on board and get brought up to speed quickly.   Missed issue #1? We've got copies in stock to catch you up, so snag yourself a copy, and jump onto one of the flagship DC RELAUNCH titles this Wednesday.       BATGIRL #2 FOLLOWS UP THE BREAKOUT HIT ISSUE OF #1 THIS WEDNESDAY. GAIL SIMONE KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK ON BATGIRL! batgirl2 One of the biggest surprises, and most impressive debuts for the DC NEW 52 was BATGIRL #1, which many of you were pretty stoked about. The first issue did a fantastic job of bringing Barbara Gordon back into the role of Batgirl, while still paying homage to her roots and recent character history.   We're stoked to see issue #2 hitting this Wednesday, and after flipping through a few preview pages on the book.. .this one looks to be a kick-ass follow up to Simone's excellent debut issue.   Missed #1? We've got copies in stock now to catch you up to this week's #2.     BATMAN AND ROBIN #2 - TOMASI & GLEASON PROVIDE ONE OF THE MOST COMPELLING NEW BATMAN TITLES IN THE NEW 52 WITH THIS FIRST EVER TAKE ON THE DYNAMIC DUO... FATHER AND SON, BRUCE AND DAMIAN! batmanandrobin2 It's a big Bat-week this week at Third Eye, with the DC RELAUNCH delivering some pretty kick-ass follow up issues to books like Batgirl, Batwoman, and yup, Batman and Robin.   We thought that Tomasi and Gleason were the best creative team on the original run of BATMAN AND ROBIN outside of Morrison and Quitely, and I'm pretty happy to say that they've kept their game up with the NEW 52 relaunch of BATMAN AND ROBIN.   It's pretty damn cool to see a side of Batman we've never seen before, as he works alongside the current Robin, Damian Wayne, as more than just a fellow crime-fighter, but a father and son.   Gleason's art has never looked better, and he practically makes this one pop off the page with each panel.   Missed issue #1? We've got copies in stock to catch you up to this week's #2. If you're a Batman fan, and haven't started reading BATMAN AND ROBIN yet, snag #1 and give it a shot this Wednesday.   BATWOMAN #2 - ONE OF OUR PERSONAL THIRD EYE FAVORITES HITS ISSUE #2 THIS WEEK, FEATURING JH WILLIAMS'S INCREDIBLE ARTWORK AND CUTTING EDGE TAKE ON THIS HARD AS NAILS VIGILANTE. batwoman2 Batwoman is one of those rare examples of when a book's art and story matches up so damn well that it's such perfect synergy that it shows loud and clear, and it's no accident that JH WILLIAMS is handling the writing chores in addition to the art chores on this one, which we feel helps make this one such a tight, cohesive package.   Of course, the biggest star of the show here is Williams's artwork, which is some of THE best going in nearly ANY comic on the stands right now. And, it's not just pretty to look at, he manages to really do some unique things with how he tells the story with the art, bouncing between a more dramatic, painted style and a subtle, penciled style to differentiate the tones of when Kane is in her civilian identity and her Batwoman identity.   Missed issue #1? We've got copies in stock to get you hooked up, so snag one this Wednesday.   Looking for more info on BATWOMAN? We'd recommend either grabbing the BATWOMAN: ELEGY trade paperback (in stock now), or the BATWOMAN #0 (also in stock now), as both provide more of Williams's work on the character.   DEATHSTROKE #2 - ONE OF THE MOST BRUTAL AND UNRELENTING OF THE DC NEW 52 HITS ISSUE #2 THIS WEDNESDAY. DEATHSTROKE IS BACK!
deathstroke2 When you have a character like Deathstroke, the mercenary who's known as the DCU's most skilled contract killer, who oozes infinite cool in so many ways, it's hard to not keep him from becoming a fan-favorite. And, once a character becomes a fan-favorite, then you start getting into the territory of him showing up more, and more, and even taking on the role of a "good guy", in a sense. And, you know, this is fine.
  But, at the end of the day, characters like this are at their best when they're being the horrible, terrible individual we know they really are, and the new DEATHSTROKE series totally brings the character back to his relentless roots.   Another of the NEW 52 that we're totally stoked to see #2 arriving on, make sure you snag your copy this week. If you missed out on #1, don't worry, 'cause we do still have copies in stock to catch you up.   DEMON KNIGHTS #2 - GOTHAM CITY IN THE DARK AGES? HECK YES, DOCTOR WHO TV WRITER PAUL CORNELL WOWS US ON THIS HORRIFIC NEW 52 TITLE! demonknights2 We've been big fans of Paul Cornell's comic work recently on series like STORMWATCH and his prior run on ACTION COMICS. Cornell, in our opinion, is one of the most underrated guys working in comics today, and if we had to pick a favorite, his work on DEMON KNIGHTS #1 really has us intrigued.   Set in the Dark Ages, this Sword-And-Sorcery inspired series presents a look at the land that would become Gotham City many many years later. It's pretty awesome to see Gotham as the cursed land it's known for now, even before it properly came into existence, and the characterization of characters like Xanadu and the Demon are both pretty awesome.   A must-read, this is one of the better "dark"-style DC NEW 52 titles.   Missed #1? We've got copies in stock to catch you up.   FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF SHADE #2 - JEFF LEMIRE, writer of ANIMAL MAN, delivers a kick-ass read which channels a HELLBOY-esque take on the DC UNIVERSE. frankensteinagentofshade2 Man, it's like all my favorite NEW 52s are hitting this week, right? Seriously though, we love what Lemire is doing on ANIMAL MAN, we love his work on SWEET TOOTH, and we really love the new FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF SHADE series he's kicking out the jams on currently.   Imagine HELLBOY and the BPRD if it was set in the DC UNIVERSE, and that sums up the tone and feel of the series very well.   Missed #1? We've got copies in stock to catch you up on this week's #2.   GRIFTER #2 - A CUTTING EDGE TAKE ON THE WILDSTORM ICON BY IMAGE COMICS RISING STAR CREATORS BEHIND "WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?" grifter2 One of the things I love about the DC RELAUNCH is how they've managed to deliver surprise after surprise, and folks, if you told me one of my favorite books on the stands would be a Grifter ongoing series.. I woulda said you're crazy, and pass the Backlash/Spider-Man crossover (I kid, I kid, the Brett Booth art on that did kick ass).   Seriously though, Grifter is a pretty awesome character, and Edmondson does a great job of making him relevant and interesting in the grand scheme of the DCU, as we see the gunslinging smooth-talker losing his sanity as he assassinates alien Daemonites that just so happen to look like every day normal people to everyone else.   Missed the first issue? We've got copies in stock to get you hooked up!   RESURRECTION MAN #2 - DC'S CULT ICON KICKS ASS IN THIS NEW ONGOING SERIES... HIS POWER? TO DIE, AND COME BACK.. AGAIN, AND AGAIN.. WITH NEW POWERS IN EACH NEW LIFE. resurrectionman2 Out of all the DCU characters I was stoked to see returning, Resurrection Man was one of the biggest, as this was a series I thought was far ahead of it's time back in the '90s. Abnett and Lanning return to the character to bring the concept and tone into the 21st century, and it makes for a quirky yet extremely kick ass read, as we see the story of a man who's power is to literally die and return with new abilities.   Missed issue #1? We've got copies in stock to catch you up.   SUICIDE SQUAD #2 - The ULTRA-VIOLENT TEAM OF GOVERNMENT-PAID SUPER-VILLAINS LED BY THE ONE AND ONLY HARLEY QUINN GETS THEIR FOLLOW UP ISSUE THIS WEDNESDAY! suicidesquad2 Totally loved the first issue of the new SUICIDE SQUAD series, as it's pretty awesome to see some real channeling of the kick-ass John Ostrander days on Suicide Squad. Plus, the line-up of the team is freakin' off the hook, as we're shown a group of super-villains who, having been arrested and sentenced, now must carry out suicide missions in the Government's employ. The team consists of Killer Shark (who is AWESOME), Harley Quinn (who's rocking a very Arkham Asylum new look), and Deadshot, who, is always an awesome character.   Brutal, unrelenting, and totally awesome, Suicide Squad rules.   Missed #1? We've got issues in stock to catch you up.   ALSO, DROPPING THIS WEDNESDAY, LEGION LOST #2, MISTER TERRIFIC #2, AND SUPERBOY #2 superboy2a And, to round out the 13 new #2s hitting this week, we've got the second issues of LEGION LOST, MISTER TERRIFIC, and SUPERBOY #2, which we totally dug the first issues on, and are stoked to see more from.   If you missed the first issues of any of these guys, we do have copies in stock of each to catch you up.   X-MEN: REGENESIS #1 - A NEW ERA FOR THE X-MEN BEGINS IN THE AFTERMATH OF SCHISM WITH X-MEN REGENESIS #1 THIS WEDNESDAY!  Been waiting to jump on board with the X-MEN? Start here! xmenregenesis1 In the aftermath of SCHISM, the five issue limited series which literally split the X-MEN into two opposing factions, each with their own ideology, X-MEN REGENESIS kicks off this Wednesday in the X-MEN: REGENESIS #1 one-shot.   This is it, folks, with Wolverine heading up his faction of X-MEN, and Cyclops heading up his team of X-MEN. Really, what we've seen is Cyclops take on a more MAGNETO-esque role, whereas Wolverine and his team seem more in line with the principles of Charles Xavier.   In a nutshell: Cyclops is pretty much on his way to crazy bad guy city. And, we're loving it. It's actually a really cool parallel to the Magneto/Xavier situation, as we're seeing two long-time comrades-in-arms finally reach a breaking point where their ideologies and principles cause them to split.   This week's REGENESIS one-shot provides a fantastic jumping on point for the new X-MEN titles that'll be launching in the wake of X-MEN: SCHISM, so whether you're pumped to follow Cyclops and his team in UNCANNY X-MEN (which renumbers at #1), or WOLVERINE and his crew in the new WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN ongoing series, this is a great place to start.   Want more background on REGENESIS and the rift in the X-MEN? We've got issues 1-5 of SCHISM in stock, and that should get you caught up on everything that's gone down to lead to this. However, Regenesis does serve as a pretty easy entry point if you haven't yet read SCHISM.   Click here for our official Third Eye X-MEN REGENESIS Checklist Click here for a preview of X-MEN: REGENESIS #1   JOE HILL'S THE CAPE #2 HITS THIS WEDNESDAY BRINGING THE NEXT ISSUE IN THE DARKEST, MOST KICK-ASS TAKE ON REAL WORLD SUPERHEROES AND SUPERVILLAINS SINCE MARK MILLAR'S "KICK-ASS" - A MUST READ! thecape2 You've heard us rave about how much we love Joe Hill's other series, the supernatural saga LOCKE & KEY, and by now, you've probably guessed that we're pretty big JOE HILL fans. The son of Stephen King, Hill is really making a name for himself, and his newest project, THE CAPE, with the extremely talented Zach Howard on artwork, has us hooked in a BIG way.   Now, hitting it's second issue (technically third, if you count the one-shot that kicked this all off), we're super excited to see more CAPE on the stands this week.   What is the CAPE? Picture this, a young kid plays with a makeshift superhero cape, pretending he can fly until he gets injured falling out of a tree. Mom takes it away, about twenty years pass, and he's now a bitter 20-something who can't keep a job, spends way too much time getting baked, and has just been dumped by his girlfriend.   And, then, he finds the Cape, in a night of despair, and all of the sudden: he can fly. And, the first thing he does, is... well.. we don't want to ruin this. :) It's such a good ending.   Seriously though, we love the book, and think you will too. If you dug last week's STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE, or stuff like KICK-ASS, you'll love this.   Wanna catch up? Grab THE CAPE one-shot, and THE CAPE #1, and you'll be good for this week's #2. We've got both in stock now.   SHADE #1 *DC RELAUNCH* - THE FAN-FAVORITE FROM THE PAGES OF STARMAN AND MORE GETS HIS OWN LIMITED SERIES! A MUST FOR FANS OF THE STEAMPUNK GENRE. shade1 This Wednesday, a kick-ass maxiseries that's part of the DC NEW 52 starts, and it's starring the one character we've heard many of you Third Eye Faithful asking for for quite some time now. Yup, THE SHADE, gets his own story told in this bold new limited series by STARMAN writer JAMES ROBINSON, and the man pretty much single-handedly responsible for how awesome THE SHADE was, and we cannot wait to read this one.   The classic anti-hero with a Victorian flare to his presentation returns as an attack at the Starman museum kicks off a globe-hopping, centuries spanning quest that will irrevocably change the Shade's life, and ultimately shed light on his true origin.   I was a HUGE fan of Robinson's work on STARMAN, and can vouch that when you've got Robinson writing Shade... there is simply no better writer/character combo. Too  freakin' cool. No doubt.   Make sure you snag issue #1 this Wednesday!   GHOSTBUSTERS #2 ONGOING SERIES FROM IDW PUBLISHING ARRIVES THIS WEDNESDAY CONTINUING IDW'S RETURN TO GLORY FOR THE '80s ICONS. ghostbusters2 It's a fantastic time to be a kid that grew up in the '80s and '90s, 'cause hot damn, all the stuff we loved so much is getting the spotlight. IDW already wowed us with their GODZILLA and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES ongoing series that have kicked off, so it's no wonder we're impressed by how well they're handling the GHOSTBUSTERS ongoing.   Why does this Ghostbusters comic kick so much ass? Well, number one: the book captures the humor and wit of the classic Ghostbusters line-up perfectly. Number two: loaded with classic Ghostbusters supporting cast and of course, ghosts. In fact, in this week's issue #2 it looks like Mr. Stay Puft is reforming, and a very familiar ghost is haunting the Crendall household.   A blast, and just like the new Ninja Turtles series, another red hot new release for IDW.   Missed #1? We've still got copies available to catch you up.. and, heck, they even feature your's truly's ugly mug on the cover. :)   LEGION OF MONSTERS #1 KICKS OFF THIS WEDNESDAY FROM "LOVESTRUCK" WRITER DENNIS HOPELESS! GET YOUR COPY OF LEGION OF MONSTERS #1 SIGNED WHEN DENNIS HOPELESS JOINS US ON OCT 22ND FOR THE "LOVESTRUCK" SIGNING PARTY!
legionofmonsters1 We're suckers for the well-timed release of a good Marvel Monsters comic around Halloween. I mean, c'mon: Halloween is the best holiday ever. It's our personal #1 holiday here at Third Eye, and we love it, and all it's trappings.
  But, we're even bigger fans of the LEGION OF MONSTERS, especially with how awesome they were re-introduced and redefined in Rick Remender's FRANKENCASTLE run.   Now, this Wednesday, the first of a four issue limited series kicks off, from the writer of the smash hit LOVESTRUCK graphic novel, with Dennis Hopeless's LEGION OF MONSTERS #1.   Elsa Bloodstone hates monsters -- and when the trail of a mysterious serial killer leads to their underground city, Elsa's ready to start laying down the smackdown. However, once she encounters Morbius the Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night, the Living Mummy and Manphibian, she learns that there's something even more monstrous than these Marvel icons.   This one looks to be a blast, and from what I've seen of the advance pages, I'd recommend it to anyone who dug NEXTWAVE, FRANKENCASTLE, or just enjoys a good ol' fashioned Marvel Monster tale.   Click here for a preview of LEGION OF MONSTERS #1   ORCHID #1 - RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE AND AUDIOSLAVE'S TOM MORELLO BRINGS US HIS FIRST COMIC WORK WITH ORCHID #1 THIS WEDNESDAY! TRY ISSUE #1 FOR ONLY $1.00 orchid1 From the very talented Tom Morello, of AUDIOSLAVE and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, comes this kick-ass new Dark Horse series, ORCHID.   Orchid is the tale of a teenage prostitute who learns that she is more than the role society has imposed upon her.   When the seas rose, genetic codes were smashed. Human settlements are ringed by a dense wilderness from which ferocious new animal species prey on the helpless. The high ground belongs to the rich and powerful that overlook swampland shantytowns from their fortress-like cities. Iron-fisted rule ensures order and allows the wealthy to harvest the poor as slaves. This is the world of Orchid.   A dark, dystopian post-apocalyptic tale that looks very kick-ass, we're pretty stoked to check this one out. And, with the first issue only being $1.00, how can you not give it a shot?  
I'm pretty amped about the upcoming ARKHAM CITY video game that's a sequel to ARKHAM ASYLUM from a couple years ago. I loved the first game, and the second one is going to be freakin' rad, I can already tell.
What helped make the unbearable wait a little more easy to handle was this kick-ass limited series which bridges the storyline gap between the first ARKHAM ASYLUM video game, and the upcoming ARKHAM CITY sequel.
Written by BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES creator PAUL DINI, this was a fantastic read which takes place in the continuity of the ARKHAM games, and is a must for any Batman fans, or fans of the ARKHAM ASYLUM game.
Pumped for the game, and wanna find out what happened after the first game ended? Snag yourself a copy of this one this week.
 Yes! More CLOWES? Yes! I'm a huge fan of many of the '90s alternative press and underground comix, and for me, that was really a golden age of indie comics. Peter Bagge, Daniel Clowes, Chester Brown, Seth, Evan Dorkin, Adrian Tomine.. heck, these are my guys. And, it's nice to see we have Johnny Ryan carrying the torch these days.   Whenever we see something new from Clowes, I've gotta give it a shout out. Death Ray is the story of a teen outcast who has only one friend, the obnoxious but loyal Louie. They roam school halls and city streets, invisible to everyone but bullies and tormentors, until the glorious day when Andy takes his first puff on a cigarette.   That night he wakes, heart-pounding, soaked in sweat and finds himself suddenly overcome with the peculiar notion that he can do anything. The Death-Ray utilizes the classic staples of the superhero genre, and reconfigures them into a story that is anything but morally simplistic.   With Clowes's knack for subtle comedy and dark humor, as well as his trademark art style that pays homage to the pop-art exuberance of comic book design, Clowes delivers a contemporary meditation on the darkness of the human psyche. And, it's so damn cool.  
UNCANNY X-FORCE #16 *THE DARK ANGEL SAGA PT 6* - The BEST damn Marvel comic on the stands continues this Wednesday.. not reading UNCANNY X-FORCE? Jump on with the first trade paperback, or catch up on the DARK ANGEL SAGA starting with issue #10 *DARK ANGEL SAGA PRELUDE*. All issues in stock!
Man, I can't tell you how much I love this book. Seriously.. you've already heard me rave on, and on, and on about how this is THE Marvel title to be reading, so I'll save you the gushing, and jump straight to it.
Uncanny X-Force is the BEST X-Title since Whedon/Cassaday's ASTONISHING X-MEN, and right now, I'd go as far as saying it's the BEST Marvel book coming out right now. It really is that well put together. A fantastic story, and the most refreshing artwork I've seen, this book is pure comic magic, and I guarantee: it will go down in history as one of those iconic runs.
The current arc, the DARK ANGEL SAGA, shows Arc-Angel having fallen to his Death Angel side, and risking losing his humanity.. so the X-Force travels to the AGE OF APOCALYPSE for a cure, and from there.. all hell breaks loose.
Not reading this series yet? Snag the UNCANNY X-FORCE VOL.1 trade paperback, and try that, or just jump on board with UNCANNY X-FORCE #10 and catch up from there to the current DARK ANGEL SAGA. Either way, you'll be stoked that you did.
Click here for a preview of UNCANNY X-FORCE #16
Vertigo has long had a reputation for putting out fresh, and innovative new series that bring an edge to comics that you just don't find everywhere.
And, in the vein of their STRANGE ADVENTURES one-shot from last year, they're showcasing some of their boldest talents like Josh Dysart and Brian Wood, in this 9 story anthology packed full of some incredible stories of horror, crime noir, and sci-fi weirdness.
 Marvel has done an excellent job of breathing fresh life into their ULTIMATE UNIVERSE titles this year with the launch of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE X-MEN, ULTIMATES, and ULTIMATE HAWKEYE. Each series has a unique tone and direction that makes them a great read, while at the same time building a shared universe between the books that makes it enjoyable to follow all four.
The real trick has been the excellent crew of creators Marvel's put together on these books, with Brian Michael Bendis helming ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN, and totally kicking ass with that, and bringing a fresh new spin to the book. And, then, Nick Spencer, of MORNING GLORIES fame is helming ULTIMATE X-MEN, which also hits this week with it's second issue, and is freakin' PHENOMENAL.
We've got ALL the issues in stock for all of the new ULTIMATES stuff, and if you're looking for something kick ass and easy to jump into on the MARVEL end of the spectrum, we'd recommend hopping aboard some of the new ULTIMATE titles.
Click here for a preview of ULTIMATE SPIDERMAN #3
Click here for a preview of ULTIMATE X-MEN #2
deadrising1 I love Capcom. I love zombies. So, me and Dead Rising, we get along real good, ya know? And, when I saw that we were going to be getting a DEAD RISING comic, well, heck, I just had to show it some Third Eye newsletter love.
This limited series bridges the gap between DEAD RISING and DEAD RISING CASE ZERO, explaining what happened between the two games, and gives fans a chance to finally see just what happened to Frank West.
Morning Glories has been one of my top favorite comics I read every month for almost a year straight now, and if you've been following the series in trade paperback, now's a great opportunity to hop aboard the monthlies and get your fix.
This week's MORNING GLORIES #13 picks up immediately after MORNING GLORIES VOL.2 trade paperback ( in stock now), and is a great point to jump on from the trades.
The series itself, if you haven't read it yet, is amazing. Loads of layers in the storytelling from INFINITE VACATION writer NICK SPENCER. Take BRIAN K. VAUGHN'S now classic RUNAWAYS series, mix it up with the TV Show LOST, and you've got a very sinister story about Morning Glory Academy.. a school where the students find themselves enduring mind games, torture, and worse.
Wanna try it out? Snag the first trade paperback for only $9.99, and give it a go.
We've been huge fans of the SPIDER ISLAND story arc that's been running through AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and several spin-off series, showing us the city of Manhattan infested with an epidemic that's turning people into spiders, or giving them abilities very similar to Spider-Man's.
This week, things kick into high gear, as fan-favorite Mary Jane Watson enters the ring with some Spider-Powers of her own.
Missed the earlier chapters? We've still got copies of each in stock to catch you up.
Click here for a preview of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #671
Click here for our SPIDER ISLAND Checklist
You guys know we're suckers for just about anything with a steampunk theme, right? Which is why we're stoked for this super rad Elseworlds one-shot which shows us the year 1876, where Clark Kent reveals his alien powers and creates the League of Science. Teaming with his fellow heroes of the age of wonder, they battle justice -- in the name of progress.
A fun, sleek steampunk-fueled riff on the DCU. How can you not love it? :)
STEVE: STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE #1 -Between this and THE CAPE, KICK-ASS is getting some strong competition... I loved the first issue of this one, in all it's blood-soaked glory. Cool concept, cool art, great read!
TORMA: X-MEN SCHISM #5 - Great ending to this limited series that's been setting up all the new X-Books. They had me hooked with issue #4 and followed it up big in #5.
 TONY (PRINCE FREDERICK): ANIMAL MAN #2 -  I think this may be my favorite of the NEW 52, with Travel Foreman's horrific art and Lemire's dark story making it a really satisfying read.
That's it tonight, Third Eye Faithful! We'll see you guys around the shops this week!

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