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This Week's Highlights at Third Eye Comics for Wednesday 7/4/12

Folks, here’s a book that has been on many, many people’s wish lists since it was first announced nearly a year and a half ago.
I was actually lucky enough to read an advanced copy of this one a few months back, and I’ve been sitting on my excitement for it ever since, as not to drop any spoilers.
So, when I say that I’m stoked to share this one with you guys, folks, you better believe it. This is THE best Batman you will read this year that does not have the first name Scott and the last name Snyder on it.
Bar none. This ranks right up there with COURT OF OWLS / BLACK MIRROR, and I guarantee you, as soon as it drops on Wednesday, it will become an instant classic in the Batman library, taking it’s place amongst highly regarded favorites like THE LONG HALLOWEEN, YEAR ONE, DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, and more.
Set in the same universe as SUPERMAN EARTH ONE, which blew the minds of many almost two years ago, BATMAN YEAR ONE takes place in the modern day, showing us a sleek, modern look at the origins of Bruce Wayne, and his first steps as the Dark Knight.
The concept behind the EARTH ONE graphic novels is that these are stand-alone stories from critically acclaimed, and often legendary comics creators, set in a universe all their own, where you can just pick the book up, no prior knowledge needed, and be blown away by one of the best stories told with the character.
Like J. Michael Straczynski’s SUPERMAN EARTH ONE, BATMAN EARTH ONE re-imagines the origins of the DARK KNIGHT outside of the regular continuity, and is a PERFECT Batman graphic novel for both brand new readers and long-time fans.
And, folks… it really is an amazing read. Johns, who has wowed us in the past with work on stuff like BLACKEST NIGHT, BRIGHTEST DAY, AQUAMAN, and  currently JUSTICE LEAGUE, brings his amazing ability to blend the things that carry a sense of wonder and mystique in the DC UNIVERSE with modern, real-world sensibilities to the book in a big, big way.
Gary Frank’s artwork, which is always a treat, is a PERFECT compliment to Johns’s storytelling, and the dynamic design of The Dark Knight on Earth One is very believable, in how he’s portrayed.
Folks, if you are a fan of the Nolan BATMAN films, then this is about to become your favorite new BATMAN story.
Johns and Frank summon the same kind of real-world sensibilities, and dark stylings of Nolan films, while taking things even one step further.
There’s no giant penny in the Batcave, heck, there’s no Batcave! And, the Batmobile? Well, you’ll be surprised.
This is about a Batman who could really exist. This is about the psychology that drives such a man. And, most importantly, this is about the lengths that he will go to in order to prevent what happened to him from happening to anyone else.
The depth and layers that Johns has brought to the entire crew of EARTH ONE is incredible, and yes, some familiar friends and foes of the Caped Crusader do show up herein.
It’s interesting to see the formative years of BATMAN, to see his missteps, and his learning process.
EARTH ONE really gets back to the roots of what BATMAN is about: he is the average man, no powers, no magic, just a driven man waging a war on crime.
And, folks, it is FREAKIN’ great.
Do not sleep on this book! You will love it!
While we will be stacked up on this one, you can anticipate it to be a very fast mover nationwide, and just like SUPERMAN EARTH ONE, probably going into additional printings due to the demand this one is drumming up.
A perfect pre-game for the upcoming DARK KNIGHT RISES, make sure you snag a copy of BATMAN EARTH ONE this Wednesday.
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AVENGERS VS X-MEN began it’s second act in issue #6, and holy crap… did this book go from good to great. I mean, we were already loving the hell out of AVX, and it really has cemented itself as everything that you could ask for out of a Marvel crossover. Great tie-in books, top notch superstar creators, major storyline revelations that deliver a lasting impact to the Marvel landscape.. it has it all.
But, did #6 make this one into a major game-changer or what? I was seriously floored with how stoked I was to see Olivier Coipiel come on board as the artist for the second half of the series, as he captures the downright scary vibe of the PhoeniX-Men perfectly.
AvX has taken a very dark turn, as the war between the AVENGERS and X-MEN has resulted in Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost, Namor, and Magick becoming the Chosen Five of the Phoenix Force, and taking it into themselves as hosts.
Now, deeming themselves as the saviors of not just mutant kind, but Earth itself.. they’re using their newly enhanced abilities, and newfound Phoenix powers to literally solve all of the world’s problems.
It’s a very WATCHMEN / IRREDEEMABLE / AUTHORITY-like kind of take on the Marvel characters, and something we’ve never seen taken this far in a Marvel event.
The development of Cyclops has been spot on for years, and we’ve seen this change coming for him, but the perfect fit of the other Four? Now, that, that is clever.
And Coipiel’s art with the already strong storytelling here really makes the book pop so damn good, it’s ridiculous.
I gotta tell you, Third Eye Faithful, as we’re about to learn what NO MORE AVENGERS means.. AVX steps it up even more, and becomes an even more impressive read than it was previously.
This series is everything that is right about superhero comics, and we cannot recommend it enough.
Wanna get caught up? We’ve got issues 0-6 in stock now to catch you up to this week’s #7, as well as all of the tie-in chapters, if you wish to follow the entire event as well.
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Click here for a preview of AVENGERS VS X-MEN #7 
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In the original CAPE story, which is now available in graphic novel format at Third Eye (and folks, we totally recommend checking it out, it’s REALLY good!), we were introduced to the ultimate under-achiever… who just happens to stumble into a magical piece of fabric that lets him fly.
From there, we were taken on a journey where we’re shown what happens when someone who’s had everything in life go wrong, loses their moral compass, and gains the powers of a god. A story that begins with that same character dropping his girlfriend in mid-air, throwing a chainsaw into the engine of a plane, and tons more.
It was one of the most interesting, and darkest looks at superpowers in the real world that we have ever seen, and ranks up there with books like IRREDEEMABLE, THE BOYS, and more, but in a whole different kind of light.
Now, Joe Hill (who you may know as the son of Stephen King, and the author of killer fiction like HEART SHAPED BOX, and HORNS, as well as the graphic novel series LOCKE & KEY) returns with a very special prequel mini-series that explores the origins of the mystical piece of fabric that turned one jaded man into a flying monster.
It’s the year 1969, and the war in Vietnam rages on. Captain Chase, a Medevac helicopter pilot for the US Army, is shot down over enemy territory. He and his crew are in a fight for their lives as they play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Vietcong, and we soon learn that machine guns and grenades aren’t the only scary things hiding in the jungle.
Find out the story behind THE CAPE, and it’s effects on mankind, in this special origin prequel to last year’s THE CAPE storyline.
Every bit as dark as the original CAPE mini, THE CAPE 1969 shows us where the story all began, and we cannot wait to see where this one goes.
Wanna jump into the previous CAPE series? We’ve got the hardcover in stock and available now to get you on board with the original series, or try out the first issue of THE CAPE 1969, and then jump into the original series.
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BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZYMANDIAS #1 — BEFORE WATCHMEN keeps on impressing the hell out of us as the amazingly talented JAE LEE delivers the definitive OZYMANDIAS story.
 So far, every installment of BEFORE WATCHMEN has been a near flawless execution of not just exploring the deep, and rich tapestry of the WATCHMEN universe, but also staying true to the spirit and tone of DAVE GIBBONS and ALAN MOORE’S original storyline.
As huge fans of everything that’s come so far, with stellar reads in the SILK SPECTRE, COMEDIAN, MINUTEMEN, and NITE-OWL series, we cannot wait to see how much you guys like the new OZYMANDIAS that starts this Wednesday.
This book is amazing, and I gotta tell you, both story and art are right on point here. Jae Lee, who rarely does interior art in comics these days, is mostly known for his amazing cover art on the Stephen King DARK TOWER series, and past stints on critically acclaimed work like the Marvel Knights INHUMANS series. So, to see him back on interiors of a book.. well, heck, that’s downright amazing!
Lee’s art brings the otherworldly, almost unreal feel of Ozymandias and his worldview to the forefront in a major way, and helps to deliver a completely immersive comic book experience. Meanwhile, Len Wein, who actually worked with Moore and Gibbons on the original WATCHMEN series as editor, delivers an amazing story here that is totally worthy of the WATCHMEN tag.
Folks, if you’ve yet to jump into BEFORE WATCHMEN, I cannot stress enough: GIVE THESE BOOKS A SHOT. If you even remotely enjoyed the original WATCHMEN series, you’ll love what’s being done here, with these very special prequel series.
Wanna get on board? We’ve got all of the mini-series that’ve released so far in stock and available now, which includes BEFORE WATCHMEN MINUTEMEN, BEFORE WATCHMEN SILK SPECTRE, BEFORE WATCHMEN THE COMEDIAN, BEFORE WATCHMEN NITE-OWL, and BEFORE WATCHMEN OZYMANDIAS.
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James Robinson is seriously delivering some of the best work of his career here. I was a HUGE fan of his work on STARMAN back in the ’90s, and while he’s done some very killer stuff since then, EARTH-2 is quite possibly the best thing he has done since STARMAN, and that’s a very high compliment.
On a side-note: if you’ve never read STARMAN, talk to us at the store, and find out why this is one of the best superhero comics of the last 20 years.
Okay, now, moving on, EARTH-2 continues this week, and we are hooked. The first issue with it’s shock ending that literally kills off the Big 3 of the DC Universe in one fell swoop, and clears the stage for the DC NEW 52 re-invention and re-introduction of the JUSTICE SOCIETY had us hooked from the get-go.
And, then after a stellar second issue, we’re pumped to see how DC re-imagines it’s Golden Age icons like Jay Garrick as the Flash, and Alan Scott as the Green Lantern in the NEW 52 world.
Much like JUSTICE LEAGUE, this isn’t just a great book, this is a foundation-building, universe-expanding story that lays the groundwork for much of what will become the history of the DC NEW 52. The continuity importance of EARTH 2 is huge, and we love the way that DC has a very solid plan for where their universe is going.
Nicola Scott’s artwork is on a whole new level of awesomeness, and she is really delivering one hell of a great looking superhero book. If you’re a fan of the Jim Lee or Ivan Reis styles that are on display in books like JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN, then you need to check out Nicola Scott’s work on EARTH 2.
This week, in EARTH-2 #3, Alan Scott makes his big debut as the GREEN LANTERN, and holy crap, look at that cover art — this is going to be bad-ass!
Wanna jump on board? We’ve still got plenty of the highly sought after first printings of both EARTH-2 #1 and EARTH-2 #2 available at cover price to get you up to speed in time for issue #3.
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It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the regular WOLVERINE title really launch itself into the spotlight as a major must-buy read, and folks, we are pretty stoked to tell you: WOLVERINE #310 is the best issue of Wolverine we’ve read since the first chapter of OLD MAN LOGAN.
Okay, before we go any further, let me say this to all my current WOLVERINE fans: you did NOT miss issue #309 — it has not yet been released. Marvel deemed the storyline that begins in issue #310 so important that they’ve allowed it to be released 2 weeks early, which puts it 2 weeks ahead of issue #309.
OK, now that we’ve got that little bit of scheduling weirdness taken care of, lets talk story!
WOLVERINE: THE RETURN OF SABRETOOTH is the story that fans have been waiting on for nearly a decade. In a storyline going back nearly half a decade titled EVOLUTION (Available in trade paperback now at Third Eye), Wolverine learned all sorts of startling revelations about his origins, and his past… as well as his connection to his most hated foe: Sabretooth.
The storyline built up into a bloody, carnage-filled throwdown that left many characters from WOLVERINE dead, or near-dead, and then the ultimate ending: Wolverine beheaded Sabretooth.
For years, we’ve been under the impression that the one man who could go toe-to-toe with the Best There Is was six feet under the dirt, but that’s changing now, with this HUGE Wolverine storyline kicking off in WOLVERINE #310.
Featuring the writing talents of JEPH LOEB (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, BATMAN: HUSH, AVENGERS X-SANCTION, and more) and the gorgeous painted artwork of SIMONE BIANCHI (WOLVERINE: EVOLUTION — Uber-Talented artist!), THE RETURN OF SABRETOOTH gives us what we’ve always wanted from the regular ongoing WOLVERINE title: a huge, bloody throwdown featuring one of the most notorious, and iconic X-Men villains in history.
I think I can speak for many when I say that as a fan growing up in the late ’80s and ’90s, SABRETOOTH was everywhere. He was just as iconic a bad guy as Magneto, Apocalypse, and The Sentinels. He was a part of the fabric of Marvel Comics in the ’90s, and I am so pumped to see them really bringing him back in a grand fashion.
Loeb does an excellent job of writing this story in a way that you can jump on board fresh, even if it’s been years since you’ve read WOLVERINE, and Simone Bianchi’s lush, painted artwork brings a dark, and dangerous tone to the story that’s incredible.
How did Sabretooth survive the brutal beheading Wolverine served up to him? What has brought him back? And, how badly will those near and dear to Wolverine pay in regards to this? Not to mention, as the war between the AVENGERS and X-MEN rages on, Sabretooth chooses this as the perfect time to strike at Wolverine during his weakest points.
Highly recommended, Third Eye Faithful, hop aboard with this Wednesday’s WOLVERINE #310.
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Speaking of growing up in the ’80s, and ’90s, who the hell as a kid didn’t love He-Man? I mean, seriously, this ranked up there with GI JOE, the TMNT, and TRANSFORMERS as one of my biggest loves as a kid, and when I saw DC Comics was doing something similar to IDW and bringing back the world of Eternia… well, holy crap, I just about fell out of my chair.
I mean, the world of He-Man is such a perfect fit for a kick-ass, cutting-edge comic book re-invention, ya know? Eternia is this fascinating mash-up of science fiction, sword and sorcery, and superheroes, and when put together, it literally feels like you put Conan the Barbarian in Asgard.
Anyways, if you’re like me, you were probably already on board when you saw that cover art for issue #1, but here’s the skinny on the new HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE limited series from DC.
Written by EARTH-2 scribe JAMES ROBINSON, and featuring the artwork of the extremely talented PHILIP TAN (GREEN LANTERN: AGENT ORANGE), this limited series shows us a very dark, very mature and cutting edge look at the world of Eternia, as Skeletor returns to strike with a master plan that will finally put him in control of the realm.
Can Adam and the Masters of the Universe remember WHAT Eternia was in time to save it?
Folks, don’t miss out on this, it’s going to kick ten different kinds of ass, and then some!
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INVINCIBLE TPB VOL.16 FAMILY TIES — The next piece of INVINCIBLE awesomeness from WALKING DEAD writer ROBERT KIRKMAN arrives this Wednesday!
Not reading INVINCIBLE? Read on, and find out why this is one of THE 5 best superhero comics on the stands today!
Folks, we love INVINCIBLE. We just can’t get enough of this series. Seriously. And, if you’re not yet reading it, we think you should be. Why? It has remained one of the best consistently well-written superhero comics on the stands for almost 8 years now.
That is one hell of a track record.
From ROBERT KIRKMAN, writer of THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE is the story of a teenage superhero who’s superhero father turns out to be an alien invader intent on enslaving humanity, and using the planet for his homelands.
Like WALKING DEAD, Kirkman takes everything about just good storytelling, strong characters, and shocking cliffhangers, and applies it to the world of superhero comics. The story of Mark, and his friends and villains is compelling, and addicting, and really gets you emotionally invested in the characters that populate this world.
Sound familiar? Yes, what WALKING DEAD does for ZOMBIES, INVINCIBLE does for SUPERHEROES.
And, yes, it is bloody as hell. Taking much of the same real-world feel of WALKING DEAD, when superheroes throw down, it’s a lot more intense than your average fist fight. Torsos explode. Heads shatter. Blood sprays the page. It’s ridiculous.
All I can say is give INVINCIBLE a shot, just like WALKING DEAD, there’s a few different formats you can try it in, whether it’s the COMPENDIUM (the first 9 trades in one massive tome for only $65), the hardcovers, or the individual trade paperbacks, READ INVINCIBLE.
Now, as for volume 16.. we don’t want to get spoilery, but we will say this: if you thought Mark and his brother had things rough during the Viltrumite War, you ain’t seen nothing yet!
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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN has been quickly climbing in the ranks as one of the best damn superhero comics on the stands, and folks, we’re telling you right now: grab AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #688, a perfect jumping on point, and the first chapter of THE RETURN OF THE LIZARD. This is a great spot to get into one of the best books on the stands, and we really cannot recommend the title enough.
With the LIZARD playing a major role in the upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN film, regular series writer DAN SLOTT is doing an amazing job of re-introducing the character into the world of Spidey in this incredible new storyline that features THE LIZARD as more brutal, and bloodthirsty than ever.
Featuring the amazing art team of STEFANO CASELLI and more, this arc is shaping up to be one of the highlights of Slott’s run, and we loved last week’s Chapter 1 A LOT.
As the aftermath of the prior arc, ENDS OF THE EARTH, is still felt throughout the title, we’re interested to see where this one takes the wallcrawler, and where things are heading going forward in the books.
Folks, trust us: if you’re even remotely interested in Spider-Man, or are just big Marvel fans, you should be reading AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. This book gets better and better with each issue, and we cannot recommend it enough.
Wanna get on board the current arc? We’ve got AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #688 *RETURN OF THE LIZARD Chapter 1* in stock and available now to get you up to speed.
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WORLD’S FINEST #3 — The companion series to EARTH-2 continues to impress, as two of Earth-2′s biggest heroes, THE HUNTRESS and POWER GIRL, are dropped into the NEW 52. 
Featuring the stunning artwork of GEORGE PEREZ!
Okay, Third Eye Faithful, we gotta tell you: we’re huge fans of George Perez. The man is a legend, and is a very rare example, of a superstar artist who just gets better and better with age. He’s been working in comics for decades, and his stuff just gets even better with each new project.
So, having Perez kicking out the jams in a big way on the new WORLD’S FINEST series that’s an integral part of the DC NEW 52, is pretty damn cool.
Serving as a very nice companion piece to the new EARTH-2 series that’s part of the DC NEW 52, World’s Finest shows us the connection between EARTH-2 and the regular DCU, as the HUNTRESS and POWER GIRL find themselves, along with a mysterious invader, in the regular NEW 52.
This series, like JUSTICE LEAGUE, is set several years in the past of the NEW 52, and explores the formative years that Power Girl and Huntress spent in the regular DC NEW 52, as their back stories are re-imagined, and fleshed out within these pages.
Totally killer stuff, Third Eye Faithful, if you want to get on board, we’ve got issues 1 & 2 in stock now to catch you up to Wednesday’s issue #3.
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BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9 VOL.1 TPB — JOSS WHEDON’S Buffy saga continues, with the first volume of SEASON 9 available now!
A few years back, Dark Horse and Joss Whedon made history by working together to follow up his cult favorite television series, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, with an eighth season in comic book form.
For nearly 50 issues, Whedon and crew, delivered the kind of stories that he could only tell in the world of comics, exploring the mythos and foundations of the Buffyverse, without having to worry about the limitations of TV.
And, folks, we got some damn good comics during SEASON 8, let me tell you. I mean, even SAGA writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN helped out as a guest-writer for a couple of volumes!
Now, Whedon has returned, to follow up BUFFY SEASON 8, with the new BUFFY  SEASON 9, continuing to explore the world of Buffy, her friends and enemies, and more.
We saw SEASON 8 ending with a bang that cut the world off from magic-culminating in another set of world-ending problems. Buffy has left her best friend, Willow, powerless, and brought an end to a millennia-long tradition of superpowered girls. By day, Buffy is a twenty-something waitress with no real direction, and even though magic is gone, she’s still a vampire Slayer by night.
The bigger problem? Vampires are now becoming an epidemic of.. zompires? Zombie vampires? You know it.
Featuring writing and direction from JOSS WHEDON, Buffy SEASON 9 continues to deliver the kind of top notch storytelling we’ve grown accustomed to from the DARK HORSE Buffy comics.
HERO WORSHIP #1 — AVATAR PRESS, publishers of CROSSED, NEONOMICON, FERALS, SUPERGOD and more venture into the world of superhero storytelling in a VERY dark fashion.
Written by Zak Penn, the screenwriter of THE AVENGERS film!
The uber-talented screenwriter of this Summer’s THE AVENGERS film has teamed up with the most no-holds-barred comic book publisher in the market today to deliver a dark, and harrowing look at the world of superpowers.
HERO WORSHIP is a tale about the ultimate celebrity, an indestructible superhero called Zenith, and the rabid fans that worship him. Legions of adoring fans follow every disaster trying to speculate where they can catch a glimpse of their modern messiah. What happens when an unhealthy obsession leads to one fan getting superpowers of his own?
This is a fascinating look at what the world would be like if super-powered humans walked among us, and with the same publisher as books like NO HERO, SUPERGOD, and BLACK SUMMER delivering the goods, you know it’s going to be fantastic.
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FABLES VOL.17 INHERIT THE WIND TRADE PAPERBACK — The next installment in Vertigo’s incredible FABLES series arrives this Wednesday
We know that there’s a lot of you guys out there who specifically follow FABLES in trade paperback, so whenever a new trade drops, we try to give you guys the shout out about it.
And, plus, it gives us an excuse to talk about FABLES, one of our favorite and one of the longest-running VERTIGO series on the stands.
Fables is a story that explores one central concept: what if all the fairy-tale and storybook characters were REAL? How would they behave? What would they do? What would their place be? Of course, there’s an underlying plot about these same characters being driven from their homelands by a mythical ADVERSARY, and his legions, and their quest to re-take the Homelands from him. But, the general hook here? To see these iconic fairy-tale characters behave and act like normal people with normal emotions, and motivations.
And, trust us, folks, FABLES doesn’t shy away from the ugly side of humanity, as we’re shown some very dark sides to some of the most beloved characters in fairy-tale and folklore.
For over 100 issues, FABLES has kept us captivated with strong storytelling, amazing art, and a concept that never seems to tire itself out.
Wanna get on board? Start with FABLES VOL.1 LEGENDS IN EXILE trade paperback, and find out why we’re so big on this series.
Already reading? Then you’ll be stoked to know that the capes and tights have been stored away forever in Fabletown, but where do the Fables go from there? Bigby and Snow White’s cubs try to move forward after learning a hard lesson about life and death in this collection featuring issues 108-113 of FABLES.
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EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT ASSASSINS #1 — The publishers of LADY MECHANIKA deliver their first-ever ongoing series with EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS!
Following up on the past few years of EXECUTIVE ASSASSIN IRIS, and other associated series, this brand new, fresh to jump on board with ongoing series featrues the EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT ASSASSINS. Raised and trained to protect and serve their masters with discipline, loyalty and often violence if necessary — they are the Executive Assistants. Yet, what tales of corruption and depravity, aggression and fatal destinies await them on each of their collective paths? Find out in this fresh jumping-on point showcasing new and deadly Executive Assistants each and every month.
The first arc of this new series kicks off with a three-party story, “Life After Death,” featuring Executive Assistant Lily, and her attempts to picee together a life after losing her master along with her allies.
Aspen’s EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT series has been a blast, and delivers a compelling, blood-soaked look at martial arts and espionage action that’ll hook you in a big way, Third Eye Faithful.
While issue #1 of this new series is a great jumping on point, if you do want to explore the previous series, we can get you hooked up with the graphic novels that collect the past EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT series.
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DIAL H #3 – -Another NEW 52 favorite continues as the quirkiest, and darkest DC NEW 52 since ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING continues!
Written by acclaimed horror novelist China Melville, DIAL H, is delivering the darkest take on the superhero genre since last year’s ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING debuted.
Playing on the outrageous Silver Age concept of a magical phone booth where dialing a certain number turns you into a different superhero each time, with new powers, this book brings an innovative and dark twist to the concept.
We’re loving the fascinating, and often humorous new superheroes that the protagonist finds himself turning into, as the Dial leads him down a dark, and unclear path, in his goal to go from being an everyday joe to a celebrated hero.
Wanna get on board? We’ve got issues 1 & 2 in stock now to catch you up to this week’s #3.
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MIND MGMT #2 — Dark Horse’s new MIND MGMT series from MATT KINDT is INCREDIBLE! Hop aboard this one, and find out why it’s one of our favorite new reads!
The first issue of MIND MGMT was a real surprise for us here at Third Eye, and while we know it hasn’t quite caught the kind of buzz that many other recent indie gems have, we feel that you need to snag this book, and find out why it’s one of the best new reads of the year.
Writer MATT KINDT (a frequent collaborator with JEFF LEMIRE on SWEET TOOTH), is truly going wild, and telling the exact story he wants to tell here with MIND MGMT, and the excitement and enthusiasm for the story is infectious. Even right down to the texture of the paper the book is printed on, to the MIND MGMT Field Guide notes littered throughout, he has really created something that is special, immersive, and unique in the modern comic market.
The first issue starts with violent fights, and planes filled with people who are all suffering from flash outbreaks of instant amnesia. A failed writer, a CIA conspiracy, and murder cartels in Mexico populate the world of MIND MGMT, making it an even more compelling mystery as the story unfolds.
As the young journalist investigates the Amnesia Flight, she finds herself stumbling onto a much bigger story: the top-secret Mind Management program. Her ensuing journey involves weaponized psychics, hypnotic advertising, talking dolphins, and seemingly immortal pursuers, as she attempts to find the flight’s missing passenger, the man who was Mind MGMT’s greatest success — and it’s most devastating failure.
In a world where people can rewrite reality itself, can she trust anything she sees?
MIND MGMT is a must-read, Third Eye Faithful, and if you wanna get on board, we recommend starting with MIND MGMT #1, in stock and available now at Third Eye!
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Another huge favorite from the DC NEW 52, this trade paperback collects the first 7 issues of the ultra-violent, uber-awesome SUICIDE SQUAD series that launched last September with the initial NEW 52.
I’m not going to lie, we’re huge Harley Quinn fans at Third Eye, and the major role that she plays as the team’s centerpiece is a big part of what has us hooked. I mean, it’s almost like we’re getting a really kick-ass HARLEY & FRIENDS book, ya know?
But seriously, SUICIDE SQUAD is a blast, as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and others make up a team of death-row super-villains recruited by the government to take on missions so dangerous — they’re sheer suicide! ZING!
After a prison riot at Belle Reve Penitentiary, the hunt for the escaped HARLEY QUINN ensues, and we’re shown just how she goes from being hunted by the Squad to being made one of their most integral members.
A must-read, Third Eye Faithful, especially if you’re a Harley Quinn fan!
Snag a copy this Wednesday at Third Eye!
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Written by the original MAN-THING scribe STEVE GERBER, and capturing the eerie vibe of Marvel’s ’70s horror stuff perfectly, INFERNAL MAN-THING tells the final tale of the Man-Thing, and delivers a quirky horrific read that would fit comfortably next to ANIMAL MAN, or SWAMP THING, with it’s dark undertones, and otherworldly weirdness.
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Epic Kill has had us hooked since issue #1, with it’s very KILL BILL-esque tone, and it’s killer premise of a girl out to avenge the death of her parents by hunting down the man responsible…. who just happens to be the President of the United States!
Now, with EPIC KILL #3, we’re shown just why Song is known as WALKING DEATH. A goddess of carnage. She uses her bare-hands to cut men’s throats, disembowel her enemies, and more, and it’s amazing.
Now, with a gun put into her hands? The death count just got a whole lot higher!
Epic Kill is another great new IMAGE read that’s featuring fantastic artwork, and stunning storytelling, bringing a high-octane, in-your-face, and visceral action read that combines the best of gory Kung-Fu movies, ’70s exploitation revenge flicks, and just plain great comics into one killer package.
Wanna get into it? We’ve got issues 1 & 2 in stock now to catch you up to Wednesday’s issue #3!
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What can I say, Third Eye Faithful? You know we’re animal people here, and who doesn’t love pugs, right?
Seriously though, Mike Norton’s epic tale of blood & drool begins here as Molly and her dogs Mingo and Colfax recount the legend of “The Warrior and the Battlepug” — a tale of a fearless barbarian, his trusty and freakishly large pug, and evil baby harp seals.
Totally ridiculous, over-the-top, and hilarious, with a nice serving of adorable pug awesomeness, BATTLEPUG RULES!
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STEVE: DANGER CLUB #3 - And, it’s not just ’cause that cover was oh so cool! :) What a fantastic issue, and definitely a high point!
TRISH:  DANGER CLUB #3 - You think this book is a clean-cut superhero comic? Holy crap, the blood does not stop! The bloodiest superhero comic I’ve seen since INVINCIBLE.
TORMA:  AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #688 - The LIZARD is more badass than ever, and this issue proves just how great Slott is at writing Spider-Man.

SHAUN: HYPERNATURALS #1  - I don’t know where to begin! SUBLIME! This far future superhero tale is packed full of great moments for anyone who loves OR hates the Singularity, or doesn’t know what that is!
RYAN:   HIT-GIRL #1 - The first issue that follows the most bad ass superhero! This issue blew my mind!
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